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Lies and the Lying Liberals Who Tell Them Part One

 The lies that liberals tell are so pervasive and so essential to their ideology, that lying to liberals is just like breathing. Chronicling the lies would take encyclopedic volumes but I'll do what I can in several columns. The first deals with exposing the lies told about Paul Ryan's speech by one liberal columnist. Since most liberal journalists are like lemmings following each other off the cliff (much like Obama voters), exposing one exposes them all. So on with exposing the lies of liberal columnist Rehka Basu.

Since Paul Ryan’s convention speech on Wednesday, we’ve seen the liberals smear strategy unfolding against our candidate for VP. They have thrown the moniker “liar” up on the wall and are hoping that if they throw it frequently enough and hard enough, it will stick. Yes, they are hoping that if they say or write the word “liar” in the same sentence with Paul Ryan enough times, that the majority of Americans will eventually believe our young, good looking, squeaky-clean, well spoken, smart and earnest family man is a liar. I don’t think it’s going to work. However, the way this is supposed to work is worth chronicling for the uninitiated so that they can be better equipped to see through the bull crap.

The first part of understanding this is to realize that liberalism is a lie – every last iota of it – and the lie must be perpetrated on the uniformed time and time again in order to win people over to their side. Because, of course, if people had a clear understanding what liberalism was all about, a vast majority would reject it soundly. The first basic tenet of liberalism is that if you lie, be completely audacious about it – lie repeatedly and with reckless abandon. Then hope that the uninitiated won’t notice and over time the lie will become so pervasive that ordinary people will accept it as the truth.

Witness the big Man-Made Global Warming Lie. Despite the fact that two preeminent global warming research centers were caught conspiring to lie about GW stats in thousands of emails over a period of years, the lie is now so entrenched that it is accept by most as fact. Barack Hussein Obama, does this every day. In fact, you can be certain that if Barry’s lips are moving he’s lying. More on this later. There is nowhere where this basic tenet of liberalism applies more than when a liberal politician is in a tight race with a conservative politician. With this in mind, I give you 75% of the "voices and commentary" page of my local paper and two of the biggest liars in the business – local columnist Rehka Basu and troll professor Robert Reich (any connection to the Third Reich is completely understandable -- I think Third Reich might be his dad).

We'll cover Basu's lies first. The set-up to the string of lies Basu tells goes like this:

Paul Ryan is youthful, self-assured, inspired — and prone to lying. Even by political convention standards, where tales are frequently spun and stretched to score political points, the Republican vice presidential nominee’s speech Wednesday stood out for its shameless rewriting of history.
 And the rote pattern of the big liberal lie begins: Start with a lie -- that Ryan is "prone to lying" and spin it as big and audacious as you can.
 News organizations did the research and concurred that many of the Wisconsin congressman’s claims did not hold water. “Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech,” wrote one of them, Sally Kohn — and she writes for the pro-Republican Fox News.
 And the lie spins bigger: Sally Kohn writes for the pro-Republican Fox News, implying of course, that this is a direct quote from a right-leaning commentator. Probably enough for her to hook the uninformed into believing the lies to come and allow Basu to spin them even bigger. Unless you know who Sally Kohn is. And the fact that she, Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, Bob Beckel, Tamara Holder, Joe Trippi, Alan Colmes, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and a host of other liberal hosts and commentators prove that Fox News is far from a "Republican" network. However that Fox News is conservative is such a pervasive lie told by liberals like Basu that the majority of Americans now believe it. Basu won't tell you that Fox News doubled the ratings of all other cable news networks COMBINED in the coverage of the RNC and is the highest-rated cable news network, bar none.  But what do you expect from someone who probably believes that MSNBC is a "fair and balanced" news network.

The lies just keep rolling on:
 The House Republican budget plan that Ryan authored would cut Medicare by $700 billion and turn it into a voucher program. Yet without mentioning that, Ryan accused the president of taking $716 billion out of Medicare to fund the Affordable Health Care Act. The difference is, as the Washington Post reported, Obama’s “cuts” didn’t come from Medicare beneficiaries, but from health care providers.
The problem here: The Republican plan on the table, which is actually a bi-partisan plan authored by Ryan and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, leaves Medicare intact for those over 55, giving those of us under 55 the choice of using vouchers to buy private insurance in the free market, hence the savings, while Medicare stays intact for those who want to stay on it. Obama slashes $716 billion in payments to already underpaid providers which will force many to drop Medicare altogether, depriving seniors of coverage. Tell me that these cuts won't directly affect beneficiaries, Rehka.

And the lies keep getting bigger:
“Medicare is a promise, and we will honor it,” Ryan declared. But not if his own plan had gone through. And if he and Romney were to win and reinstate the reimbursements to hospitals and insurers, analysts have said Medicare would be insolvent by 2016. What’s more, premiums for beneficiaries would rise $342 a year, on average, over the next decade.
Rehka knows better than this, I'm sure. Ryan's "own plan" has never been  on the table in this campaign -- the modified Ryan/Wyden plan is the plan we are talking about. And even this differs from the Romney plan.  And the fact that already-low provider reimbursements need to be cut to keep the program solvent merely makes Ryan's case and proves what a sham Medicare is. And $342 a year is less than $30 a month. How many of us would LOVE to have our insurance premiums go up by ONLY $30 a month?

And on the stimulus:
 The vice presidential nominee claimed Obama’s stimulus money was borrowed, spent and wasted, and declared, “You, the working men and women of this country, were cut out of the deal.” Not quite. Every worker got up to $400 of tax credits under the Making Work Pay part of the stimulus, paid for by oil company profits. That was one of seven taxpayer-credit provisions, which included child care, home-buyer and education credits. Twelve out of 15 studies of the stimulus that were examined by the Washington Post found it had a positive impact.
Tell me, Rehka, where did all of the $4 trillion in various stimuli over the last four years go? We know for a fact that large chunks of it were wasted because we know that billions were pissed away by "green energy" companies. And the measly $400 "every worker" got was more than eaten up in rampant inflation in food and gas prices over the last four years that Barry seems to not have a clue how to deal with. And what good does $400 do if you are one of the tens of millions of victims of persistent high unemployment the likes of which we haven't seen since the Great Depression? 

And here Basu implies that Ryan is somehow beholden to accept the recommendations of a body the president commissioned:
But facts be damned. Ryan’s untruths didn’t end there. He slammed Obama for not heeding an urgent report on the debt issued by the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission Obama had appointed. “He thanked them, sent them on their way, and then did exactly nothing,” Ryan scoffed — neglecting to mention that he, himself, served on the commission and voted against its urgent report.
It was Obama who vowed to accept the recommendations of the commission, not Ryan. And Ryan had perfectly good reasons for voting the recommendations down: He felt they didn't go far enough.

And now let's jump to Basu's bogus conclusion:
 Whatever your political leaning, no one wants to be lied to. No wonder politics breeds such cynicism these days. Convention speeches are a chance to dazzle, distinguish and define one’s self, not to embellish, obfuscate and rewrite the facts. If the vice presidential nominee can tell so many lies in one prime-time speech, when media is watching, what kinds of lies might an administration he was part of feel comfortable telling, about things that happened behind closed doors?
 Forget the fact that Basu's hero Barry lies with impunity (more on this in a later column) nearly every time he opens his mouth. What can you say about a liberal columnist in whom people(mostly liberals) trust to get at least an informed opinion who builds her opinions on audacious piles of lies?And that's the problem with uninitiated and unformed liberal: They get their information from "journalists" like Basu. Ronald Reagan put it best when he said: “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”


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