Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sixty One Pecent Think the Media are in the Tank for Obama

According to a recent Fox News Poll.

In actual fact, this is probably about 30% low. Liberal media bias is entrenched in American society and has been for decades. The evidence is all around.Just look at some examples from recent history:

In both 2008 and 2012 the press was and is utterly disinterested in "who Barack Obama is". They had an obsession with GW Bush's college transcripts but didn't care about Barry's, Barry is an admitted heavy drug and alcohol abuser but there was no interest whatsoever in pursuing that while GW's past alcoholism and drunk driving arrest -- somehow "magically" discovered in the waning days of the 2000 campaign even though it had been public record for 20+ years -- was the talk of the 2000 campaign.

Likewise, there was no interest whatsoever in Barry's family and associations during his formative years -- no interest in his hippie mother, Communist, alcoholic father that abandoned him at an early age, the grandparents that raised him, the Communist that mentored him, the mad bomber that helped him launch his political career, the radical Palestinian Israel hater that watched his kids, the racist, hate-monger that married him and baptized his kids. At the very same time, they were doing a rectal exam of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin -- her kids, her husband, her terms as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, her religion, her church, her parents, her daughter's pregnancy. Would that they could have been half as interested in the life and associations of the Democrat's presidential candidate as they were the Republican's vice presidential candidate. Perhaps the election would have a different outcome. Oh by the way, we just went through the "who is" thing with Paul Ryan. If there was any dirt on Ryan, we would have known by now and we'd still be talking about it.

A few more examples: The Middle East is practically on fire, China is conducting a massive military build-up and is planning on challenging Japan for islands in the South China Sea, Israel is fearing for its life under the threat of Iran getting the bomb, Syria is in meltdown and slaughtering thousands of its citizens weekly, our Southern border is being overrun and crime and violence are out of control. Oh and did you know that ICE agents are suing Janet Napolitano alleging that they are under orders NOT to do their job due to confusion over the dictatorial mandate the executive branch issued regarding "minor" illegal aliens? AND did you know there is a huge sexual harassment case involving one of Cousin Janet's top female deputy? These are just a very few examples. What is the media obsessed about this past week: Some stupid comment made by U.S. Senate candidate in Missouri. Of course, the first question at Obama's rare press conference last week wasn't about any real pressing issue: It was an invitation to tar and feather the Romney/Ryan ticket and every other Republican with Todd Akin's insensitive and stupid comments even though they all had rushed out days before to distance themselves from them.

 Back to presidential campaigns. Think back twelve years and remember what everyone was concerned about when it came to GW Bush -- gravitas. That's why he chose Dick Cheney for his veep -- Bush was a lightweight and Cheney add "gravitas" to the ticket. This is GW Bush, the successful oil man, successful managing partner of the Texas Rangers, successful two-term governor of Texas. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and lacked "gravitas". At the same time, the Democrat candidate who was likewise born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was far less accomplished than Bush, was the "serious" candidate. "Gravitas". Look for it on YouTube because I'm sure someone has compiled a video of all the liberal media pundits yacking in lockstep  like a bunch of parrots about GW Bush and "gravitas". One of them uttered the word "gravitas" and suddenly all of them were -- liberal group think. If the first one had only been smart enough to trademark the word. But smart is one thing liberal medai parrots aren't.

Fast forward to 2008 and the empty suit that is Barack Obama. "Community organizer". "Constitutional professor" (Botswana's constitution perhaps but certainly not the U.S. Constitution). State senator who launched his political career in the home of his friend the Weather Underground bomber, junior, junior senator from Illinois. Any concern about "gravitas" here? Hell no! We were about to elect the "first Black president" (or half-Black but whose counting -- except the liberal media where Barack Obama is 100% Black and George Zimmerman is a "White Hispanic"). Damn the vetting, damn the "gravitas" -- full speed ahead! You certainly couldn't accuse Joe Biden of adding "gravitas" to the ticket.

Speaking of foot-in-his-mouth Joe, every other day Biden makes some stupid, insensitive or otherwise obnoxious comment. And he's Vice President of the United States. Some Republican U.S. Senate candidate makes ONE stupid comment and the press comes unglued. And remember Dan Quayle? Not the most articulate guy under ordinary circumstances and he tended to have that "deer in the headlights" look quite a bit. But he wasn't the foot in his mouth jackass Biden is. Nevertheless, 20 years later everyone still remembers Quayle's "potatoe" moment when he was handed a flash card with the word spelled wrong and was too polite to correct it. But Joe Biden is a damn fool who, in the fine tradition of recent Democrat veeps, was selected precisely to avoid upstaging the lightweight at the top of the ticket. Nary a peep out of the media as gaffe machine Biden just keeps going and going and going .... "That's just Joe" In fact, a number of polls give Paul Ryan the edge over Biden in American's opinions on who they think would make a better president. Little known fact: Paul Ryan will be the same age as Dan Quayle was should he assume the vice presidency. You can bet that  if the liberal media could have "Quayled" him they would have by now but he is just too articulate for that. Not that they won't try.

Need any more examples of the leftist bias in the media? Just look around, they are everywhere. And I'm apparently not the only one that notices.

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