Monday, August 27, 2012

Soldiers Die, the Media and Obama are AWOL

Do you remember the days under a Republican president when every commie lib newspaper in the country reported the solemn military death toll? Can anyone tell me what the death toll is in Afghanistan? Did you know it was 2,000? Did you ALSO know that it has dramatically accelerated under the gallant leadership of Barack Hussein Obama. Neither did I, but thanks to a little searching on the Internet, I found the answers which certainly weren't jumping off the front pages of newspapers all over the country:

His war was almost over. Or so Marina Buckley thought when her son, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr., told her that he would be returning from southern Afghanistan to his Marine Corps base in Hawaii in late August, three months early.

Instead, Buckley became the 1,990th U.S. service member to die in the war when, on Aug. 10, he and two other Marines were shot inside their base in Helmand Province by a man who appears to have been a member of the Afghan forces they were training.

A week later, with the death of Army Specialist James Justice in a military hospital in Germany, the U.S. military reached 2,000 dead in the nearly 11-year-old conflict, based on an analysis by the New York Times of Defense Department records. The calculation includes deaths not only in Afghanistan but also in Pakistan and other nations where U.S. forces are directly involved in aiding the war.

Nearly nine years passed before U.S. forces reached their first 1,000 dead in the war. The second 1,000 came just 27 months later, a testament to the intensity of fighting prompted by President Obama's decision to send 33,000 additional troops to Afghanistan in 2010, a policy known as the surge.

Yes, you read that right: We have lost as many brave soldiers under Barry stellar leadership  in the last 27 months than we did in the entire first nine years of the war. Apparently Obama's surge isn't working very well. When's the last time Barry met with his military advisers? When's the last time Barry met with Sandra Fluke? When's the last time Barry met with Valarie Jarrett? A sports celebrity? When was the president's last round of golf?  But don't count on the media to point out this dereliction of duty. 

Please pray for our brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day for freedom and for the families that have given so much for this country.

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