Friday, August 21, 2009

No Death Panel Yet But They've Already Written the "Death Book"

Much as Obama and the Democrats want to deny that HR3200 contains language establishing a "death panel" the simple fact of the matter is that pages 425-430 spell out mandatory end of life counseling for each and every citizen on Medicare. Turns out that the government already has a blueprint for this type of death counseling. It's called Your Life,Your Choices, Planning for Future Medical Decisions and it was produced over ten years ago by the Veteran's Administration. This "death book" was killed by the Bush administration but revived by the Obama Administration.

This book was intended to guide seniors citizens who fought for our liberty overseas in making end of life choices. Among other things, this book has a questionnaire in it that asks veterans to rate "what makes [their] life worth living" as it relates to numerous physical maladies, mental health issues and situational issues such as living in a nursing home or being a burden to family members. It's clear intent is to guide older people who might not be in the best of health in the direction of making decisions about whether life is worth living.

It's clear that someone in the Obama Administration thought that their was some merit to starting to use this book to "counsel" veterans on end of life care. The obvious question here is was this book revived with the intent of using it as a blueprint for future "death counseling" bureaucracy under the Brave New World of Obamacare. Certainly seems plausible to me.

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