Monday, August 31, 2009

Teddy's Legacy? Treasonous Soviet Informant

And we all just thought the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate merely wanted to destroy the country from the inside. Little did we know, that he actually volunteered to give the Soviets information about how best to ensure Ronald Reagan lost his re-election bid in 1984.

This link, to Rick Moran's piece on the American Thinker blog, is just one of hundreds that are out there now, just a couple of days after Teddy is in the ground, that tell about Kennedy's subversive, treasonous plot to work with a brutal communist regime to undermine one of the most successful presidencies in American history. Of course we know how well this worked: Reagan wiped the floor with "Fritz" Mondale in one of the worst election losses of the 20th Century.

What does this tell us? It tells us that to be a liberal Democrat icon, you need only be a drunk, a philanderer, a lousy driver, a non-convicted man (woman?) slaughterer, wrong about everything from war and peace to the economy to health care to education to global warming and a traitor to boot. And in Kennedy's case, it just so happened that he was all of the above.

Although this is par for the course for any liberal Democrat hero, it does raise more than a few questions. First of all, where was the press on this when it first came out in 1992? Secondly, was there no one in the Democrat Party or on Kennedy's staff that realized the gravity of what Kennedy did here? Third, if this were indeed untrue, why wouldn't Kennedy's staff deny it and produce proof of the facts rather than claiming the memo was "misinterpreted"? Finally, why did this lie dormant for nearly 18 years only to come out when the treasonous scumbag was already dead? That last question is a silly one. We know exactly why this was swept under the rug until the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate died: Because he was the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate. And liberals can do no wrong.
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Unvarnished Truth About the Life and Death of the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate

As I sit watching Fox News with my laptop at the kitchen table this morning, I know it won't be long before I'll have to switch over to the only other channel I ever watch for anything other than news -- HGTV. No, Geraldo Rivera isn’t going to be showing his weaselly face on Fox and Friends this morning. But as they've been saying all morning, they will soon be cutting away from regular programming -- my favorite Saturday business shows -- to cover the funeral of Edward M. Kennedy. Let the liberals and the Washington elite have their nauseating tributes to the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate. I won't be participating, even as a passive observer on the telly.

Ted Kennedy's death is truly a tragedy for a family that has a legacy of tragedy. All of us will have the survivors of the Kennedy clan in our prayers as they deal with the death of their patriarch. But it doesn't honor Ted Kennedy's memory and, more importantly, the truth of the impact of his decades in the Senate on all of us, to do as the media and all the lefties have been and will be doing for weeks after the funeral tributes are over: Build up his character and legacy with utter BS and make him the martyr for the cause of reviving the failing attempt to foist government-run and controlled health care on all of us.

We all know that liberalism -- the cause to which Ted Kennedy allegedly dedicated his career -- is a lie. And because it is a lie, so will be the liberal eulogies of the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate. So let's begin by setting the record straight about Ted Kennedy's life.

All men have their failings, but in my humble opinion the God's honest truth about Teddy was that he was an unexceptional man in a family of exceptional men who distinguished himself only by being the last man standing in the Kennedy clan -- and one of the longest-standing men in the U.S. Senate. In addition to sharing the penchant for being a philanderer with the other Kennedy men, Ted had an affection for bathing his liver in alcohol for the better part of 50 years. As such, his family's wealth and station was the only thing that stood between Ted and a cardboard box under a freeway overpass. As a Kennedy in Massachusetts, winning your brother's senate seat after he was elected president and garnering a reputation as the most liberal senator in one of the most liberal states is hardly difficult. Because as sad a fact as it may be, it doesn't take a whole lot of ambition or talent to be a rich liberal in Massachusetts and warm a seat in the U.S. Senate for 47 years as long as the rest of the rich liberals in Massachusetts support you. 

It's not really fair to say that Ted Kennedy merely warmed a seat in the senate for nearly as long as I've been alive. It's more accurate to say that he did more damage to the cause of freedom and liberty than any senator who came before him and, because Barack Obama was elected president, probably for more than at least a couple decades into the future. Why is this? Because Ted Kennedy was the driving force behind nearly every social program since he was elected to the Senate and these programs have systematically created a culture of entitlement, dependence and helplessness in nearly three generations of Americans while bankrupting the U.S. Treasury and unconstitutionally enslaving the rest of us as servants to the dependent class. All of this while doing absolutely nothing to reduce the number of dependent Americans or alleviate the root cause of this dependence.

The first great welfare program, Social Security, which pre-dated Kennedy's tenure in the Senate, will be bankrupt with tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities by the middle of this century. To build on this success, Kennedy was a driving force behind Johnson's War on Poverty, which we lost by any objective measure: Housing projects constructed as "compassionate" low income housing became festering war zones of crime, drugs and gangs within a decade of their construction and many were subsequently razed: Housing subsidies and food stamps, given freely with nothing required in return bred generations of young single parent, low-income American families that are completely disconnected from the American dream and can see no investment in their future and therefore no hope of improving their station in life: Medicaid, like Social Security, encumbered with unsustainable liabilities far into the future, has created a dishonest "contract" with seniors whereby Americans who have paid into these programs expecting a return on their "investment" find that they must nearly bankrupt themselves and give up everything they worked for in life in order to receive a cramped room in a nursing home which they share with another similarly-situated senior. These and other programs pushed aggressively by Ted Kennedy in his 47-year career, are what liberals tout as "compassion" for the least among us when what they are is a monumental lie -- a lie that is a monument to the life's work of the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate.

Meanwhile back in moderate to conservative middle-class America for the last 47 years, folks have been busting their asses under the ever-increasing weight of the taxes "great" liberal elder statesmen such as Kennedy deem necessary to support the bloated welfare state they created. Kennedy's own brother knew this welfare-statist mentality was unsustainable. Jack Kennedy's tax cuts along with Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush's tax cuts were the only relief from Ted Kennedy's unrelenting assault on the middle-class taxpayer. This unconstitutional assault on the taxpayer has rendered many of the folks paying the bills incapable of escaping government dependence in their old age because it has stolen from them the capital they needed to provide for their own self-sufficiency.

To the legacy of debt and dependence which was the life's work of Teddy Kennedy, Barack Obama, with the hearty approval of the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate, has added another $9+ trillion in debt -- a legacy of enslavement to the government that will be passed on to our kids and grand kids. To top it all off, Obama and the rest of the liberals in the House and Senate have begun the process of turning Ted Kennedy's death into an all-out orgy in support of another multi-trillion dollar plan to give us the type of health care Canada and Great Britain are infamous for. In life and in death, Ted Kennedy got the absolutely best health care the world has to offer -- health care that is renowned throughout the world, health care that any one of us can get right now, regardless of our race, sex, income, social status, insurance or ability to pay. This outstanding health care gave him and his family another full year of life he might not have had. In its place and in the name of their vaunted Liberal Lyin', they want to give us a bloated government-controlled health care plan complete with a "Health Care Choices Commissioner", a "public plan" that virtually guarantees the elimination of all private plans, waiting lists, rationing, denial of treatment for elderly Americans with brain tumors or other terminal ailments and mandatory end of life care counseling for everyone over the age of 65.

If this assessment of the career and legacy of the Liberal Lyin’ of the Senate seems a little harsh to you, consider the ever-increasing tax burden you pay to support a bloated welfare state that contributes little or nothing to your family’s well-being while making it more difficult for you to provide for that family. Think of the fight of our lives that we are engaging in right now to keep politicians like Kennedy from destroying the best health care system in the world and piling even more tax debt on us, our kids and grandkids. Pray for the Kennedy family as they deal with their loss. And thank God that there is one less liberal in the Senate to help perpetuate the downward spiral of debt and dependence we find ourselves in. While Ted Kennedy's death is a tragic event for a family marked with a long history of tragedy, the loss of his presence in the U.S. Senate is nothing to mourn.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Cronyism Is Business As Usual--But Isn't Nepotism Illegal?

