Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama Administration Prevails in Its Bid to Diss Military Voters

Algore's campaign attempted to disenfranchise the military vote in Florida in 2000. Twelve years later, Barry's campaign succeeded in Ohio:

A federal judge in Ohio on Friday granted a request from President Barack Obama's campaign to give all voters in the swing state the option of casting their ballot in person during the three days before Election Day.

U.S. District Judge Peter Economus in Columbus issued a preliminary injunction in the case involving state law that cuts off early voting for most residents on the Friday evening before a Tuesday election. The law makes an exception for military personnel and Ohio voters living overseas.
Economus concluded that the law was unconstitutional in changing the in-person early voting deadline and that the state was wrongly valuing certain votes above others.
So our brave men and women serving overseas don't deserve any special consideration in voting. This is absolutely shameful but not surprising given the fact that this man loathes the military and is in the process of dismantling it piece by piece, ship by ship, plane by plane. He knows he doesn't  have the military vote and doesn't care to support them.

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Lies and the Lying Liberals Who Tell Them Part One

 The lies that liberals tell are so pervasive and so essential to their ideology, that lying to liberals is just like breathing. Chronicling the lies would take encyclopedic volumes but I'll do what I can in several columns. The first deals with exposing the lies told about Paul Ryan's speech by one liberal columnist. Since most liberal journalists are like lemmings following each other off the cliff (much like Obama voters), exposing one exposes them all. So on with exposing the lies of liberal columnist Rehka Basu.

Since Paul Ryan’s convention speech on Wednesday, we’ve seen the liberals smear strategy unfolding against our candidate for VP. They have thrown the moniker “liar” up on the wall and are hoping that if they throw it frequently enough and hard enough, it will stick. Yes, they are hoping that if they say or write the word “liar” in the same sentence with Paul Ryan enough times, that the majority of Americans will eventually believe our young, good looking, squeaky-clean, well spoken, smart and earnest family man is a liar. I don’t think it’s going to work. However, the way this is supposed to work is worth chronicling for the uninitiated so that they can be better equipped to see through the bull crap.

The first part of understanding this is to realize that liberalism is a lie – every last iota of it – and the lie must be perpetrated on the uniformed time and time again in order to win people over to their side. Because, of course, if people had a clear understanding what liberalism was all about, a vast majority would reject it soundly. The first basic tenet of liberalism is that if you lie, be completely audacious about it – lie repeatedly and with reckless abandon. Then hope that the uninitiated won’t notice and over time the lie will become so pervasive that ordinary people will accept it as the truth.

Witness the big Man-Made Global Warming Lie. Despite the fact that two preeminent global warming research centers were caught conspiring to lie about GW stats in thousands of emails over a period of years, the lie is now so entrenched that it is accept by most as fact. Barack Hussein Obama, does this every day. In fact, you can be certain that if Barry’s lips are moving he’s lying. More on this later. There is nowhere where this basic tenet of liberalism applies more than when a liberal politician is in a tight race with a conservative politician. With this in mind, I give you 75% of the "voices and commentary" page of my local paper and two of the biggest liars in the business – local columnist Rehka Basu and troll professor Robert Reich (any connection to the Third Reich is completely understandable -- I think Third Reich might be his dad).

We'll cover Basu's lies first. The set-up to the string of lies Basu tells goes like this:

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

How many of you would object to proving you are eligible to vote by presenting a picture ID at your polling place? How many people do you know that don't have a picture ID? No one, I would be willing to bet. Never mind this, because a federal appeals court in Washington DC has ruled that the simple act of showing an ID at the polls is racially discriminatory:

Washington (CNN) -- A federal appeals court in Washington Thursday struck down the Texas voter ID law requiring photos for voters at the polls, calling it racially discriminatory.
The decision is a major victory for the Obama administration and its Democratic allies, which had challenged the law.
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott promptly announced the state will appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.
Republican Gov. Rick Perry signed the voter ID measure into law last year, but it had yet not gone into effect because the federal Voting Rights Act requires changes in Texas voting laws to be pre-cleared by the U.S. Justice Department.

Let's be honest folks: This isn't about "racial discrimination". It's about Democrats wanting to make it easier to steal votes at the polls. Anyone who is legitimately entitled to vote in this country -- regardless of race -- has a picture ID. You have to have one to drive a car, buy booze, buy cigarettes, get on an airplane, cash a check etc.

Democrat vote theft is a fine tradition going back decades. John F. Kennedy was pushed over the top with shady votes in Chicago. The Democrat's attempts to suppress the overseas military votes are legend. The Obama Administration is suing to prevent brave and dedicated military men and women in Ohio from having a mere three days to vote absentee.  Barry was a staff attorney for ACORN -- the legendary voter fraud outfit. Barry's own attorney general flatly refused to prosecute a clear cut case of voter intimidation at the polls during the Obama immaculation in 2008. Leftist Democrat nut case Al Franken won the deciding U.S. Senate seat in Minnesota by 310 votes in a state where 1100 felons voted illegally. I have personally witnessed attempts by liberal groups to badger and deceive authorities into allowing people they know to be ineligible to vote to allow to go to the polls.

As far as voter fraud goes, this voter ID ruse is about as transparent as it gets. It looks like this one is going to the U.S. Supreme Court. Let's hope Kennedy does the right thing because we know the leftists won't.

