Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Health Insurance Reform": It's Enough to Drive Max Baucus to Drink

Or so it seems. 

As Kevin Wall said on Bill Bennett's show this morning, perhaps there's a rational explanation such as low blood sugar or something like that. But if there is, one hasn't been forthcoming as it should be if a U.S. Senator appears drunk when he gets up to make a speech.

I don't know about you, but showing up to work drunk gets you fired at my place of business. We should expect no less out of the folks who get paid $175,000 a year to represent us in Washington D.C. And don't try to tell me Three Sheets Baucus isn't my representative. In the Washington political climate we are faced with today where hardcore leftists run the show and are leading a full frontal assault on our liberties completely against the will of the vast majority of the American people, every single vote holds sway over my liberty and yours -- whether you're in Montana or Hawaii or Iowa or Maine or anyplace in between. And in this incendiary political environment, there's no room for Mr. Tipsy. As with most every Democrat in D.C., he has a difficult enough time making rational decisions when he's sober let alone when he's had a few too many.
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Man Caused Disaster" At Detroit Airport

The second terror attack on U.S. soil since the immaculation of The Messiah occurred tonight at the Detroit airport:

A Northwest Airlines passenger from Nigeria, who said he was acting on al-Qaeda's instructions, tried to blow up the plane today as it was landing in Detroit, law enforcement and national security officials said.
A senior U.S. counterterror official says a passenger aboard a Delta Air Lines flight in Detroit was planning to blow up the plane but the explosive device failed, the Associated Press reported today.
Passengers subdued the man and may have prevented him from detonating the explosives, the officials said.
A White House official said the incident was an attempted act of terrorism.
 Were I a reporter, the first question I'd be asking The Family Guy as President Messiah reposes in Hawaii would be: "Mr Family Guy Gibbs. sir, the White House is characterizing THIS Islamic terrorist attack as a terrorist attack. I'm sure that having to admit this pains you greatly. However considering this radical Islamic terrorist readily admits being in league with al-Qaeda would you perhaps go out on a limb and call this a radical Islamic terror attack? Follow up on that please sir?  In the past, we have been told by the fearless Janet Napolitano that there is no such thing as a terror attack -- they are merely "man caused disasters". Furthermore, the Administration has thus far refused to call the attack by a radical Islamic terrorist at Fort Hood a terror attack. Mr. Family Guy Gibbs, sir: What exactly is the distinction between this apparently "attempted act of terrorism and a "man caused disaster" like the apparently "man caused disaster" at Fort Hood? Then I'd sit back and watch him stutter and stammer and do the only thing he's actually good at: Say something utterly moronic. The simple fact of the matter is that there IS no distinction -- they are all exactly the same and the fact that this weak, ineffective administration can't say so is the exact reason why there have been two terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in the span of the 11 short (yet very long) months since The Messiah took office.

This second Islamic terror attack on U.S. soil in the last three months is further evidence that the "I'll apologize for the U.S. bow down and kiss your ass and you'll dis my country, I'll extend an outstretched hand, you'll smack it with your clenched fist" foreign policy is dangerous and that you can't trust lefties with foreign policy. The world's only superpower has become a laughingstock among the world's terrorists and tin pan dictators and the whole world is less safe for it.

You'll recall that the worst terror attack on U.S. soil occurred after the last eight years of inept Democrat foreign policy in which, among other things we gave missile targeting technology to the Chinese in exchange for campaign donations, helped North Korea build a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes that they promptly began to use to enrich weapons-grade uranium. And, of course, pies de resistance of the Clinton foreign policy: Ignored a half-dozen Islamic terror attacks that ended in the incoming Republican administration having to deal with a massive Islamic terror attack -- one that we are dealing with to this day. And why exactly are we dealing with it to this day? Chiefly because of the Democrat's efforts to stifle our abilities to actually conduct a War o n Terror in the manner in which it should be conducted. And we keep electing Democrat presidents exactly why?