Something I tried to publish elsewhere in 2009 but to no avail. Perhaps worth another look now:
Being too adept a student of politics may yet prove the undoing of Barack Obama. On June 17, the White House announced the members of the President's Commission on White House Fellowships. Boring as it sounds, it may harbor the smoking gun that proves the president a criminal.

You may not know this, but a lot of Chicago government is what might be called a "family affair." The Daley family, of course, is the most famous and obvious example. Richard J. Daley (known to friend and foe alike as "Boss") ruled the city for many years, and was eventually succeeded by his son, the current Mayor, Richard M. Daley (known to many as "Ritchie.")

And there's Rod Blagojevich (remember him?) He comes to power through his wife, Patty Mell, whose Daddy, Richard,was a Chicago alderman who got his son-in-law a job with another alderman, Ed Vrdolyak. From there, Rod got a job under then states-attorney Richard M. Daley (current mayor and former employer of Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Arne Duncan, and many more who have become familiar names in the past seven months). Eventually, his father-in-law backed Rod to become a state representative, congressman, and governor of Illinois.

You see, in Chicago, it's all about family and friends. Though not a "natural born" Chicagoan, West Coast transplant Barack Obama had no problem adapting to the culture of clout--and now he's brought it to the White House.

You may have noticed that there are an almost absurd number of Chicagoans distributed throughout the administration. Let's look now at a little-noticed set of appointments: the members of the Presidential Commission on White House Fellowships.

Sure, it's a special kind of coziness that lets members of the media have a presidential appointment. Here we have both NPR and NBC represented, through John Hockenberry and Tom Brokaw. But there is personal coziness here, as well.

For example, we have Brain Traubert. Who's he?

Well, he just happens to be (by total coincidence, I'm sure) the husband of Penny Pritzker, who (you may have missed this moment) was about to be nominated by President Obama to be Secretary of Commerce, but was skipped at the last minute because it was thought that her vast holdings, particularly her ownership of Hyatt Hotels, might be a stumbling block to confirmation. There was also the slight problem of her presiding over the collapse of Chicago's Superior Bank during the Savings and Loan scandal. Pritzker was the person who introduced Barack Obama to her friend George Soros, and was reportedly the woman who told the state Senator to make his famous speech against the Iraq War.

Now that you know who Traubert is, I'll tell you who the Director of the program, Cindy S. Moelis, is.

Moelis is a very close friend of Michelle Obama. They worked together in Mayor Daley's office, and Cindy served on the Board when Michelle founded Public Allies the model organization for our new national volunteerism infrastructure, as outlined in the GIVE/SERVE Act. She's also the Executive Director of the Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation (doesn't that sound familiar?) And her husband works for Transportation Secretary and fellow Illinois friend of Barack (despite being a Republican), Ray LaHood.

Then there's Eleanor Kaye Wilson, reportedly the Obama children's godmother, and with whom they often stayed during the campaign. Babysitting bonus, anyone?

And the crony that no one seems to have spotted, Deborah Harmon, just happens to be on the Board of the Sidwell Friends School--the school that Obama's children both attend.

Speaking of schools, here's an interesting coincidence. Pierre Omidyar, founder of ebay, serves as a trustee of The Punahou School--the elite prep school Obama went to (any chance he could get us the President's school records? No one else can, apparently.)

But all that is just garden-variety political horse trading. Politicians do it all the time. And Chicago politicians have it down to a science.

But the crowning achievement in undeserved appointing is Maya Soetoro-Ng. Against this array of people who have started foundations, or been CEOs, or spent decades in the media--against this backdrop we have little Sister Maya. What are her achievements?

Maya Soetoro-Ng, PhD. has taught and developed Humanities curriculum in public and private schools in New York and Hawaii for fifteen years. She also taught Multicultural Education and Educational Theory at the University of Hawaii’s College of Education. In 2007 and 2008, she campaigned across more than a dozen states for her brother, President Barack Obama. Her children’s book Ladder to the Moon will be published in the winter, and she is currently working on a book about high school Peace Education.

So...she's taught in two states, wrote one as yet unpublished children's book and is working on another, and campaigned for her brother.

Move over, Caroline Kennedy.

The Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet noticed it, but let it go. Even the Huffington Post had an article poking a little bit at the Commission. But nothing too serious. And everyone let it float away.

And why not? It's a presidential commission, meets a few times a year to make decisions, and probably has no compensation.

Perhaps true. But according to the Chicago model, the ability to grant a favor is much more valuable an asset than the ability to procure one. A White House Fellowship is a precious and coveted prize. It carries with it a salary of $100,000, top security clearance, the ability to move within the corridors of power and meet a vast array of powerful politicians, and the promise of a brilliant and influential future.

The ability to determine who gets those plum positions is what Chicago pols call "clout."

So, yes, it might be important to watch who you are putting on a Commission like this. As noted, at the time, there was some mention that Obama had put a few friends and his sister on the Commission. The question no one bothered to ask, though, was this: is it legal?

If the issue was raised at all, tangentially to something else, it was quickly noted that, of course, Bobby Kennedy was the Attorney General, so it must be legal.

But, wait. Let's not turn away so quickly.

Yes, Bobby Kennedy did serve as the Attorney General for his brother, President John F. Kennedy. But, try to remember. What was the next president's relationship like with that Attorney General? Hmm. Not good. Is it possible that "Well, Jack appointed Bobby" isn't really a good defense to straight-up nepotism?

As it turns out, yes, it is possible.

As a matter of fact, there's a pretty straightforward part of the U.S. Code that addresses this (not coincidentally passed in 1967). It reads as follows:

(b) A public official may not appoint, employ, promote, advance, or advocate for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement,in or to a civilian position in the agency in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who is a relative of the public official. An individual may not be appointed, employed, promoted, or advanced in or to a civilian position in an agency if such appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement has been advocated by a public official, serving in or exercising jurisdiction or control over the agency, who is a relative of the individual.


But would that apply to the president? And Maya Soetoro-Ng is only his half-sister, right? So perhaps the law doesn't apply.

But this is how "public official" is defined:

(2) "public official" means an officer (including the President and a Member of Congress)....

That seems to answer that.

And "relative" means:

an individual who is related to the public official as father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, husband, wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother, stepsister, half brother, or half sister.

So, it would seem that "half sister" means "half sister." And "public official" means "president." And "may not" means "may not."

Here is a poster you can download from the government itself, from the website of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. Right there at the bottom of the first column under "federal employees may not" it says simply "engage in nepotism."

At first blush then, the appointment of Maya Soetoro-Ng to this commission--unlike the many appointments to it of cozy friends of the Obamas, which are merely unethical and disturbingly Chicagoan--is actually, truly, to the letter of the law, illegal.

This isn't Daley Machine Chicago, Mr. President. It's the sacred seat of the government of the United States of America. Its rules are found in the Constitution, not made and re-made in the smoke-filled back rooms of Chicago or Springfield.

I'm not a lawyer. I could be missing something. I don't know if there's any actual sanction for violating this law. I just know it's a law, and the President swore an oath to uphold the law of the United States of America.