BTW if any liberal wants to take up the cause and attempt to explain how making someone show an picture ID to buy booze and cigarettes is perfectly okay but requiring one to allow someone to prove that they are eligible to partake in the most precious franchise of our republic -- the vote -- is racially discriminatory, go right ahead. I'll be happy to tear you lame excuse for an argument apart.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Obama CAFE Standards Call for 54.5 MPG by 2025

What do you think a fleet of cars that averages 54.5 MPG will look like? Consider that this ridiculous contraption:

Yes, this is a "Smart" car. It gets 42 MPG -- 13 less that the new standard. This is also a "Smart" car:

Does this look "smart" to you? which brings me to my next point. The press is repeating the U.S. DOT talking points that "the new standards will save $8,000 in fuel over the life of the vehicle" Tell me, is what you see above worth the $8,000 in fuel savings? Because it is a proven fact that more people die in lighter, smaller cars.

I wonder where they get that $8,000 number? When you consider  that "the life of the car" is a hell of a lot longer these days than in the past. But perhaps these tin sh*t boxes won't last as long. Certainly, this particular "Smart" car didn't and sadly it would appear that the occupants didn't either. But for my eight-year-old minivan with damn near 200,000 miles and probably at least 100,000 more miles in it, $8,000 over the life of the vehicle ain't worth a whole hell of a lot (2.67 cents a mile using my example). And it certainly isn't worth the life of the occupants.

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Tolerant Liberals Hurl Slurs at Fine Young Conservative Leader

A very sharp young lady, an up and coming conservative leader, Mia Love, mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah -- one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. -- gave a short but powerful speech last night at the Republican National Convention:

For this great speech, she gets my personal congratulations and admiration and that of millions of conservatives everywhere. What does she get from "tolerant" liberals? She gets a defaced Wikipedia entry calling her a "house nigger".

Funny how the "tolerant" leftists are really the biggest bigots on the planet. If a Black American doesn't buy into the "plantation" mentality of dependency and class envy peddled by our half-black plantation owner and his plantation boss "they want to put y'all back in chains" Biden, the liberals sling vile slurs in their direction. Liberals don't like to see anyone succeed in America, regardless of their race. You hear Boss Obama out on the campaign trail denigrating success, dividing Americans by race, sex, class, income. Boss Obama boasts about all the "scraps" from the master's table he can give folks of all races who stay on the Democrat Plantation.  He demonizes success, admonishing the successful by telling them "you didn't build that" while at the same time promising the 47% of Americans residing on the plantation his party has built over the last 70+ years scraps from his table paid for by the confiscatory taxes the other 53% of Americans pay. And for those of us who don't buy the divisiveness, despair and division Boss Obama is peddling, he and his party of "tolerance" have nothing but contempt.

We're better than this and fine young Americans like Mia Love are a shining example of the greatness we are capable of if we shed this "plantation" mentality of dependence and class envy and re-take the mantle of freedom and liberty.
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Ya Gotta Love Those Tolerant Commie Libs

Like Chris Matthews, who never met ANY conservative he liked. Just type "Chris Matthews meltdown" into YouTube and you'll find him unleashing his hate on any conservative target. In this instance, it's unloading on Reince Priebus  about what a racist bigot Mitt Romney is simply for pointing out that no one disputes that he was born in Michigan:

Even Tom Brokaw thought this was too far fetched to agree with saying that it was merely an "awkward joke". Well judging from the applause Romney got, it must not have been that awkward. If Romney's comment was awkward, what is every third comment that comes out of Joe Biden's mouth? What was the "they want to put ya'll back in chains"? Was THAT an "awkward joke".? How about every five minutes when Barry makes a crack about Mitt's "dog on the roof of the car". Would it be racist to remind America that Obama ATE dog by his own admission?

We're used to Crazy Chris being an unhinged, intolerant leftist nutcase. Likewise, Ellen Barkin is an unhinged, intolerant leftist nutcase that is at least one magnitude more hateful than Chris Matthews. Here's her tweet:

C'mon ! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean!
She's definitely not smart enough to come up with anything even as minimally creative as this on her own, but she obviously liked it well enough to re-tweet it.

Not to be outdone by the washed-up leftist twit Barkin, Samuel L. Jackson Tweets his love and tolerance:

Unfair Shit: GOP spared by Issac ! NOLA prolly Fucked Again! Not understanding God's plan!
The backlash against this was so fierce, he recanted and apologized in subsequent Tweets. But at least he made his love and tolerance known.

And for those of you who insist Fox News is "right wing" and not "fair and balanced", their resident moron, Juan Williams had so much love, tolerance and understanding for a woman who, with her husband, is a self-made millionaire,  raised five boys, survived cancer and lives every day with Multiple Sclerosis, I can't hardly stand it. Would a "corporate wife" be a woman who is married to a corporation? Or is it just a vile slur against Ann Romney by  a "tolerant" leftist? Between Juan Williams, Jerry Rivers, Kirsten Powers, Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, Tamara Holder, et. al. aren't there enough leftists to provide the "balance" on the network all commie libs everywhere allege is "conservative"?

And for our final examples of tolerance and love from the left, we'll use that great statement of tolerance and understanding from the Chief of Staff of the Tampa chapter of the New Black Panther Party.

And when you click the link above, don't forget to check out the video of the fine young men simply trying to help people access their franchise rights at a polling place in Philadelphia during the immaculation of their great liberal messiah four years ago.

Ah, yes: Peace, tolerance and liberalism: Such a wonderful thing.

