Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time to go Bye Bye Todd

Regardless of the fact that this whole issue has been tainted by the liberal media and rampant hypocrisy from the left, it's time for Todd Akin to go.

If you are a Republican campaigning for a high-profile seat that we must win against a leftist Obama hack in Missouri, you need to be aware that the commie libs are going to do anything and everything to take you down. Which means you can't afford even ONE stupid comment. Yes Joe Biden can stick his foot in his mouth five times a day and get a pass on every one of them. But Biden is the leftist court jester of a Communist presidential administration -- the media are automatically going to give him a pass.

If you are going to engage in political warfare with the left -- and if you are running for a senate seat both sides understand they MUST win, you are right in the fray -- and you don't understand that you can't make one bonehead comment -- let alone a bonehead comment of epic proportions, you shouldn't be in the race. But if you DO make a bonehead comment of epic proportions you need to be smart enough to understand it's time to take one for the party and get the hell out. This is what Todd Akin should have done.

Todd Akin didn't do this but from what Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican National Committee said it isn't too late -- yet. But there are some hoops that he would have to jump though in the next couple of weeks to get it done. Time to start jumping.

Time to go Mr. Akin. If it's a legitimate bonehead comment, the Republican Party has ways of taking care of that. Step down while we still have a chance to get someone in there and get some traction against a wildly unpopular Obama puppet. This is a seat we NEED to win and you are no longer the person who can win it for us.

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