So The Messiah boasts two radical Islamic terror attacks on American soil in less than a year on the job. What do we have to look forward to in the next three years? Well,  trying said Islamic terrorists in a New York courtroom with the full menu of rights available to any American citizen, for one. Shutting down a perfectly good military prison offshore and bringing radical Islamic enemy combatant terrorists right into the heart of the country (and, absurdly asserting that this is "economic development") for another.  Next? Sitting on our hands and doing nothing while the modern-day Nazis of the Middle East -- Iran's despotic regime which kills and imprisons those who disagree with it -- build a bomb while simultaneously perfecting a platform on which to launch it. Oh, and reneging on our promise to build a missile defense system for our Eastern European allies that just might be capable of neutralizing said threat. And this is all upcoming NEXT year. God only knows what years three and four have in store for us. We somehow survived eight years of Clinton's ineptitude but can we survive three more years of foreign policy ineptitude magnified by 100 times the Clinton years? I pray to God we can.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where Is Jacob Marley When We Need Him?

The American people don’t want nationalized health care.

The Democratic Congress and the President don’t care. They tell us that we will love it when they let us see it. But they won’t let us see it until they have it passed (and set in stone, according to some parts of the bill—as Senator Demint has shown us, there are clauses claiming to make the legislation unalterable and unrepealable.)

Democracy much, guys?

The American people don’t believe in global warming.

The Democratic Congress and the President don’t care. They are willing to hand over our national sovereignty on the issue to a global authority (which they’ve already done with the economy, via the Financial Stability Board.)

The American people think it’s wrong to make pro-life taxpayers pay for abortions. Diane Feinsten says it’s their moral duty. Just as Joe Biden says it’s our moral duty to pay higher taxes when the Congress sees fit.

The American people have voted more than thirty different times to preserve marriage as an institution between a man and a woman only. The wise old owls of the courts, the Democratic Congress, and the President don’t care. They think we are troglodytes and hate-mongers.

And yet we are the majority.

The American people are sorry they elected this President, and 46 percent of them strongly disapprove of how he is doing his job, while another ten percent merely disapprove.

He doesn’t care.

And yet we are the majority.

When the people who hold these truths to be self-evident come out into the streets, email their alleged representatives, and complain loudly that they object to the government appropriating unto itself so many things that used to be only our business (including business itself), they are derided by the media as “teabaggers,” “racists,” and fools.

And yet we are the majority.

The Founding Fathers (and, yes, Virginia, they were, to a man, men) did not envision a government like this. They did not anticipate that there would be an American Congress that would have such contempt for the people they were elected to serve. They believed in citizen statesmen, who took the responsibility of office seriously, devoted their full time to it for a short service, and then went home to continue their lives as ordinary citizens.

They did not envision a land in which tobacco-smoking would be counted as tantamount to sin, while the murder of the unborn and buggery would not only be considered “rights,” but would be advocated by people from the White House itself.

We have fallen a long way, baby.

But perhaps the most egregious and disgusting official act in the history of this country will come tomorrow morning. For then, two-thousand fortyish years after a baby was born that brought the world true hope, the United States Senate will vote for a bill that will kill unborn babies and proclaim a false hope.

The president has decreed that he will put his family’s vacation on hold until the Senate finishes this business, thus adding to the injury being done to the taxpayers the insult of blaming any Senator brave enough to stand against this travesty for ruining his children’s Christmas. Excuse me, “holiday.”

America no longer has “Christmas" (though it remains on the federal calendar.) We have a “holiday”—though how the day is holy is a matter not to be publicly discussed, unless it serves a political purpose, as when Hillary Clinton a few years ago claimed that Mary and Jesus were a homeless mother and child.

But if we accept the bill that the Senate will pass tomorrow, we don’t deserve a holiday of any kind. We don’t deserve a country, if we don’t do something to stop this massive federal power grab.

There are things in this bill that are totally unconstitutional. There are invasions into our economic, medical, and family privacy we have never seen before. There are “death panels,” and there is abortion. This bill decrees taxes that will destroy the tanning industry, and a structure that will make quick work of the private insurance industry. Within the next five years, we will not recognize what the finest health care in the world has become, and we may not even be able to remember what once was.

After they take this vote tomorrow, the Senators will skitter out of town like the rats that they are. The Republicans standing against this mess will go home to their constituents and hang their heads in sorrow that they could not stop the train. The Democrats will hide among their SEIU pals and celebrate the first step on the road to Marxism.

