Friday, August 24, 2012

More Than Half Say They are Worse off Than in 2008

This little poll can't be good for the once and fallen messiah, Barack Hussein Obama. His campaign manager Jim Messina can spin it any way he wants, but when 56% of people in swing states say their situation sucks worse than in did in 2008, Obama's in BIG trouble.
In USA TODAY/Gallup Poll nationwide and in the 12 top battleground states, most voters say the situation for them and their families hasn't improved over the past four years, the first time that has happened since Ronald Reagan famously posed the question in his debate with President Carter in 1980 — a contest Carter lost.
Even so, President Obama, who in 2008 became the first African American elected president, maintains a slight lead over challenger Mitt Romney in the battleground states likely to decide the election, 47%-44%. That's better than his standing in the non-battleground states, where Romney leads 47%-45%.
Don't be so smug about a "slight lead" Obamabot Zombies. Check back 32 years ago and I think you'll find that the second worst president in modern history supposedly had a BIG lead over Ronaldus Magnus about this time and that election was a blowout for Ronaldus Magnus. Granted, Democrats didn't have voter fraud down to as much of a science 30 years ago as they do today but that just means we just need to win by five percent more to make up for the early voting Republican ballots that are thrown away, illegal aliens registered to vote, "lost" votes, uncounted military ballots, New Black Panther Party voter intimidation, liberal special interest groups registering dogs and dead people to vote, vote buying in city slums and rural poverty towns etc and on and on.

The simple fact of the matter is this: It's sucks out here for a lot of people and the rest of us aren't doing so well either. Employment as a percentage of the total labor market is at its lowest level since the second-worst president in recent history was president -- more than 30 years. The numbers of new jobs created don't even begin to keep up with the numbers of jobs lost and people "dropping out" of the workforce -- don't believe the Obama BS that we're actually "creating jobs". The actual unemployment number is around 14%. We fudge the inflation numbers as well by not including food and gas because food and gas prices are "too volatile". Volatile or not, most people spend a big chunk of their income on food and gas. And let's not forget the massive debt crisis created chiefly by the liberal welfare state that is eventually going to send the whole country over the cliff.

Given all this, there would have to be literally millions of morons like this one:

"I'm really kind of torn, and I'm glad I don't have to vote today," said Kerry O'Hearn, 55, of Grandville, Mich., who was called in the poll. "There's just something about Romney that I'm not sure I like." She voted for Obama four years ago, but if she had to grade him now on the economy, she'd give him a D.At the moment, O'Hearn is likely to vote for him again anyway. "I'm willing to give Obama another chance; I'm willing to do that," she said.

There's "something she doesn't like" about Romney but she apparently has fewer reservations about I quasi-communist who has done such a piss-poor job in his first term that she'd give him a "D" and is leaning towards voting for him again. Now that's stuck on stupid!

I'd like to think that there aren't enough morons in this country to re-elect the worst president in my lifetime to another term, but sometimes I wonder. 

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