BTW libs: I challenge you to find like examples from the right.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Soldiers Die, the Media and Obama are AWOL

Do you remember the days under a Republican president when every commie lib newspaper in the country reported the solemn military death toll? Can anyone tell me what the death toll is in Afghanistan? Did you know it was 2,000? Did you ALSO know that it has dramatically accelerated under the gallant leadership of Barack Hussein Obama. Neither did I, but thanks to a little searching on the Internet, I found the answers which certainly weren't jumping off the front pages of newspapers all over the country:

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sixty One Pecent Think the Media are in the Tank for Obama

According to a recent Fox News Poll.

In actual fact, this is probably about 30% low. Liberal media bias is entrenched in American society and has been for decades. The evidence is all around.Just look at some examples from recent history:

In both 2008 and 2012 the press was and is utterly disinterested in "who Barack Obama is". They had an obsession with GW Bush's college transcripts but didn't care about Barry's, Barry is an admitted heavy drug and alcohol abuser but there was no interest whatsoever in pursuing that while GW's past alcoholism and drunk driving arrest -- somehow "magically" discovered in the waning days of the 2000 campaign even though it had been public record for 20+ years -- was the talk of the 2000 campaign.

Likewise, there was no interest whatsoever in Barry's family and associations during his formative years -- no interest in his hippie mother, Communist, alcoholic father that abandoned him at an early age, the grandparents that raised him, the Communist that mentored him, the mad bomber that helped him launch his political career, the radical Palestinian Israel hater that watched his kids, the racist, hate-monger that married him and baptized his kids. At the very same time, they were doing a rectal exam of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin -- her kids, her husband, her terms as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, her religion, her church, her parents, her daughter's pregnancy. Would that they could have been half as interested in the life and associations of the Democrat's presidential candidate as they were the Republican's vice presidential candidate. Perhaps the election would have a different outcome. Oh by the way, we just went through the "who is" thing with Paul Ryan. If there was any dirt on Ryan, we would have known by now and we'd still be talking about it.

A few more examples: The Middle East is practically on fire, China is conducting a massive military build-up and is planning on challenging Japan for islands in the South China Sea, Israel is fearing for its life under the threat of Iran getting the bomb, Syria is in meltdown and slaughtering thousands of its citizens weekly, our Southern border is being overrun and crime and violence are out of control. Oh and did you know that ICE agents are suing Janet Napolitano alleging that they are under orders NOT to do their job due to confusion over the dictatorial mandate the executive branch issued regarding "minor" illegal aliens? AND did you know there is a huge sexual harassment case involving one of Cousin Janet's top female deputy? These are just a very few examples. What is the media obsessed about this past week: Some stupid comment made by U.S. Senate candidate in Missouri. Of course, the first question at Obama's rare press conference last week wasn't about any real pressing issue: It was an invitation to tar and feather the Romney/Ryan ticket and every other Republican with Todd Akin's insensitive and stupid comments even though they all had rushed out days before to distance themselves from them.

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2016 the Movie: A "Surprise at the Box Office"

By cracking the top ten and having the highest per-screen average of any movie in the top ten.

This is hardly a surprise if you were one of the ones warning people about Barack Hussein Obama four years ago when he was en route to his "hope and change" immaculation positioned like some kind of god between the Greek columns in Denver with his "soaring" rhetoric brought to us by the TelePrompter. But the simple fact of the matter is that, four years later, most Americans still don't know much about the president who promised to be "the most transparent in history" and they are flocking to the theater to see if they can find out more.

Most people have never read Barry's ghost-written blockbuster hit Dreams from My Father therefore they don't really know what the title means. Dinesh D'Souza spells it out in the trailer promoting the movie:

As anyone who has paid attention the last fours years knows, Barack Obama's dream is the dream of his father, not the dream of our Founding Fathers -- the dream that made this country the greatest on the face of the earth. Obama can keep the dream of his alcoholic, America-hating Communist father from Kenya. We'll keep ours if we vote Obama out of office in November. This movie is a must-see if you are on the fence in this the most important and pivotal presidential election in our lifetimes. If you are undecided when you go in, you can bet you won't be when you leave.
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Neil Armstrong Dies

An American hero dies 43 years after his historic moon walk:

Back in the day when we set big goals for our country and brave Americans like Neil Armstrong helped realize them for all of us. Doing big things gave this country a sense of pride - we could do anything if we set out minds to it. Armstrong's legacy reminds us that big things are still possible in this country. But we must get our country back on the right track. 
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Communist Party USA Endorses Obama for President

Does this surprise anyone? A group of communists endorsing the protege of one of one of their dear departed members. Frank Marshall Davis would be so proud of Barack Hussein Obama.
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Consider This About Todd Akin

Todd Akin made a really stupid comment and apologized immediately. It is my personal opinion that anyone who shows such poor judgement doesn't have the judgement it takes to be a U.S. Senator (although, judgement is something that seems to be sorely lacking in the U.S. Senate these days).

Poor judgement, sexual misconduct and abuse of women (and male pages) are apparently a resume-builders for Democrat politicians. Remember just last week when the dumbest Vice President in American history told an audience of Blacks that Romney/Ryan wanted to put them in back in chains? This kind of stuff comes out of Joe Biden's mouth about every five minutes and no one says a peep. 