And what will we do? What can the American people do to resist this unconstitutional taking of their liberties and property? Is there a Declaration to be written in the coming year? Is there a new party to arise? Have we any hope of re-establishing a government of common sense and uncommon courage?

Only time will tell. For now, let us pray for one Democrat to be visited this night by the Spirits of Christmases Past, Present, and Future, to show him or her the liberties we are about to lose, the bribery that is taking place, and the misery that beckons ahead. Then, may that fearful dream lead to the one vote we need to stop this bill from passing on Christmas Eve morning.

And if there is not one Democrat of conscience, let us look forward to a year of summoning up our own courage, living out our principles, and doing what we must to reclaim the liberties God gave us.

Merry Christmas to all, and may God have mercy on the United States of America.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Climate Change Crapola

I'm sitting at my dining room table this morning looking out on three feet of snow drifted on my deck by 60 mph wind gusts which, at the current temp of 9 degrees, puts the wind chill at somewhere around 20 below. The little dogs get lost in the 6-foot drifts in the yard when they go out to do their business. The big dog has a little bit better time of it but that's just because she's a little smarter about where she chooses to go. By choosing her steps carefully, she was able to make it all the way out to the fence about 60 feet north of the house. Any any rate, letting them in blows snow into the door track which quickly turns to ice and has to be chipped away to get the door closed.

This was two weeks ago. We have the same thing predicted for mid-week this week. Can you say nine inches of snow and 40 mph winds for Christmas. Kind of puts a damper on the whole "over the river and through the woods" thing unless your intent is to get lost in a raging blizzard and die of exposure.

Against this Midwest blizzard back drop and the recent revelations that man-made "global climate change" is bogus with the purveyors of the theory engaging in a conspiracy to cover it up, we have the EPA administrator doing a Hugo Chavez on us and imposing on us administrative rules that would double the price of home energy bills and kill large and small businesses alike with taxes and regulations. Just what we need in the Obama Jobless Recovery Economy: More government regulations to stifle economic growth. Meanwhile, my family is anticipating being trapped in our rural small-town home by a blizzard on Christmas Eve much as we were two weeks ago and are in fear of our very lives for all of the EPA-declared poisonous gas we will be exhaling and filling the house with.

The enviro-Nazis in the Obama Administration would call my little story anecdotal evidence -- an anomaly that has nothing whatsoever to do with the "climate change" problem. I would agree, because the notion of man-made "climate change" is bogus. They are saying that our Midwest blizzard that impacted 75% of the country and is the biggest since the early to mid 90s AND the one that beat the East Coast to hell this past weekend and was the biggest in decades AND the one predicted for Christmas AND every other blizzard in what is shaping up to be a rough winter are evidence of "climate change" -- the phrase they now use to cover up the fact that they were wrong about the planet warming dangerously and killing the Polar Bears.  Those of us that are old enough to remember the weather patterns in the 60s and 70s remember that out here in flyover country, we could count on one of these storms at least once a year. Now it looks like we'll get at least two this season, possibly more. You might recall that back then, the same people who are telling us we are killing the Polar Bears and melting the ice caps were telling us we were in for an ice age. In the 30s and 40s and most of the 50s, these storms were rare. What does this add up to? It adds up to the normal changing cycles of weather on planet Earth.

So as The Messiah got off the plane in Copenhagen in a raging blizzard to pledge $100 billion dollars we don't have to developing nations to assist them (read, squander any way they wish) in assisting us in halting the warming of the planet. and returned to yet another raging blizzard in Washington D.C. most people are, thankfully, beginning to realize what this "global warming" or "global climate change" or whatever they decide to call it next is all about: Control. If these Nazis can use irrational fear tactics and bogus "evidence" to "prove" that man is screwing up the weather on the planet, they can then use strong-arm tactics to stifle production of the gasses they say "cause" the "problem". Obama didn't get anything done on his snowy trip to Copenhagen, but his EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson intends to pick up where he left off. And she doesn't need congressional approval either: She declared that the gas all of us breath out and plants breath in is hazardous to humans and with that administrative order comes the ability of the Obama enviro-nazis to "spread the wealth around" by doubling our energy prices, and killing industry and more jobs in the process while the world's biggest polluter -- China -- surges ahead.