So, Mr. President, what say you?
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

HIGeldy Piggeldy

Yes folks: Hail the establishment of the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) -- an outfit meant to take the place of all those evil meanies at the CIA who did all those nasty, evil, bad, bad, bad things to the guys who want to see us all dead (otherwise known as Islamic terrorists) to get information out of them. HIG is apparently a multi-agency interrogation group and will be used to attempt to get information out of "high-value" targets -- basically the same thing we already had only different apparently.

Assuming we captured Osama bin Laden tomorrow, we'd first have to figure out who this group reports to because it isn't clear yet according to tonight's news reports. Then, we'd have to transport him from where we found him to where this unit is based and make him beg for mercy using techniques from the Army Field Manual like direct questioning where the interrogator asks the terrorist "direct questions" (Duh!) and "emotional pride" where the interrogator attempts to flatter the terrorist into cooperating by appealing to his ego. This is described as "creating incentives for cooperation". If they want to get really tough with bin Laden, they can give him the silent treatment or they can lie to him in special situations. But stripping him of all his clothes is out of the question.

Feel safer? I know I do.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Outstanding Video About the Lies Behind Obamacare

Yes, one of Obama's favorite phrases is that there isn't a bill yet. But whether he likes it or not, there is a bill.It's called HR3200 and he owns it. It's the bill he wanted passed way back in July and it's the closest thing to what's going to be on the table when the House gets back. In fact, if they could pass it the hour they came back in session Pelosi and Hoyer would do it and Obama would be behind it 100%. This being the case, here is an outstanding video presentation from that breaks down HR3200 and flushes out the lies being told by Obama and the Democrats about the only bill on the table at this point. Watch, learn and pass it on:

Truth about Health Care Reform Bills Accurate and Ugly

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

There Once was a Man On Nantucket

Whose health care plan was so bad you could .....

Okay, he's not really on Nantucket, but Martha's Vineyard is close enough. And his health care plan really does suck.

Conservatives like to call commie lib leaders like The Messiah liberal elitists and with good reason. Good ole' Barry Obama who used to "organize" the disaffected malcontents out of the back of his 1983 Honda Civic and still claims to be looking out for the downtrodden -- you know, those "47 million Americans without health care, the folks who are recruited to stand up at his spontaneous "town hall meetings" and whine about how horrible the American health care system is or how an insurance company screwed them.Yet when he goes on vacation he, like the last commie lib president before him -- William Jefferson Blythe "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" Clinton -- tries to get as far away as he can from the disaffected malcontents he claims so much affection for. In this case to a 28-acre estate on Martha's Vineyard rented for $35,000 a week.

Here's a thought for Barry: Since you're so darned concerned about giving the poor health care, why don't you take that $35,000 a week for a couple of weeks and go find a dozen or so poor families that need health care and set up a trust to buy them health insurance. Then you could just head back to the $1.6 million house in Chicago and hang out there for your vaca. Furthermore, every time you're tempted to jet off to NYC for a night on the town, or fly in a pizza chef from Saint Louis or ship a bunch of $100-per-pound beef in from Japan or get your staff started on planning one of those famous Wednesday night parties, why don't you just toss that money in the kitty in the name of "health care for all"? I don't begrudge you a vacation, Barry. Doing more to advance the cause of American socialism in seven months than any president before you managed to do in 4, 8 or even 16 years (not to mention garnering the hearty endorsement of the leader of the Communist Party USA) is hard work. But in an era where you are asking us middle class folks to tighten OUR belts and make sacrifices for the least among us, don't you think a little sacrifice is in order on your part?

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Confronting the Drones

I spent a short time Friday afternoon confronting the drones. Drones is not my name for them – it’s a word Mark Levin has coined for the folks who possess a blind, sycophantic adoration for The Messiah and think that all their problems will magically melt away as long as The Messiah, Pelosi and Reid keep us on the non-stop express to Marxism. Drones are the ones that you saw in a trance chanting “yes we can, yes we can, yes we can” during The Messiah’s immaculate campaign. You might remember the female drone that was practically orgasmic the day after The Messiah was elected president because “I won’t have to worry about making my house payment, I won’t have to worry about putting gas in the car.” I wondering how that not worrying about your house payment is going for you now, chicky-poo, seven months after The Messiah assumed the throne? I would imagine that if you’ve been sitting around waiting for The Messiah to make your house payment for the last seven months that you’re probably living in a cardboard box under a bridge right now but I digress.

As you might have guessed, these drones were out protesting for their share of the American welfare pot. Yes, they were agitating for “Health Insurance Reform NOW!” Some of them weren’t up to speed on the change in their Dear Leader’s lingo, because their signs still read “Health Care Reform NOW!” ICAN – the Iowa Citizen’s Action Network (and apparently according to our local fish wrap vendor the Des Moines Register) who supplied the signs for the drones didn’t understand that the message dujour is supposed to be “health insurance reform”. Health care reform is the old message. It didn’t focus-group well because 85% of Americans are happy with their health care. You’ll recall that previous messages in this campaign to wreck the best health care system in the world have included “we have a health care crisis” which didn’t fly because it’s obvious that we don’t have a health care crisis. Then there was “Americans want health care reform.” This was dumped when it became an indisputable fact that Americans don’t want health care reform. Now it’s "Americans need health care reform" (whether they want it or not.) Then there was the one about the “47 million uninsured” which was toned down when the message got out that the vast majority of these people are either illegal aliens or uninsured by choice. So the prevailing message the drones are told to repeat now is that those evil health insurance companies – you know, those rabid profiteers that make 3% on their dollar – have to be stopped. These particular drones weren’t actually repeating any messages -- they had dutifully accepted the message on the signs their handlers gave them. As such, they spent most of their time staring across at the intelligent people on the east side of the street while they held their signs bought and paid for by with mostly vacant stares.

There were about ten of us intelligent people carrying our own homemade signs that expressed our own opinions – opinions that have been carefully and thoughtfully developed through extensive research on our own. Kind of funny how when people research and develop their own opinion about this health care plan rather than getting their marching orders from the Dear Leader or one of his front groups they end up opposing a massive government takeover of the health care system. We also were more animated than the other folks. We actually want to engage the opposition in debate on this topic because our great health care and the future prosperity of our kids and grandkids is on the line. We tried to goad the opposition in to debating us like when I told the farmer who shook his “farmers for a public option” sign at me (one of about two homemade signs on the left side of the street) that his farm animals would get better health care than he would if we have a “public option”. But the drones just stared back at us vacantly, holding their signs given to them by their leaders, completely unaware that they were voluntarily surrendering their liberties to an acolyte of the Marxist agitator Saul Alinsky. Just like a bunch of union laborers when the lunch whistle sounds, these drones vanished almost on cue just before 3 PM.

How do I know these drones were part of the type of organized mob they accuse us liberty-loving citizens of being a part of? It’s in the email. Here are some excerpts:
Here are plans for the August 21 Day of Action demonstration against Senator Grassley at the State Fair in Des Moines.

An hour long telephone conference took place this afternoon (Friday, Aug. 14) with ICAN and several partner agencies including PCCI to hash out details.

> 1. Protest rally from 2 to 3 p.m. across the street from the Grand Avenue entrance to the Fair grounds. HCAN (program of ICAN) will provide signage including "Healthcare Can't Wait" and "Insurance Profits Are Bad for My Health." Participating groups may also bring their own signage. (NOTE: for example Catholic Workers has a similar motto: "Insurance Profits Make Me Sick.") MEDIA WILL BE PRESENT, and there will be opportunity to speak with reporters.