Then consider this: Bill Clinton, third worst president in modern history. Considered the "elder statesman" of the Democratic Party, liked by everyone, keynote speaker at Barack's 2012 "just give me another chance, the Republicans are evil" convention:

  •  Impeached, perjurer: Lost his law license for five years for admitting to lying to a federal judge during the Paula Jones case about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. 
  • Cheated on his wife in the Oval Office with an intern half his age (but Hillary Clinton isn't one of those Loretta Lynn "stand by your man" wives unless of course it is politically expedient to do so). 
  • Was credibly accused by Kathleen Willey of groping her while she was an enthusiastic supporter and volunteer in the White House. 
  • Admitted to having an affair with Gennifer Flowers during the time he was governor of Arkansas and was also caught on tape promising her a position in Arkansas government.
  • Paid Paula Jones $850,000 rather than fight allegations that he asked her to "kiss it" in a hotel room when he was Arkansas governor. 
  • Was credibly accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick. 

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Friday, August 24, 2012

More Than Half Say They are Worse off Than in 2008

This little poll can't be good for the once and fallen messiah, Barack Hussein Obama. His campaign manager Jim Messina can spin it any way he wants, but when 56% of people in swing states say their situation sucks worse than in did in 2008, Obama's in BIG trouble.
In USA TODAY/Gallup Poll nationwide and in the 12 top battleground states, most voters say the situation for them and their families hasn't improved over the past four years, the first time that has happened since Ronald Reagan famously posed the question in his debate with President Carter in 1980 — a contest Carter lost.
Even so, President Obama, who in 2008 became the first African American elected president, maintains a slight lead over challenger Mitt Romney in the battleground states likely to decide the election, 47%-44%. That's better than his standing in the non-battleground states, where Romney leads 47%-45%.
Don't be so smug about a "slight lead" Obamabot Zombies. Check back 32 years ago and I think you'll find that the second worst president in modern history supposedly had a BIG lead over Ronaldus Magnus about this time and that election was a blowout for Ronaldus Magnus. Granted, Democrats didn't have voter fraud down to as much of a science 30 years ago as they do today but that just means we just need to win by five percent more to make up for the early voting Republican ballots that are thrown away, illegal aliens registered to vote, "lost" votes, uncounted military ballots, New Black Panther Party voter intimidation, liberal special interest groups registering dogs and dead people to vote, vote buying in city slums and rural poverty towns etc and on and on.

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What's Happeneing to China's "Great" Infrastructure?

Remember this:

This is Big Brain Joe Biden telling a mayor's conference in Orlando on June 15, 2012 that China's infrastructure is better than ours.

Now check this out:

The headline in the New York Times reads

"Collapse of New Bridge Underscores Worries About China Infrastructure"

 Can you say no shit? Remember five years ago when this happened in St. Paul Minnesota? That bridge, which everyone now agrees was defective, was built in 1970 and collapsed in 2007. Care to guess the age of this 330-ft piece of China's infrastructure? Try nine months. I guess the Chinese build their bridges just like they build everything else: Cheap. 

No thanks Joe, I think I'll take OUR infrastructure. 

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's President Romney

Or such is the prediction of a prediction model that has correctly forecast the winner of the presidential race in the last eight presidential election cycles:
 University of Colorado political science professors have predicted the outcome of presidential elections since 1980, and have been right each time. They are forecasting Romney to win 52.9 percent of the popular vote compared with 47.1 for Obama, the Camera reported.

The professors, Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry, conducted a state-by-state analysis using economic data. It shows that President Barack Obama will only win 218 votes in the electoral college. He needs 270 to be re-elected.

Let's hope these guys are right again this year. If they are wrong, we're screwed.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Barack Obama: The Six Trillion Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin ain't got nothin' on the Democrat's favorite president and former messiah. Take a look at the national debt increase by president for the last 30 years:

> Ronald Reagan’s First Term – $656 billion increase
> Ronald Reagan’s Second Term – $1.036 trillion increase
> George H.W. Bush’s Term – $1.587 trillion increase
> Bill Clinton’s First Term – $1.122 trillion increase
> Bill Clinton’s Second Term – $418 billion increase
> George W. Bush’s First Term – $1.885 trillion increase
> George W. Bush’s Second Term – $3.014 trillion increase
> Barack Obama’s First 3.5 years -- $5.3 trillion

As you can see, NO president in the last 30 years has been a piker when it comes to piling on debt:

  • In Reagan's case, he was hobbled by Democrats refusing to cooperate in reducing spending. No libs, this had nothing to do with tax cuts: Revenues to the treasury soared after Reagan cut tax rates. But spending soared as well.
  •  George HW Bush fought one war and lost the spending battle to Democrats. 
  •  The increase in the national debt in Clinton's second term would have been far worse but for the fact that the Democrats got their clocks cleaned in the 1994 mid-term elections and Republicans took over in the legislative branch. 
  •  George W. Bush did many things well but didn't do us any favors on the national debt -- he spent like a drunken sailor, racking up $5 trillion in debt in eight years. 
But Barack Obama, the Democrat's once and fallen messiah, has everyone beat. In just three and a half years, Barack Hussein Obama has racked up over $5 trillion in debt -- more than GW did in eight years. The Congressional Budget Office says this will be the fourth year in a row of $1 trillion plus budget deficits -- a completely unsustainable path. Barack Obama is singlehandedly sinking this economy with his massive debt.This is obviously what Barack Obama wants or you would think he would at least be paying lip service to fiscal responsibility.

But no.