To the 52% of you who voted for this enviro-Nazi: Thanks for the change and may you live to regret your choice as much as those of us with functioning brains capable of rational though did 13 months ago and continue to to this day.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Letter to Senator Sellout

Don't ever let any of these "moderate" Democrat senators get away with the BS that they are actually "moderate". They are all political whores just like every other Democrat and a big chunk of the Republicans. Here's my open letter to the whore (or is that gigillo) from Nebraska:

Senator Nelson:

How does it feel, sir, to cave to the Obama/Reid machine? How does it feel to have sacrificed your senate career for the sake of giving the peasants (read, average, middle-class American citizens) the crappiest of crappy health care? How does it feel to pledge your support for a bill you haven’t even seen in the name of politics? How does it feel to know that the “sausage” they are grinding out behind a locked door in the U.S. Capital will end up with some type of publicly-funded abortion option AND a public insurance option. Finally sir, how does it feel to be a sellout: The political patsy of the radical left?

The reason the radical leftists had to lean on you to get your vote, Senator Nelson, is because this is a bad bill and the vast majority of Americans recognize that it will steal their liberty, cause their health care costs to skyrocket, break the back of the taxpayer, drive the federal government deeper into debt and give us inferior health care to boot. Now it looks like we’ll have all of this thanks to you.

We don’t know much about this bill except that:

1.     Sixty one percent of the American people oppose this 2000+ page health care fiasco.

2.    Dick Durbin, the number-two senate leader in the United States Senate, admits he hasn’t even seen this bill, yet now we apparently have all the Democrats signing on to a bill they haven’t even read. These folks lie about everything – in fact whenever Obama or Reid open their mouths they are lying – and yet you believe they will make good on their concessions to you?

3.    Non partisan studies show that one-fifth of all hospitals and medical providers would become insolvent by 2019 if the Obama Reid Pelosi health care fiasco becomes law.

4.    CBO analysis shows that middle class families can expect to pay nearly ONE-FIFTH of their GROSS INCOME for this crappy, inferior care despite the fact that 85% of Americans already have health insurance and most have health insurance that is far superior to the crap you caved for.

5.    It is estimated that 100+million people will end up with this crap because, with the outrageous taxes on the GOOD health insurance most of us already have, employers will quickly dump it in favor of paying the much lower penalty for NOT carrying health insurance on their employees. You can’t blame them. When you are looking at a 35% tax on the GOOD insurance benefits you provide VS an 8% penalty for NOT providing health insurance, what would you do, Senator Nelson?

6.    Leaving aside the utter unconstitutionality of this whole mess, the federal government has NEVER proven itself able to operate any entitlement program efficiently. Witness the rampant Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Witness the $37 trillion unfounded liability accruing to Medicare in the next 30 years. Witness the ponzi scheme that is “Social Security” – another $40 trillion unfounded liability.


You may not be my senator, sir – in fact I don’t even live in your state. But your betrayal of the American people will affect my liberty and property and that of my children and grandchildren for years – decades to come. We have the best health care system in the world, we asked that you help keep it that way and you pledged your vote to destroy it. Were I you, I wouldn’t waste the money on a re-election bid, sir, because there are literally tens of thousands of Iowans who will cross our western border to help the tens of thousands of Nebraskans you betrayed defeat you soundly the next time you’re up for re-election.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Iran Fires Off a Long-Range Missile

Tell me Messiah: How's that unclenched fist/outstretched hand thing working our for us? Wait, don't answer, I'll tell you: It ain't workin' worth diddly squat. In fact, President Nutjob (as opposed to you, President Gutless Wonder) and his Ayatollah handlers have just successfully tested a long-range missile that could hit Israel or Eastern Europe. Beautiful!:

Iranian state media reported Wednesday that Tehran successfully test-fired an enhanced version of a solid-fuel medium-range missile, as U.S. and Western powers prepare to push for new economic sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.
Iran said it fired an "optimized" version of its Sajjil-2, a medium-range missile capable of hitting Israel, according to Iranian media.

Tehran first tested the weapon in May, claiming it marked a significant milestone in its missile-technology efforts. In May, Iran said the Sajjil-2 had a range of 2,000 kilometers, or about 1,200 miles. That would make it capable of reaching Israel and the Black Sea coast of European Union members Romania and Bulgaria, though that isn't different than range capabilities claimed in previous missile launches.