> Volunteers to participate in the rally will be bussed in from the Quad Cities and maybe also from other cities such as Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo. We need a big turn-out of people from the Des Moines area as well. Parking space will be arranged for volunteer demonstrators, but it is also being recommended to park at the Capitol and take a shuttle bus to the Fair Ground. People should be at the site well before 2:00 p.m.

Either this email didn’t get “disseminated far and wide right away” or there simply weren’t enough drones because, despite bussing them in from 150 miles away, there were only about 30 drones holding their ready-made signs. I would assume that if a loosely-organized group of liberty-loving Iowans could get a hold of it, it must have been pretty well distributed. The only thing I can figure is that there just aren’t that many drones out there who want to see their health care system wrecked and the liberty stolen from them.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

No Death Panel Yet But They've Already Written the "Death Book"

Much as Obama and the Democrats want to deny that HR3200 contains language establishing a "death panel" the simple fact of the matter is that pages 425-430 spell out mandatory end of life counseling for each and every citizen on Medicare. Turns out that the government already has a blueprint for this type of death counseling. It's called Your Life,Your Choices, Planning for Future Medical Decisions and it was produced over ten years ago by the Veteran's Administration. This "death book" was killed by the Bush administration but revived by the Obama Administration.

This book was intended to guide seniors citizens who fought for our liberty overseas in making end of life choices. Among other things, this book has a questionnaire in it that asks veterans to rate "what makes [their] life worth living" as it relates to numerous physical maladies, mental health issues and situational issues such as living in a nursing home or being a burden to family members. It's clear intent is to guide older people who might not be in the best of health in the direction of making decisions about whether life is worth living.

It's clear that someone in the Obama Administration thought that their was some merit to starting to use this book to "counsel" veterans on end of life care. The obvious question here is was this book revived with the intent of using it as a blueprint for future "death counseling" bureaucracy under the Brave New World of Obamacare. Certainly seems plausible to me.
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Secular Heathen-In-Chief Comes to Jesus to Push Health Care

The liberal's Messiah has yet to find a church since he assumed the presidency seven months ago. The last church he attended was little more than a front group for an anti-American, racist, hate-monger whose hate speech The Messiah lapped up like an undernourished puppy for 20 years. Now, amidst the wholesale fraud of his "Christianity" the larger fraud of government-run health care that won't be run by the government and the huge, overwhelming fraud of this presidency itself, the Godless heathen in the Oval Office has the audacity to call those of us who dug in to government health care to expose its fraud the ones who are [bearing] false witness:

This is nothing if not a clear indication of just how much trouble The Messiah's pet issue is in that he has to resort to using religion to sell socialist medicine. The "crisis" of the "47 million uninsured" didn't work; demonizing health insurance companies didn't work; now we have a heathen turning to religious morality to sell health care. A heathen who tells us that we must be our brother's keeper even as his brother lives in a mud hut in Africa on $12 a month. A heathen whose lies about a health care reform bill he hasn't even read roll off his tongue in a never-ending stream: You'll be able to keep your doctor and insurance for sure; make that you more than likely will be able to keep your doctor and insurance; it's health care reform, whoops make that "health insurance reform", your taxes won't go up, whoops I guess they may have to; don't pay any attention to that CBO guy, this plan is paid for -- lie after lie after lie after lie.

I guess if there's one thing you can say about The Messiah it's this: Given the lies he's had to tell to sell this plan and the sheer audaciousness of the biggest heathen ever to sit in the Oval Office going to relgious leaders to try to sell this fraud, his gonads must be at least twice the size of those elephant ears he has.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Cash for Clunkers" Clunks to a Halt

Yes, that nonsensical program called "cash for clunkers" which destroyed hundreds of thousands of perfectly good cars, saddled people who can't afford new cars with car payments and larger insurance payments that they can't afford smack dab in the middle of the worst recession since the last Democrat-induced recession 30 years ago and left car dealers on the hook for millions of dollars in $4500 rebates that the bureaucracy will eventually grind out of the hides of taxpayers to the tune of $3 billion is finally over! Whew!

After seven months of this "don't believe what you see with your own eyes" style of audacious political BS, it's not surprising that the Administration of the Most Exalted Messiah and the lapdog liberal media would be hailing this flop designed by a political appointee barely out of his law school internship as a smashing success when it was in fact an economic disaster that we will be paying for for years to come. How so? Let me count the ways.

First of all, the big-brain bureaucrats in charge of this debacle vastly underestimated the cost of this program by a magnitude of three. We'll be lucky if they do so well as to underestimate the cost of their health care boondoggle by 200% as they did with "cash for clunkers".

Not only did they underestimate the cost of the program by 200%, they underestimated what it would take to administer the program. You'll recall the whole thing completely fell apart within a week. Even after infusing it with 200% more cash, they still haven't been able to get the cash to the dealers who are on the hook for hundreds of millions in rebate vouchers that have yet to be paid. And they say our concerns about a bureaucracy that can't administer a simple cash rebate program being able to run a health care system for 300 million people are "evil mongering". They should have just turned this rebate program over to Best Buy. At least they know how to manage a simple rebate program. And I have no doubt that Best Buy could probably do a better job running a health care system that the federal government can as well.

The next thing this idiotic circle-jerk did was take hundreds of thousands of perfectly serviceable old cars off the road. As a driver of one of these perfectly serviceable old cars -- a 13-year-old Mercury Villager with 177,000 miles on it -- I can tell you that maintaining an older car in good shape is a hell of a lot less expensive than buying a brand new one, regardless of whether you get a $4,500 rebate or not. Many of these perfectly good cars aren't second cars as mine is. They are (or were) the primary mode of transportation for many lower income families, young adults and teens -- people who would be far better off maintaining their old car and driving it than taking on a car payment and a larger insurance payment. But many of them ditched their decent older car and traded up to the car they couldn't afford. As with any commodity, when you reduce the supply the price goes up. Because many of these dealers destroyed the whole car, it will be more expensive to fix the older cars that are left -- particularly the engine and transmission which the dealer has to destroy. No spare engines and transmissions, no spare engine and transmission parts. Duh!

Third, as I previously pointed out, if it took the artificial inflation of the trade-in price of your vehicle to get you out to buy a new car, you couldn't afford the new car in the first place, let alone the increased cost of the insurance on a new car. Watch for a mini boom in car repossessions in a couple of years and an epidemic of people with lapsed car insurance in the next few months. Kind of a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac of the auto business brought about by a "community reinvestment act" for the auto industry.

Finally, with the end of this ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars comes the end of the mini boom in car sales. And dealers are still waiting to get their rebates. Isn't liberalism wonderful?
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In the Obamethical Universe, Letting a Newborn Die Is a Right, While Disagreeing with the President's Interpretation of Legislation Is A Sin

Let it be known to all who stand in opposition to the president on health care reform: You are now sinners in the hands of an angry President.

On his mysteriously Constitutional lobbying call yesterday to 140,000 religious leaders and others representing 32 denominations, President Obama referred to those arguing against him on the health care issue as "bearing false witness." Considering the fact that he was talking to people for whom that is supposed to be one of the ten most inappropriate behaviors to engage in, that seems rather intemperate for the leader of a nation that the liberals have been screaming for the last eight years is supposed to be secular.

It's rather like the president of Iran telling his Mullahs that his opponent Mousavi is an "infidel" (which he has not, to my knowledge, done, though it would simplify his isolation of Mousavi quite a bit.) It's a totally inappropriate use of language--to those for whom it actually means something--by a powerful leader. That leader, incidentally (Obama, not Ahmedinejad, though these days it's getting hard to tell the difference. Mostly because our own media has colluded with the Administration to ignore the monstrous behavior of the new regime (Iranian, not American) since a few days after it was exciting post-election news. The oppression, suppression, persecution, trials, and tyranny are ongoing, but we are steadfastly ignoring them (again, I'm referring here to Iran.)