As Fox News Analyst Stephen Hayes pointed out, Obama, who has said at least twice  in the past that it isn't wise to raise taxes in bad economic times, is now running for a second term on a platform of raising taxes in bad economic times. And not just on the "rich". He won't admit it, but he's actually raising taxes on everyone via the "Affordable Care" Act -- Obamacare -- increasing energy prices ("under my energy plan, the cost of energy will necessarily skyrocket", :"they can build a coal plant if they want to but it will bankrupt them" etc.), unreported inflation in food and energy prices and on and on.. In other words, Obama is basically telling us he will bankrupt the country and sink the economy given a second term.

Why will his plan bankrupt the economy? It's part of his "fundamental transformation" of a society that doesn't need "fundamental transformation", it needs fiscal and economic policies that are the exact opposite of Obama's. It needs the Reagan-era approach that brought us out of the true worst recession since the Great Depression -- the Carter Recession. This chart shows the difference between the Reagan and Obama approaches on unemployment 16 months into the Reagan recovery vs 16 months into the Obama "recovery":

Reagan's approach had unemployment dropping three percent. Obama's unemployment rate actually rose. This article explains clearly point by point how Reagan's approach worked and Obama's isn't working. In fact, this article shows how in every instance, tax cuts for all correspond with economic growth and prosperity for all. Too bad our socialist president is a lousy student of American economic history.

So the choice is clear: If you want higher debt, higher unemployment a weak recovery (at best) and life on the brink of economic collapse for your children and grandchildren; if you want the number of Americans dependent on government to push well past 50%; if you want to push the American dream we have all accessed to some extent completely out of reach to your kids within a generation,  re-elect Obama. If you want to try to begin to dig us out of this mess and start clawing our way back in the other direction, elect the guy who has solid business sense, some of Reagan's economic proclivities, and a young VP candidate who is a solid conservative. Elect Mitt Romney. There really isn't a choice here for anyone that cares about the future of this country and of the future of generations to come. Out future depends on kicking Obama squarely out of office this November 6.
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Newsweek, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Obama?

Who would have thought we'd ever see this on the cover of one of the premier Obama tools of the left-wing lapdog liberal media:

I still can't believe this is real. Must be some kind of lefty liberal media subterfuge. From "hope and change" to "hit the road". Who'da thunk it?
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time to go Bye Bye Todd

Regardless of the fact that this whole issue has been tainted by the liberal media and rampant hypocrisy from the left, it's time for Todd Akin to go.

If you are a Republican campaigning for a high-profile seat that we must win against a leftist Obama hack in Missouri, you need to be aware that the commie libs are going to do anything and everything to take you down. Which means you can't afford even ONE stupid comment. Yes Joe Biden can stick his foot in his mouth five times a day and get a pass on every one of them. But Biden is the leftist court jester of a Communist presidential administration -- the media are automatically going to give him a pass.

If you are going to engage in political warfare with the left -- and if you are running for a senate seat both sides understand they MUST win, you are right in the fray -- and you don't understand that you can't make one bonehead comment -- let alone a bonehead comment of epic proportions, you shouldn't be in the race. But if you DO make a bonehead comment of epic proportions you need to be smart enough to understand it's time to take one for the party and get the hell out. This is what Todd Akin should have done.

Todd Akin didn't do this but from what Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican National Committee said it isn't too late -- yet. But there are some hoops that he would have to jump though in the next couple of weeks to get it done. Time to start jumping.

Time to go Mr. Akin. If it's a legitimate bonehead comment, the Republican Party has ways of taking care of that. Step down while we still have a chance to get someone in there and get some traction against a wildly unpopular Obama puppet. This is a seat we NEED to win and you are no longer the person who can win it for us.
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Is Anyone Still Stupid Enough to Believe this Crap?

Apparently, there are still some lefty lemmings who are. I'm talking, of course, about this lame video entitled :"This Video Might Stop Romney From Becoming President". Really????? As if most of us are stupid enough to buy's propaganda.

At the risk of giving this crap more publicity than it deserves, I'll comment on it.

This really shows how desperate the liberal loons on the left are becoming and what a bunch of intellectually bankrupt sheep their followers are. I would take this video apart minute by minute, but it isn't worth my time. So we'll just take the first couple minutes or so of it -- as much as of the bilge as I could stomach -- and rip it apart piece by piece.

The MoveOn Moonies can't get too far into the piece without the requisite slap at Romney and the dog on the roof of his car. On the way to dinner tonight, I saw at least two dogs in the back of pick-up trucks -- so what? Romney put a dog in a carrier on the roof of his car, Obama ATE dog. BFD.

Then, of course, the next Pavlovian signal for the lefty loons is "Romney won't release his taxes". How's "none of your damn business" grab you, Soros? How many billions is the guy who funds MoveOn and a host of other leftist organizations worth? A tad more than Romney. I don't remember MoveOn being concerned about the $1 billion fortune John F'in Kerry married into. Or the fact that John Edwards was worth $50 million when he was running for president. How about the fact that Slick Willie Clinton, who didn't have a pot to piss in when he ascended to the presidency, managed to parlay his eight years in the Oval Office into a $100 million fortune within years of leaving office (even without a law license)? Or that Algore managed to take $2 million and turn it into $150 million by scaring the crap out of every American about that non-existent phenomenon called "man-made global warming". No MoveOn is not a bit concerned about rich Democrats (oh, yeah I forgot Nancy "the Ditz" Pelosi -- worth $50 million and Harry "Dirty Land Deal" Reid who managed to turn a career as a public servant into $10 million dollars), not even their messiah who has accomplished less than any president in history yet has amassed a $10 million fortune mostly off a couple of ghost-written books.

