Monday, August 20, 2012

Is Anyone Still Stupid Enough to Believe this Crap?

Apparently, there are still some lefty lemmings who are. I'm talking, of course, about this lame video entitled :"This Video Might Stop Romney From Becoming President". Really????? As if most of us are stupid enough to buy's propaganda.

At the risk of giving this crap more publicity than it deserves, I'll comment on it.

This really shows how desperate the liberal loons on the left are becoming and what a bunch of intellectually bankrupt sheep their followers are. I would take this video apart minute by minute, but it isn't worth my time. So we'll just take the first couple minutes or so of it -- as much as of the bilge as I could stomach -- and rip it apart piece by piece.

The MoveOn Moonies can't get too far into the piece without the requisite slap at Romney and the dog on the roof of his car. On the way to dinner tonight, I saw at least two dogs in the back of pick-up trucks -- so what? Romney put a dog in a carrier on the roof of his car, Obama ATE dog. BFD.

Then, of course, the next Pavlovian signal for the lefty loons is "Romney won't release his taxes". How's "none of your damn business" grab you, Soros? How many billions is the guy who funds MoveOn and a host of other leftist organizations worth? A tad more than Romney. I don't remember MoveOn being concerned about the $1 billion fortune John F'in Kerry married into. Or the fact that John Edwards was worth $50 million when he was running for president. How about the fact that Slick Willie Clinton, who didn't have a pot to piss in when he ascended to the presidency, managed to parlay his eight years in the Oval Office into a $100 million fortune within years of leaving office (even without a law license)? Or that Algore managed to take $2 million and turn it into $150 million by scaring the crap out of every American about that non-existent phenomenon called "man-made global warming". No MoveOn is not a bit concerned about rich Democrats (oh, yeah I forgot Nancy "the Ditz" Pelosi -- worth $50 million and Harry "Dirty Land Deal" Reid who managed to turn a career as a public servant into $10 million dollars), not even their messiah who has accomplished less than any president in history yet has amassed a $10 million fortune mostly off a couple of ghost-written books.

Finally, at some point in the first couple of minutes of this lefty screed, the hip commie chic intones "didn't somebody vet this guy?" My question is, what guy is she talking about?: ·

The guy who is the bastard child of a hippie mother and womanizing drunk father? ·

 The guy who was mostly raised by his grandparents and whose father figure during his formative years was card-carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis? ·

The guy who sat in the pew for 20 years lapping up the racist, hate-filled, anti-American diatribes of Black Liberation Theologist Jeremiah Wright (who, incidentally, retired to a multimillion dollar house in an exclusive gated community) -- the guy who married he and his lovely wife and baptized his kids -- yet claims he never heard a thing? ·

The guy who launched his political career in the home of radical leftist Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers? ·

 The guy who has been caught on camera numerous times (even during his presidency) running down the capitalist system and repeatedly insisting that the 1% that pay 40% of the taxes in this country need to "have some skin in the game". ·

 The guy who, in interviews as a state senator from Illinois bemoaned the fact that the court system in this country didn't do enough to address the issue of "redistributive justice"?

If THIS is the guy she's talking about, I would definitely agree. But there are those of us who were trying to tell the "hopey changey" crowd this four years ago and there weren't enough people listening. Hopefully the rectal cranial inversion that overcame so many on that dark day back in November of 2008 will be reversed in 2012.

 "In 4 minutes, you’ll know what you need to" is the claim made by the lefty loons of regarding their "shocking" Romney expose. This is the site, you might remember, that was founded on the notion that we should "move on" from worrying about a president who sexually harassed a young intern into having oral sex with him in the Oval Office, then lied under oath and tied the whole executive branch of the federal government up in an 18-month cover up. A more accurate claim would be that in four minutes we'll know if you are stupid enough to believe this crap by seeing if you hit the "share on Facebook" button and send it to people who are smart enough to know better.

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