Let us remember that the President's claim on a Christian heritage is tenuous, at best. He has no upbringing in even a mainstream Christian denomination, having been raised primarily by his Unitarian grandparents, occasionally by his freethinker mother, and rather haphazardly by not one, but two Muslim fathers (a father and a stepfather, actually.) Though we are given to understand that at least in Indonesia he went to a few religious schools.

At any rate, though we may take at face value Obama's much-ballyhooed claim to have been what conservative religious people generally call "born-again" (though of course he shuns that label) at Trinity United Church of Christ, we do know for a fact that he has never studied theology in any serious professional setting, like a seminary or Bible school, and by his own admission, whatever it was his pastor of twenty years was going on about up front he paid almost no attention to. So, essentially, it can safely be said that the President is not an expert on any religion, Christian or otherwise.

So it seems rather presumptious (not to mention presumptively unconstitutional and rather unethical) for the president of the United States to be offering what appear to have become "his" ministers likely topics for the Sunday sermon. Yet that is exactly what he did. This is the same man who, as a state senator, three times defended the practice of allowing babies to die without medical attention if they managed to survive an attempted abortion.

To pass a law against it, he argued, would "undermine" Roe v. Wade.

I see. But telling Pastors to use their sermons as an oracle for his public policy doesn't "undermine" anything? Like the integrity of the pulpit? Or the "separation of church and state" that the left once held dear?

The Bible doesn't have a lot to say about government-financed health care, no matter how skillfully Obama suggests such a connection (no, Mr. President. Matthew 25 isn't an address to the Roman governor.) But it has a great deal to say about false prophets, bad shepherds, evil kings, and those who distort the word of God.

I would respectfully suggest that the President hang up the phone, put on his flame-retardant gloves, and open the Bible.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White House Snitches Email Address Pulled

The White House's snitches email address,, has been pulled as has the page that encourages people to snitch on neighbors that might disagree with the notion that having the government in total command of the one-seventh of the nation's economy is a good thing. Instead of the snitch page, you are instead directed to a page chock full of propaganda videos from supposed "experts" trying to convince the drones that are presently perched on the fence, that socialized medicine is a good thing. Ironically, they call this propaganda a "reality check". After watching the first one, I decided I didn't need to watch any more.

The arguments for government health care from Kavina Patel, who "works with" Valerie Jarrett, one of the 13 unbiased journalists who is now a senior adviser to The Messiah, consisted of regurgitating The Messiah's talking points verbatim with no apparent regard for the fact that Obama talking points do not reality make. But we're apparently just supposed to accept the assertion that you get to keep your insurance and your doctor without question despite the fact that it specifically says on page 16 of HR3200 -- the only game in town at this point -- that you will lose your private insurance and perhaps your doctor as well if there is one iota of change in your plan after the "public option" kicks in. And it also says that most of us will lose our private coverage five years after year one of the "public option". Facts are stubborn things. And reality isn't on the side of these weasels.
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What The Other Hand Is Doing

While the nation is busy fighting about whether the President really wants or really, really wants a public option on health care, whether he said "essential" or he didn't, and whether the message from the White House is "consistent," President Obama is fulfilling another campaign promise to some of his biggest fans--the gay rights lobby.

The Justice Department has filed a brief arguing for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act--yes, the same DOMA that the Administration fought to preserve in federal court recently in order to preserve the power of the presidency.

This is something the President has been waiting for the right moment to do. This, while all the world is focused like a laser on something else, is apparently the right moment. Since the first shot has not been heard round the world, by the time the case is decided it will come as a complete surprise to the people who should have been working to prevent its inevitable effects.

Get out there and protect marriage in your state Constitution, and press your national legislators to take a position on a Marriage Amendment. Before this case defeats DOMA and the liberal Congress moves to make Same-Sex Unions the equivalent of marriage on a federal level.

It's coming, and you know it. Before you go out to your local town hall meeting to protest health care, send an email or make a phone call to your state legislators.

Find your representatives at this site.

Keep track of federal legislation here.

Sign up here to be sent emails to find out when your reps are voting on new bills and how they voted on the old ones.

If the Senate had voted on the Health Care Bill before the recess, the President would have signed it. As is, and as awful as we now know it to have been. The ONLY thing that prevents this Administration from getting everything it wants is an informed populace pressuring their representatives. It may not always work (and it may well not work on health care), but it can always slow them down.

Stay on top of things. Let us know what's out there to be worried about. Facebook and Twitter and blog everything you find out about no matter how seemingly innocuous. Because they aren't going to put the important things on the front page unless they don't have a choice. And the things you don't know CAN hurt you--and your country.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

San Fran Nan and the Protest Hypocrisy

Seems that Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi (Mark Levin's accurate name for the woman who apparently never met a face operation she didn't like) used to love protesters... When they were protesting a war against terrorists, that is. Protesters that are out there protesting Pelosi's assault on their liberties via an overpriced, underfunded, unconstitutional, liberty-robbing monstrosity of a "health insurance reform" plan however, are Nazis.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

News The Mainstream Media Can't Use: "White Supremacist" Really Black

You won't hear much about it, because it violates the narrative. In the heat of a summer that's featured the term "racism" applied to everything from disliking the current president to wondering where his birth certificate is to asking any member of Congress, white or black, to read a bill before signing it, the Southern Poverty Law Center the other day breathlessly reported that white supremacism is on the rise.

But, in the case reported here, it's more like off its rocker.

An African-American man in Mississippi has pled guilty and will be sentenced November 18 for making threats on Facebook while posing as a white supremacist and claiming he planned to kill blacks because Barack Obama had been elected president.

The SPLC has made front page news lately with its hysterical claims that Obama is increasingly under threat from white supremacists,, with mainstream media outlets irresponsibly linking such threats to the restive citizenry appearing in town hall meetings. Yet this disturbing [information, according to the Administration, is not reflected in the President's security arrangements. In other words, the Secret Service thinks it's nonsense.

Gee, I wonder if the statistical trackers at SPLC will scrub this particular datapoint.

Or--in this new world in which the Secretary of Homeland Security thinks that "Constitutionalist" is a code word for "racist"--can a white supremacist threat still be a valid white supremacist threat, even if it's not made by a white supremacist--or even a white person of any kind?
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chuck Grassley Had a Town Hall

Actually, Chuck Grassley had several town halls today but we'll just focus on the one I attended in Adel, Iowa this afternoon at 4:30.

Grassley didn't do much to change my mind about him. He's had 30 years to perfect the art of having it both ways with every issue and he didn't disappoint today. Naturally, most of the questions were about health care and he wasted a good three questions worth of time with his opening comments trying to weasel a reason for being one of the weaselly Republicans trying to work out a "compromise" with Senate Democrats on health care reform. The bottom line he said, was that Democrats are going to do this with or without us and we're better off to have some skin in the game and get our ideas out there. He said he's opposed to government-run health care, opposed to single-payer, opposed to rationing of health care and won't stand for any of it. He also pointed out that there is no bill yet, at least on the Senate side. There are several problems with Grassley's take on this. I came prepared to ask several questions and narrowed it down to one after Grassley's opening statement. I held my hand up for nearly the entire hour with short breaks to shake the blood back into it. In the end, the fine conservative guy directly in front of me got called on just in time for Grassley to end the meeting. He didn't get his question asked and neither did I.