Finally, at some point in the first couple of minutes of this lefty screed, the hip commie chic intones "didn't somebody vet this guy?" My question is, what guy is she talking about?: ·

The guy who is the bastard child of a hippie mother and womanizing drunk father? ·

 The guy who was mostly raised by his grandparents and whose father figure during his formative years was card-carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis? ·

The guy who sat in the pew for 20 years lapping up the racist, hate-filled, anti-American diatribes of Black Liberation Theologist Jeremiah Wright (who, incidentally, retired to a multimillion dollar house in an exclusive gated community) -- the guy who married he and his lovely wife and baptized his kids -- yet claims he never heard a thing? ·

The guy who launched his political career in the home of radical leftist Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers? ·

 The guy who has been caught on camera numerous times (even during his presidency) running down the capitalist system and repeatedly insisting that the 1% that pay 40% of the taxes in this country need to "have some skin in the game". ·

 The guy who, in interviews as a state senator from Illinois bemoaned the fact that the court system in this country didn't do enough to address the issue of "redistributive justice"?

If THIS is the guy she's talking about, I would definitely agree. But there are those of us who were trying to tell the "hopey changey" crowd this four years ago and there weren't enough people listening. Hopefully the rectal cranial inversion that overcame so many on that dark day back in November of 2008 will be reversed in 2012.

 "In 4 minutes, you’ll know what you need to" is the claim made by the lefty loons of regarding their "shocking" Romney expose. This is the site, you might remember, that was founded on the notion that we should "move on" from worrying about a president who sexually harassed a young intern into having oral sex with him in the Oval Office, then lied under oath and tied the whole executive branch of the federal government up in an 18-month cover up. A more accurate claim would be that in four minutes we'll know if you are stupid enough to believe this crap by seeing if you hit the "share on Facebook" button and send it to people who are smart enough to know better.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Does "Choice" Look Like?

It looks like this:

Does this offend you. pro-"choicers"? I hope so and so does Operation Rescue, the group paying for these trucks. They rolled them out again this election year to remind everyone to vote pro-life. I last saw these truck out on Iowa streets during the last presidential election. Back, then Jill June, Planned Parenthood of Central Iowa's director, told the Des Moines Register she was extremely offended by the images on these trucks. Apparently she wasn't offended by this by-product of "a woman's right to choose" that her clinics tossed in the garbage on a daily basis which just so happens look just like the pictures on this truck.

There are a number of ridiculous euphemisms liberals like to use for what Planned Parenthood does: "women's reproductive health services", "maternal and child health services", and "women being able to make their own decisions about their reproductive health". Whenever conservatives attempt to de-fund this organization you always hear leftist twits like Nancy Pelosi shriek that conservatives are trying to rob women of their right to make "reproductive health choices". Let's be real folks: Is killing a baby a "reproductive health choice"? And aren't there other places women can (and do) go for pap smears and breast exams? Finally, does a "non-profit" organization that actually turns a profit on it's nearly $1 billion in revenues need to get one-third of its revenue from the taxpayers?

 Planned Parenthood claims they don't make the majority of their revenues from abortions. But regardless of whether they do or not, they still provide darned near 10% of the abortions performed in this country every year which is around 300,000 abortions too many as a direct result of Planned Parenthood's existence. And you, the taxpayer, are supporting this slaughter through the $300+ million the federal government gives Planned Parenthood every year -- a practice that has the overwhelming support of Barack Obama. In fact, the Great and Powerful Obama is an enthusiastic supporter of all abortion, even late term abortions, and introduced a measure in the Illinois senate to prohibit the use of life-saving measures on the tiny victims of botched late-term abortions. Yes, Barry wanted to require doctors to take these babies into a room and let them die rather than trying to save them.

There are a lot of important issues to be decided in the 2012 presidential election and this one ranks right up there. On the one hand you have Mitt Romney, who claims to be pro-life and on the other you have an enthusiastic supporter of abortion -- Barry Obama.  Barry has a name for ripping a human life limb from limb: He calls it a "women's reproductive health choice". Take a look at the result of that choice above. If it offends you, then you ought to be equally offended by a president who tries to defend it by calling it something it's not. It's a child, not a "choice".
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Chief of the Food Police Harasses Gabby Douglas

By now everyone has probably heard about this:

Yes, it's the Chief of the Food Police Michele Obama scolding Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas for telling Jay Leno she celebrated her gold medal win by eating an Egg McMuffin.

 It isn't possible for this woman to be more annoying than her husband because she's not actively engaged in  "fundamentally transforming" our society into something that more closely resembles Venezuela that it does the greatest country on the face of the earth. She does, however, have this Eva Peron quality about her in the way she wants to dictate to us "peasants" out in the cheap seats what we should eat and what we shouldn't, how much exercise we should engage in on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and what type of celebratory meal is appropriate for a girl who is enough of an extraordinary physical specimen that she can jump around and do back flips on a four inch wide beam poised three feet off the ground. I'm thinking Gabby Douglas is the one who is in a better position than Mrs. Food Policeman to be lecturing about diet and appropriate amounts of physical activity. Furthermore, I think a diminutive gymnast in excellent physical condition can afford the luxury of the occasional Egg McMuffin. Besides, I thought eggs, cheese and muffins were good for you. And even if an Egg McMuffin was as bad for you as rat poison, it's really none of Mrs. Obama's damn business who does and who doesn't eat one.  Perhaps the Chief of the Food Police ought to join hands with Mr. Big Gulp Mike Bloomberg and take a long walk off a short pier. I urge everyone to celebrate Gabby's gold medal by going out and buying several Egg McMuffins.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Never Mind the REAL Issues: Let's Talk About Romney's Taxes

