Saturday, August 08, 2009

Harkin Got an Earful at his Town Hall Meeting

While I was standing outside with my sign, things were going much better than I ever expected inside. The vast majority of the folks were opposed to Obamacare and Harkin insulted them by telling them they were part of an organized campaign to disrupt the smooth passage of a bill that would deprive us of our liberty, tax us to death and get the government involved in every aspect of our lives. See it here.

You can also see the news report at the WHO TV web site. It will probably be up by tomorrow. This is happening everywhere. People are truly pissed at this blatant theft of liberty. If this passes, there's going to be a huge backlash in 2010.

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Dr. Mom said...

I suspect that if we want to know what might happen in 2010, we should be watching Iran and Venezuela. That's where the templates are for pushing an election in the leadership's chosen direction. (Of course, we can't watch Iran because our own media are colluding with the president to keep it out of sight. Smart move on their part.)