Monday, May 28, 2012

Congratulations Graduates! Your Graduation Gift From Obama: Dependence, Unemployment and (if You're Lucky) a Chance to Help Pull the Cart

Tens of thousands of fresh-faced young folks are walking down the aisle to receive that coveted diploma they worked four-plus years and paid upwards of $150,000 for. As they make their way into the adult world the Obama Administration has a message for them: Don't worry about health care kids, you parents have it for you.

You see, once upon a time, the definition of "adult" was eighteen. Then we decided that even though you could fight and die for your country at eighteen, you were still a "kid" because we didn't think you could handle adult responsibilities like buying alcohol and the official definition of "adult" became 21. At any rate, it has been universally accepted for decades that by the time you were out of college -- 22 or 23 -- society considered you old enough to take on "adult" status meaning you took care of such things as housing, transportation, food and medical care. No more, "kids"! Thanks to Obamacare, we've increased the definition of "child" to 26. Absurd as it may sound,  we now consider adults who are well into their mid-20s to be "dependent children". As the link above, shows, the Obama Administration is urging colleges to sell the "free health care" benefit to their graduating adults: Great news kids, graduation from college no longer means a rite of passage from dependence on your parents to independence and adulthood, it's a passageway to dependence that you and your kids and grand kids will be paying for for the rest of your lives.

"But it's free health care! Free, right. Free from my parents", the fresh-faced little socialist-indoctrinated college sprouts squeal. "President Obama is giving it to me! Just like the woman who in those heady days after we elected "the first Black (or at least half-Black, but who's keeping track) president swooned that she won't have to worry about how she is going to put gas in her car or make her house payment anymore because Obama is president, I don't have to worry about paying for my health care. It's freeeeeeeeee!"

Not so fast, sprout.

Where does President Obama get his money? That's right, it comes from your folks, and your friend Amy's folks and her friend Fred's folks and on and into infinity and beyond go the taxes and the debt. Actually, President Obama doesn't "get" any money. Because less than half of us pay for "free" stuff for more than half of the rest of us, there isn't enough money to go around even as taxed as you parents probably are. So .... President Obama gets his "free" money by printing it or borrowing it from our enemies, the Chinese -- you know those folks who forty years ago we used to laugh at as a backwards, third-world oddity who now hold our financial future in the palms of their grubby little commie hands. And this printed and borrowed money has to be paid off some time. And I got news for you kids, your folks could work until they were 100 and turn every penny of what they earn over to the Great and Glorious Obama and it wouldn't be enough. Yeah, that's right kids: YOU and your kids and their kids AND THEIR KIDS will be paying confiscatory tax rates decades and decades into the future to pay for "free" health care for 26-year-old "kids"

So get started kids, because you've got a lot of "free" health care to pay off. And while you're at it, you need to start paying off those billions of dollars of loans to failed "green energy" companies that will never be paid back, and the food for the record number of people on food stamps and the bailouts for the people who, after three or four government refinance options, still aren't able to make the payments on their homes. You see, all this stuff is "free" to the 51% of the takers in American society, but not to you, the college graduate, who odds are will turn out to be one of the 49% who are pulling the cart. But with 40% unemployment for college graduates and an ever-increasing number of 20-somethings moving back in with their parents because they can't make it on their own in this longest period of sustained high unemployment since the Great Depression, it may be a tough slog for you. So take the "free" health care while you can, because once you are able to get a job in your field, you're going to be taking up your yoke in front of the wagon to pay for the "free" health care for the next generation of 26-year-old children.
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