Never mind that nuclear war could break out in the Middle East at any moment. Never mind that unemployment has sustained its sky-high rate for longer than any other time since the Great Depression. Never mind that gas is expected to shoot up to record highs. Never mind that Obama's plan to have energy prices "naturally skyrocket" is coming true in spades. Never mind that in four short years, Obama's foreign policy has nearly achieved its objective: Lowering our status in the world to that of any other big country. Yes, don't worry about any of these REAL, pressing issues. It's time to talk about Mitt Romney's and Paul Ryan's taxes.

The ever-pompous Bob Schieffer led the CBS Evening News with a rectal exam of middle class dude Paul Ryan's 2012 tax return. I marvel at the Evening News editor's astute sense of what's really important. Their ability to pick as their lead the story that has the absolute maximum impact on the life of their average viewer is astounding.  The fact that Ryan made $215, 000 in 2010 -- well below Chairman Maobamas's arbitrary definition of "rich" -- and approx. $325,000 in 2011 is of utmost importance to me and millions of other folks. The news that Paul Ryan's family of five pulled in a tad bit more than his annual congressional salary in 2011 has almost as much impact on my life (and every other American's) as the color of my neighbor's belly button lint. But as a respected news organization, CBS News has its priorities straight by golly. And the fact that Ryan's income in 2011 was roughly six times the per capita household income in America is bound to piss someone off. If, as I'm sure Bob Schieffer hopes, it pisses some people off enough to vote for the other guy -- Barack Obama -- CBS News will have done its job as a shameless liberal shill for the Democrats campaign to re-elect their messiah.

CBS News does indeed have a bloodhound's sense of what the important stories of the day are, which is why they also diligently covered the REALLY important story of the day: The Obama campaign's generous offer to stop harassing Mitt Romney about releasing years and years of his tax returns if he'll just release years and years of his tax returns. Why is the Obama campaign extending this "generous" offer to the Romney camp?  So they an get their grubby paws on actual fodder for the class warfare game they want to wage against the Romney campaign. No need to have to resort to the reckless innuendo Dirty Land Deal Harry Reid and other rich Democrats have been slinging around for weeks if they can trick Romney into handing over the tax returns.

So far, the Romney camp has held fast against Obama's naked attempts to take his class warfare to a higher level. The answer to the Obama camps blackmail should be pretty straightforward: Screw you! As Paul Ryan has pointed out recently, this country was founded on the principle of equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes. The only thing Mitt Romney's income and the way he made it says about him is that he is an extraordinarily successful businessman and apparently posesses all the qualities we need in a president right about now. In order to recover from the failed policies of a president who has spent like a drunken sailor and run up more debt in three years than most of the previous 235+ years combined, we need someone who has demonstrated that he can successfully turn around organizations that are in serious financial crises. Our nation finds itself in the middle of an epic financial crisis and Mitt Romney is the candidate who is capable of turning it around because he's proven his worth in the private sector and been richly rewarded for his hard work in doing just that.

Romney's not like the Democrat's recent presidential candidates: He's not in the race because he sees an opportunity to parlay a presidential resume into big bucks as Slick Willie the alleged rapist and proven sexual harasser did or Barack Obama, the closet Communist, will after November 6, 2012. He doesn't need the job, he doesn't need the hassles and he certainly doesn't need the harassment from jealous leftists who want to exploit his monetary success for political gain. The only reason why a self-made, straight-arrow guy worth $250 million would campaign for the highest pressure job in the world that pays a measly $400,000 a year is because of a sense of patriotism and because he wants to give back to the country that enabled him to achieve great success.

 It should be obvious to anyone that the Dems and their failed president are simply exploiting Romney's wealth for political gain. After all, the richest group of senators and congressmen are Democrats and Democrats don't seem to be concerned at all about exposing THEIR wealth. So here are some simple questions about Democrat hypocrisy on the issue of wealth and taxes:

  • Did anyone accuse John Kerry who twice married into hundreds of millions of dollars, of trying to hide his wealth when he purposely filed his taxes separate from his wife who at the time he ran for president was worth better than $500 million? 
  • Does anyone point out the absurdity of someone like the vapid Nancy Pelosi, who is worth between $50 and $75 million or more, holding a press conference to talk about Mitt Romney's wealth? 
  • When Harry Reid repeatedly slanders Mitt Romney on the issue of his taxes and refuses to provide any proof of the allegations, does anyone bother to point out that Harry Reid is worth upwards of $5 million himself -- money that he made on questionable land deals during his decades in the U.S. Senate? 
  •  Why doesn't someone point out that Vice President Algore -- the second most worthless veep in modern history next to the current veep -- was worth about $2 million when he left office 12 years ago and made better than $50 million in the intervening years by scaring the crap out of everyone about global warming? Or that the $9 million estate he just bought in California less than two years ago will be underwater within the decade if his predictions about rising sea levels come true? 
  • On that same note, is it worth noting that Bill Clinton, who is staunchly in favor of full disclosure when it comes to Romney's wealth, was a virtual pauper before he assumed the presidency but is worth upwards of $75 million now? 
  •  Finally, isn't it just a tad bit hypocritical that a president who is himself worth around $10 million, mostly earned on the sales of his ghostwritten books, will implore Romney to engage in full disclosure when we still don't know how that president managed to get into Ivy League schools despite admitting he was a poor student in high school? 