The question I was prepared to ask the good senator was this: You can blather on all you want about not supporting government-run health care, the single-payer option and rationing. But the bottom line is that the only proposal on the table right now is the House bill and the House bill is the definitive blueprint for government control. It is in fact, all garbage -- every page of the 1017 pages -- and has to be thrown out so real options can be discussed. Obama supports this bill, Pelosi supports this bill, Reid has expressed his support for this bill and anything that comes out of the Senate is going to resemble the crap that came out of the House regardless of how much Grassley is peeing his pants to "compromise" with Democrats. In fact, had the Democrats and Obama had their way, Grassley would have been staring the House version – full-blown government-run statist health care complete with aborting the babies and killing grandma (or at least counseling her that she’s better off to let herself die) – in the face as the starting point for compromise when he returns from this extended break. How can you "compromise" on this bill when it contains nothing that even remotely resembles what needs to be done with health care? Why are you trying to "compromise" and more than likely give Democrats the majority of what they want which is to say crap, instead of standing up and screaming at the top of your lungs what the real solution is: Tort reform, lessening the restrictions on the sale of health insurance so that policies can be sold across state lines just like every other type of important insurance and an emphasis on health savings accounts for starters – in short getting the government out of health care and empowering Americans to make their own health care choices. And perhaps we could institute real measures to fix the government health insurance plans that don't work right now -- the VA, the Indian health care systems, Medicare and Medicaid?

There were a couple of whiners -- one standing right in front of me that wasted a good question with her pap that I or someone else with a brain could have asked. She claimed to be a devout Christian and a liberal – an oxymoron if I ever heard one. She had several sharp exchanges with the guy in front of me who made no bones about the fact that he thought she was a little lefty whiner (which she most definitely was). During one of these exchanges, I happened to catch the whiner asking the good conservative guy “have you ever broken your neck before?” At that point, I just had to interject my comments. I stepped up and told her “as a matter of fact, my son broke his neck and thank God for the insurance company that paid the vast majority of the $300,000 bill.” To which she downcast her eyes and put on one of those pouty expressions whiny liberals are so adept at using when they come face to face with indisputable facts. (This is what the passive-aggressive liberals do. The Type A liberals just start calling you names.)

While I heard some folks on the news say that they were convinced Grassley was standing up for conservatism, I was completely unimpressed. What he was doing was paying lip service to conservatism – trying to tell conservatives what he though they wanted to hear. He’s only a little bit less of the problem than Tom Harkin, our entrenched Democrat weasel (I mean senator) is. Both of these guys need to be thrown out of office on their backsides.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Speaking of Organized Mobs

Apparently, there is so little passion for Obamacare they are having to troll Craig's List for paid supporters.

Yes folks: $400 to $600 a week and all you have to do is feign support for Obamacare. These folks are way on the losing end of this debate and they know it. With majorities in both Houses, the power of the presidential bully pulpit, the lapdog liberal media refusing to report incidents of violence by Obama supporters against patriotic citizens a White House web site that ask for people to report those of us who are exercising our rights to free speech and a DNC web site that draws the drones a Technicolor picture of point by point liberal activism, they still have to try to gin up support for their socialist health care manifesto by paying people to support their cause. How utterly pathetic.
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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Harkin Got an Earful at his Town Hall Meeting

While I was standing outside with my sign, things were going much better than I ever expected inside. The vast majority of the folks were opposed to Obamacare and Harkin insulted them by telling them they were part of an organized campaign to disrupt the smooth passage of a bill that would deprive us of our liberty, tax us to death and get the government involved in every aspect of our lives. See it here.

You can also see the news report at the WHO TV web site. It will probably be up by tomorrow. This is happening everywhere. People are truly pissed at this blatant theft of liberty. If this passes, there's going to be a huge backlash in 2010.
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Protesting Tom Harkin

When you're talking about Tom Harkin, there's a lot to protest so we narrowed it down and showed up at one of Harkin's events to protest the outrage of the month: His support of Obamacare.

Our angry mob consisted of four concerned citizens holding signs on the sidewalk at the entrance to a inner-city health care clinic where Harkin had an event scheduled. We welcomed people walking in the door to the event and many shared our cause. Although we may have been welcomed, our questions certainly wouldn't have been and our signs weren't, so we stayed outside.

We'll find out later this evening on the news, but I'm sure Harkin's remarks consisted of a bunch of empty platitudes about how socialized medicine will benefit the residents of this neighborhood enormously -- never mind the fact that other failed government programs exist that can provide health services for these folks and there's no sense in adding another larger one that is doomed to failure from the very start.

Kind of funny that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the DNC want to paint us as an "angry mob" organized by the insurance industry and the RNC. I didn't even know the three other guys that were there except for having emailed back and forth with one who was an organizer of the July 4th Tea Party at the state capitol. The angry ones were the supporters of Obamacare. One called us idiots. Several took issue with my sign which read "Reject government-run health care! 30 million Canadians can't be wrong." When they tried to tell me the Canadian health care system was great, I told them "sure, unless you have to access it". One passer-by in an SUV slowed down enough to roll down his window and shut F-- ya'll at us. Now there's some rational debate.

This was my first time to really get out and make my opinion known in public and it sure won't be the last. Oh sure, I fax every representative under the sun; I try to influence anybody I can within in my sphere of influence; I email every state senator and representative during the state legislative session and sometimes they even answer back until you challenge them too much on their beliefs and agenda. The thing that has most impressed me in the last couple of years is that it shouldn't be this hard to be a citizen. Most conservatives just want to go about their business and hope the government will just stay out of their way. But the government is getting in our faces so we're all going to have to do more -- and that includes getting the the faces of our representatives and demanding that they either represent us or get out. Our very liberty and the quality of life for ourselves, our kids and grand kids are at stake.
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Archie Bunker Sworn in on U.S. Supreme Court

Well, Sonia Sotomayor might as well be Archie Bunker. At any rate, the first Hispanic bigot ever to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court was sworn in today:

WASHINGTON (AP) —Sonia Sotomayor was sworn in Saturday as the Supreme Court's first Hispanic justice and only third female member in the top U.S. court's 220-year history.

She is President Barack Obama's first appointment to the influential court, which has shaped many of the country's laws on polarizing issues like abortion and the death penalty. As a successor to liberal Justice David Souter, who retired, she is not expected to alter the nine-member court's ideological balance.

Sotomayor took the second of two oaths of office Saturday from Chief Justice John Roberts in an ornate conference room, beneath a portrait of the legendary Chief Justice John Marshall. Her left hand resting on a Bible that was held by her mother, Celina, Sotomayor pledged to "do equal right to the poor and to the rich."

"[Doing] equal to the poor and the rich" is a quaint little notion that the bigot Sotomayor has absolutely no interest in as her 17 years on the federal bench have proven. Ask the New Haven firefighters. And I know, I know she paid lip service to the notion that she'll be fair on the bench, but her record speaks for itself -- and she's not fair on the bench. She sees herself and everyone that comes into her court through the prism of the color of their skin, their life circumstances or any other obscure characteristic she thinks might be applicable. And she thinks her job is to make law from the bench.

The Messiah may not have been able to find the poor lesbian welfare mother cross-dressing transvestite hooker he wanted for the bench. But I'm sure Sonia the bigot will do.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Guess Who's Getting Out? Another Hero of the 60s!

Or maybe that should be "heroine."

Okay, I'll tell you. It's Squeaky Fromme, the Manson family acolyte that camped outside the courtroom, carved an "X" on her head when Charlie and the girls did, and later tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

What a fun gal.