So nice that with President Nutjob slapping The Messiah's outstretched hand until he breaks it off by simultaneously ramping up his missile systems and developing nukes that The Messiah, in his infinite wisdom decided that our Eastern European allies didn't really need that missile defense system we committed to building for the sake of their security and the security of the world for that matter. Former Bush United Nations Ambassador John Bolton -- the man who should be Secretary of State if we had any brains -- said on Fox News tonight that our only hope to stop the Iranian nuke program now is for Israel to take out their nuclear capability. The world's "superpower" under the leadership of Super Pansy-Ass Messiah won't take any action to make the world a safer place so we have to rely on a tiny country like Israel to defend itself and the world by doing our job. Meanwhile Pansy Fly TNT is sending clandestine love notes to the little pot-bellied dictator of North Korea.

Can anyone tell me with a straight face that The Messiah doesn't hate America?
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yawn ....... Houston Elects a Gay Mayor

Hooray! He says sarcastically: Houston's new mayor wants everyone to know that she prefers having a woman touch her genitalia in a sexual way:

HOUSTON—The day after Houston voters chose Annise Parker to become the city's first openly gay mayor, she did as she had throughout a contentious, hard-fought campaign: focused on the brick-and-mortar realities of running the country's fourth largest city.

Parker told a Sunday press conference about her transition team, her plans to change the running of the Houston Police Department and the financial constraints faced by the city.
Perhaps someone would care to explain to me exactly HOW these deviants are discriminated against. Yes, deviants. Deviant sexual behavior is that which is out of the norm of all sexual behavior -- the norm being, of course, sexual behavior engaged in by two consenting adults of the opposite sex, preferably within the bonds of Holy Matrimony -- sex where the parts function in the in the manner and location in which they were intended to function.  Deviant sexual behavior is any other sex that doesn't conform to the norm. And this apparently includes the type of sex Asinine Parker (Or is that Annise?) prefers.

Oh yes, this story attempts to portray this as a woman bent on getting down to business and ignoring the fact that she is a sexual deviant. But those of us who have been watching the news all day know that this is the exact opposite of what is actually happening. In actuality, the liberal media have been in full swoon mode today over the fact that the fourth-largest city in the country will be run by a sexual deviant. In fact, the main focus of Parker's speech was to crow about how this is something sexual deviants such as herself thought they could never attain. And yet she did.

Fact is that the demographics on deviants such as Parker indicate that they have higher household incomes than the vast majority of American households, many hold advanced degrees and high-paying administrative jobs and aren't hurting at all from any perceived "discrimination". What is unique about these deviants is that they choose to define themselves first and foremost by their deviant sexual behavior. Hence the orgy over a woman who prefers unnatural deviant sex with other women becoming mayor of the fourth largest U.S. city.

The fact that the type of sex Parker wants to make sure everyone knows she prefers is deviant isn't some kind of obscure, right wing Christian, conservative cultist theory. It's a fact borne out by common sense. Aside from the fact that it has been the way families have been organized and men have been civilized for thousands of years, there's also the common sense biological fact of it all. I challenge anyone to show me where on a women it was intended that the female genitalia be placed in order to achieve the natural result of sex. Likewise I challenge anyone to show me where on a man another man's genitalia was intended to be inserted in order to achieve the natural result of sex.

Right now, anyone that happens to be reading this who shares Parker's affinity for the same sex is labeling me the most vile type of homophobe. In fact, most would like to label the opinion I just laid out hate speech -- hate speech that would easily be subject to censor under The Messiah's "net neutrality" plans. The fact is that I don't hate anyone and the notion that I am a homophobe -- that I fear homosexuals -- is patently absurd. I just think that there's something wrong with someone who chooses to define themselves by their deviant sexual behavior -- behavior that I could frankly care less about as long as it is done behind closed doors by two consenting adults -- receiving special rights or notoriety for the fact that they are sexual deviants.   I pray for these folks and hope that someday they will see the error of their ways. And in the meantime I wish they would just shut up about their deviant sexual behavior and certainly don't consider it any type of milestone that a sexual deviant has achieved high political office.
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