No one does class warfare better than the Democrats. With three and a half years behind him no record to run on, what else can Obama and his supporters resort to besides baseless attacks and naked attempts to foster envy and resentment in voters over the fortune Mitt Romney worked hard to earn? I have faith that voters will be smart enough to see through this naked class envy exploitation. And I certain hope the Romney camp is savvy enough not to get entangled in Obama's class envy trap.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Conservative Sends Money to Barack's Little Brother for Medical Bills

Barack Obama has been roaming the country on our dime for the last few months whining about how conservatives don't care about America's poor -- arguably are the "richest" poor people in the world -- while at the same time refusing to extend any aid to his half-brother George Obama who lives in actual abject poverty in Kenya. That's okay, because if George's millionaire brother won't help him, conservative author Dinesh D'Souza is more than happy to send him some money:

 Dinesh D’Souza, co-director of the film "2016 — Obama's America," and author of the new book "Obama’s America," sent money to cover the hospital bill of a sick child belonging to President Barack Obama’s brother after George Obama pleaded with him over the phone for help.

In a column published on, D’Souza outlines how George Obama, the youngest of eight children sired by Barack Obama Sr., asked him to send $1,000 to cover medical bills for his young son who was sick with a chest condition.

D’Souza confirmed that the boy was ill and wired Obama the money. D’Souza met and interviewed George Obama in Kenya during research for his film.

D’Souza said in the column that President Obama wants nothing to do with his younger brother, which is surprising given that he lives in such poverty.

“Obama’s refusal to help George is especially surprising because George doesn’t just live in American-style poverty but rather in Third-World poverty,” D’Souza wrote. “He lives in a shanty in the Huruma slum in Nairobi. He gets by on a few dollars a month."

Obama also has an aunt named Hawa Auma, his father’s sister, who ekes out a living selling coal on the streets of a small village in Kenya. She says she would like to have her teeth fixed, but she cannot afford it. Obama hasn’t offered to help her either.”
Any given day on the campaign trail you'll see the hypocrite in chief whining about how the rich need to pay more so that he can use the power of the federal government to transfer it to "the poor" in this country who live better than 90% of the people on the planet. And yet the $10 million president can't afford to send $1,000 to his own brother who lives in actual poverty in a mud hut in Kenya. Instead of his brother, George relies on a "compassionate conservative" to help him.  Such is the "compassion" of our rich leftist president.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who's Slashing Medicare, Barry?

Finally, we have a vice-presidential candidate who is out there telling the truth and fighting back against the blatant lies of the Obama smear machine One of the biggest of these lies, of course, is that Democrats hold the franchise on "saving" Medicare for seniors and Republicans want to "eliminate" Medicare. The Dems have even resurrected that preposterous ad where a Paul Ryan look-alike is pushing grandma off a cliff. Ryan wasted no time in striking back against this ridiculous canard and other conservatives such as Rich Lowry have joined the cause. On Meet the Press last Sunday, Lowry had the supposed "intellectual" leftist Rachel Maddow (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one} stuttering and stammering when faced with the fact that Obamacare actually CUTS damn near $800 billion from Medicare. Over the last few days, other leftists have been left similarly speechless when conservatives have pointed out that Medicare actuaries say that if something isn't done to fix it, Medicare is gone in 11 years. Furthermore the notion that Ryan's plan is actually a REAL plan to save Medicare and keeps the current plan for anyone age 55 and over while offering those under 55 viable options that help preserve Medicare for the future leaves leftist pundits sputtering.  They become utterly apoplectic when this explanation is followed by the truth about the Obama plan to gut Medicare to fund Obamacare. But leftists everywhere don't have to take MY word for the fact that their messiah Barack Obama intends to slash Medicare. They can take HIS word for it:

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Joe Biden Slithers Even Further into the Gutter

It's no secret that the campaign to re-elect the worst president in modern American history is the sleaziest presidential campaign in modern presidential history by far. After all, when you have no record to run on. after damn near four years in office, you have to resort to baseless attacks and sleazy insinuations. So for months now we've had to put up with the usual leftist bull crap insinuations and smears about "rich" Mitt Romney from a bunch of "rich" leftists like the president (est. $10 million net worth) and Harry Reid (est. $4 million net worth made mostly by land deals during his tenure as a "public servant") and Nancy Pelosi (estimated net worth $100 million). We've even seen Obama's super PAC, run by a former White House staffer, implicate Romney in the cancer death of a steelworker's wife. But that affable dunce Joe Biden  has taken the smears to a new low:

 At a campaign stop in Virginia before a racially mixed crowd, Biden was talking about Mitt Romney’s opposition to banking regulations when he said, “Look at their budget and what they’re proposing. Romney wants to let the – he said in the first hundred days, he is going to let the big banks once again write their own rules. Unchain Wall Street. They are going to put y’all back in chains.”

Now we all know Joe Biden is a fool who regularly feasts on his foot. He's a veep in the fine tradition of Algore: An unimpressive court jester who won't upstage the lightweight on the top of the ticket. But these comments were clearly intentional and beyond the pale. With better than 80 days to go, it's hard to imagine how much further the Obama/Biden team can sink into the gutter.

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