I wonder if Barack and Michelle Obama's friends Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers will commemorate the occasion--maybe with a cake shaped like a murder victim you can stick a fork in? After all, they were, in the good old days, big fans of the Manson family and its wacky, anti-establishment hijinks.

As that madcap rebel Bernardine put it:

Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!


The Weather Underground were actually quite fond of the Mansonian notion of instigating a race war to destroy the capitalist system (actually they were willing to give a hearing to anything that might destroy the capitalist system):

In 1969, Ayers and his wife convened a "War Council" in Flint Michigan, whose purpose was to launch a military front inside the United States with the purpose of helping Third World revolutionaries conquer and destroy it. Taking charge of the podium, dressed in a high-heeled boots and a leather mini-skirt – her signature uniform – Dorhn incited the assembled radicals to join the war against "Amerikkka" and create chaos and destruction in the "belly of the beast." Her voice rising to a fevered pitch, Dohrn raised three fingers in a "fork salute" to mass murderer Charles Manson whom she proposed as a symbol to her troops.

Hey, wait a minute. I think I've heard something like that before. From the mouth of yet another inconvenient yet unrepentant FOO (Friend of Obama). Where was that? Hmmm.....

I remember now! It was THIS guy:

In another sermon...Wright "refers to the U.S. as being under the influence of the Ku Klux Klan."

WRIGHT: And they will not only attack you if you try to point out what's going on in white America, the U.S. of KKK A."

Of course, the Reverend got the line a bit wrong--and in a way that made it kind of nonsensical. Bernardine's version has much more pinache. But, then, maybe, like his parishoner of twenty years, the president of the United States, he wasn't paying close attention the first time he heard it.

All that to say this. Despite a life term, Squeaky is going to be out on August 16. She had to do a little "extra" time (evidently, in California, life is shorter than we thought) for attacking a fellow inmate with a hammer. Also, in 1987, she escaped from prison in an attempt to get closer to Charlie (now there's a goal in life!) She does not appear to be the least bit sorry for her crimes, nor do we have any evidence of a religious conversion or anything like that.

So, I guess she will be coming back into society again, different only in her age (and her ability to wander loose among us.) Like Ayers and Dohrn, she is in her sixties and eligible to become a living legend of the Far Left.

Wonder what she'll get to be Czar of?
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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

News That Will Come and Go Quickly

You know how the liberals hate it when one of those hateful, hating, hate-mongering anti-gay meanspirited conservatives gets to say "I told you so?"

Well, in Florida, there's a case of police corruption that isn't going to be the genesis of a movement to protect anyone. But let's go back a few years to when the primary actor in the drama, Jonathan Bleiweiss, a Sherrif's deputy in Broward County, made himself a hero to the gay commuminty.

Let's go to the end of the Sun-Sentinel article:

In January, Sgt. John Nash nominated Bleiweiss for Employee of the Year in the Oakland Park district. In his nomination letter, Nash included a long list of Bleisweiss' heroics, including making well over 100 arrests in the city.

Bleiweiss was also lauded for organizing a 30-person Broward Sheriff's Office AIDS Walk team for two years in a row.

A story in the South Florida Blade, a gay weekly, detailed the deputy's accomplishments as an officer and a gay community leader. Bleiweiss told the weekly that early in his career he worked with a sergeant who routinely made jokes about him and his sexuality, and once referred to him as a "sex offender."

A sex offender! Imagine that? How incredibly insulting and hateful...and perceptive.

Because, you see, as it turns out, the deputy [allegedly] has been using his color of authority to force illegal immigrant men (and boys) to have sex with him.


Here is the arrest affidavit. As you read this (if you can stomach it), ask yourself what would be happening in the Florida media--and the national media--had this been a straight sheriff's deputy [allegedly] harassing, molesting, and raping female illegal aliens.

There would be a national "conversation" about police misconduct and the dangers of placing too much power in the hands of men with guns. There would be a "re-visioning" of police procedure already in play. There would be a sudden cascade of reports of similar behavior all over the nation.

Hilda Solis, our Secretary of Labor, would be demanding an investigation of the treatment of illegal workers by Florida police. Attorney General Eric Holder would be opening one. President Obama would be talking about his long history of protecting the undocumented.

But that's not going to happen

Instead, this example of where deviance inevitably eventually leads is going to be dealt with quickly and quietly, and confined to the lower Southern tip of the U.S.

And only those who follow the obscure news will have the chance to say "we told you so."
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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Yes, It's True: They Really Think We Are Stupid

The Drudge Report has a sweet piece of tape that the White House doesn't want anyone to see. It features a series of clips of Barack Obama as president denying he wants "some government takeover of health care," as well as Obama as candidate as far back as 2003 saying he favors a "single-payer" system. It also includes Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky happily telling a boisterous crowd that a "public option" will drive private insurance companies out of business.

If you missed it, it is here. (Sorry about the link, but I apparently haven't mastered the art of embedding video yet.)

The White House doesn't like this clip. In fact, it's so distressing to them that they've trotted out the Director of Communications for the White House's Health Reform Office (yes, that is apparently a real job now), Linda Douglass, to answer it. In the video clip released by the White House (here), she frowns at the Drudge Report, takes her impressively intellectual glasses on and off, and shows us some clips of President Obama claiming he wants you to keep your coverage and your doctor, if you like them.

Wow. I am so convinced.

It would seem that the White House doesn't understand that showing us a politician saying something now does not necessarily negate footage of the politician saying something different then. In fact, the older footage is more credible, because at the time it was taken, the politician didn't know what would be politically required of him now. And, obviously, now the politician has a vested interest in lying, because he knows what the current political climate is.

But we should pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, because President Obama's history begins when he became president. We are not to question--or even mention--anything that has come before. Not his lifelong connections to people for whom the single-payer system is the holy grail of health insurance. Not his actions or attitudes or legislation as an Illinois state Senator. Not the past writings of the people he's hiring by the truckload.

No, just listen to his words today. And nod and smile when Linda Douglass tells you to ignore the Drudge Report.

Nothing to see here.
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Geithner Attempts to Bully Regulators

It's hard to believe that anyone could be intimidated by this punk and let's hope that federal financial regulators weren't. But Tiny Tim Geithner gave it his best shot yesterday as he tried to bully regulators into going along with the Obama Administration's Hugo Chavez-like plan to let Tiny Tim shut down, take over and break up big businesses and banks on a whim:

NEW YORK, Aug 3 (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner issued a stern warning punctuated with expletives to U.S. regulators to end turf battles and show support for President Barack Obama's plan to overhaul financial regulation, a person familiar with the situation said on Monday.

At a tense, hour-long meeting on Friday, Geithner told Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Chairman Sheila Bair to end recent public criticism of the plan and stop airing concerns over their potential loss of authority.

The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the meeting, said that Geithner vented frustration over the plan's slow progress and told regulators that 'enough is enough'.

Citing people familiar with the meeting, the newspaper also said that the Treasury Secretary used obscenities and took an aggressive stance in his dressing down of the regulators.

Yes Timmy wants them to "end recent public recent public criticism of the plan and stop airing concerns over their potential loss of authority" -- authority The Messiah wants to give to this petulant brat. I agree with Geithner -- enough is enough. We need to get this power-hungry tax-cheating punk out of power.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

No New Taxes? Not So Fast!

There's an old adage about Democrats in general and lefties in particular: If they tell you they aren't raising your taxes, they're lying. They don't know how to do anything but raise taxes: Their propensity to redistribute wealth is instinctive and Obama let it slip with Joe the Plumber last fall. But for some reason, people didn't think they were talking about redistributing their wealth. Well, I got some news for those folks: Obama isn't any less of a liar than any other Democrat president. In fact, he's far worse than the last liar William Jefferson "it depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is" Slick Willie Clinton.

Not to boast or anything, because I'm not pleased to have to report this, but we conservatives told you folks that Obama and his lefty buddies were damn liars long before they came to power. Now White House economic adviser Larry Summers -- the guy who can't ever seem to stay awake when the camera is trained on him -- is being truthful about the fact that his boss is a liar:

WASHINGTON - A top White House adviser says he can't rule out a tax on middle-class Americans to pay for President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

As a candidate, Obama pledged not to raise taxes for most Americans. But economic adviser Larry Summers says he cannot promise that Obama will stick to that campaign pledge.

Summers says it's too early to tell what will be needed to pay for a broad restructuring of how people receive health care.

So is the tax cheat Tiny Tim Geithner

"If we want an economy that's going to grow in the future," Geithner said, "people have to understand we have to bring those deficits down. And the path to that is through health-care reform. We're not at the point yet where we're going to make a judgment about what it's going to take."

First of all, any pretense of "no new taxes" has been a lie ever since the cigarette tax jumped 69 cents early in Obama's presidency. And this is a tax that hits lower-income people disproportionately. We already know that The Messiah doesn't consider allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire at tax increase. And we know that he'd love to get cap and tax through the house which provides for at least $3,000 extra a year in indirect taxes for the average middle-class family. Another thing we know for certain is that we're not going to have "an economy that's going to grow in the future" if we raise taxes. Raising taxes stifles economic growth -- it's a proven fact. Now, a little over six months into the Obama presidency, they are actually talking about higher taxes on the middle class -- you and I.

So what we have here is a bunch of lefties who pursued an "economic stimulus" plan that hasn't worked and never would have worked at a cost of tens of trillions of dollars in deficits. Now they are about to send us the bill for their mistake. And flying in the face of all reason and logic, they are telling us that raising taxes will cause economic growth. It'll never happen, but these lefties need to take a page from the Reagan handbook -- lower taxes stimulate the economy and increase treasury revenues which, in turn, lowers the deficit if you control spending: It's a proven fact that the commies in power will never admit. So when you hear official mouthpiece Robert Gibbs out there every day this week swearing up and down that The Messiah won't raise taxes on the middle class know that he's lying for his liar boss and Geithner and Summers made a mistake by telling the truth -- a mistake that they are paying for dearly behind those Oval Office doors to be sure.

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"Cash for Clunkers" Back Up and Running

Yes folks after the House committed to pissing another $2 billion down this rat hole, even more folks can trade in their car for a new one under the condition that the dealer destroy the old one. And I'm apparently not the only one who thinks this is a stupid idea. The folks in the used auto parts business, known affectionately as junk yard operators, don't think it makes a lot of sense either:

DENVER — Not all auto recyclers are relishing the government's new cash for clunkers program, which requires car dealers to destroy the gas-guzzlers they get as trade-ins from new car buyers.

Used engines and drive trains are a big part of recyclers' income from each scrapped car, and under the federal program those engines must be destroyed. The idea is to promote fuel efficiency and help automakers, but it comes at a time when more than a dozen U.S. auto parts suppliers have filed for bankruptcy this year.

"Why throw away good parts when the supply chain is in jeopardy? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense," said Michael Wilson, executive vice president of the Automotive Recyclers Association based in Manassas, Va.

Engines and drive trains account for 60 percent of recyclers' revenue from a used vehicle, Wilson said.

Under cash for clunkers, the government is advising car dealers to replace a trade-in's engine oil with a sodium silicate solution and run the engine to ruin it before giving or selling the car to a scrap dealer.

As someone who is a car-lover in general and has a deep appreciation for the liberty and freedom the automobile has given us Americans, I must say destroying a perfectly good car under a government mandate has an Orwellian feel to it: Big Brother has said my car needs to be destroyed so I will dutifully drive it to the local auto destruction center, have it destroyed and, in its place, I'll get another car that Big Brother approves of in exchange for a car payment I either can't afford or wouldn't otherwise have saddled myself with in the name of doing my patriotic duty because Big Brother says my car meets Big Brother's arbitrary definition of a "gas guzzler". And I've already demonstrated to you that Big Brother is fudging the numbers to create more "gas guzzlers". My two vans certainly aren't the only two cars on that list that are having their mileage numbers "under-averaged" by the government in order to classify them as "clunkers".

This is pretty simple folks: The government has no business manipulating the car market in this manner and the government has no business attempting to dictate the types of cars we drive which is exactly what this is. And the "stimulative" affect on car makers is far less than the net effect on the overall supply of affordable older cars and car parts. Besides, after taking good care of my 13-year-old minivan (that has gotten 20 mpg for my entire 125,000-mile seven-year history with it, despite the government's 18 mpg rating) using the best oil and filters on it and shining it up like new twice a year, do you think I'm about to give it to some dealer so they can destroy the engine and transmission at the behest of Big Brother? I don't think so.
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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Crooked Chris Has Prostate Cancer

I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone -- even a crook like Angelo's "friend" Chris Dodd, but apparently Crooked Chris has the big C:

HARTFORD, Conn. - The state's senior U.S. senator, Christopher Dodd, has been heavily criticized for months, suffering from poor poll numbers and questions about discount mortgages he received.

The criticisms stopped Friday, when the 65-year-old Democrat announced he's been diagnosed with an early stage of prostate cancer and will have surgery soon.

Two of Dodd's potential Republican rivals in the 2010 election issued get well wishes, saying he was in their families' prayers. And Chris Healy, chairman of the state Republicans and a vocal critic, was one of the first to e-mail reporters a statement wishing Dodd "the very best in his treatment and rehabilitation."

"There's certain things that are political, and there are certain things that are personal," Healy said when asked about his statement. "I think the more we respect that line, maybe people's image of the political class might improve."

"There's certain things that are political" for sure Mr. Healy -- like the sweetheart deals on home loans for Connecticut Democrat politicians named Dodd .... or moving to Iowa to run for president -- THEN -- scurrying back to Connecticut to your senate seat after you get your ass kicked in the primary. And one might even go so far as to say prostate cancer is political. You see, Mr. Healy, as I said before, I don't wish cancer on crooked politicians but we're not the ones making an issue out of cancer and every other health care event that might befall an American citizen (or apparently even an illegal alien for that matter).

I think that in the spirit of the health care nightmare Crooked Chris Dodd is trying to foist upon us, Crooked Chris ought to immediately enroll himself in the VA plan, the Tribal health system or perhaps maybe just Medicare and run all of his treatments through one of those programs instead of the Cadillac program Crooked Chris will have regardless of the plan he comes up with to shove all of us peasants into. Better yet, maybe Crooked Chris could go north to Canada where he could be among the 57% of Canadians to wait more than two months to see an overworked, underpaid specialist despite the fact that the government in 2004 spent $40 billion to develop a reporting process to find out exactly how bad waiting times for health care are in Canada. Canada -- the place where 3.4 million people, better than 10% of the population, don't have a primary care doctor. And this is exactly the type of system that Crooked Chris wants us to have here except ours would be 10 times larger.

Seriously though, in the spirit of "bipartisanship" and in the interest of finding out just how well some of the provisions in the House health care bill work considering this seems to be the one The Messiah favors, let's make Crooked Chris and Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy the Guinea pigs for the death counseling.

Despite my distaste for crooked politicians, I sincerely wish Crooked Chris well in his battle with prostate cancer and hope that his illness produces some epiphany in him that causes Crooked Chris to do a complete 180 on all of his political beliefs. Fat chance!

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