Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who's Slashing Medicare, Barry?

Finally, we have a vice-presidential candidate who is out there telling the truth and fighting back against the blatant lies of the Obama smear machine One of the biggest of these lies, of course, is that Democrats hold the franchise on "saving" Medicare for seniors and Republicans want to "eliminate" Medicare. The Dems have even resurrected that preposterous ad where a Paul Ryan look-alike is pushing grandma off a cliff. Ryan wasted no time in striking back against this ridiculous canard and other conservatives such as Rich Lowry have joined the cause. On Meet the Press last Sunday, Lowry had the supposed "intellectual" leftist Rachel Maddow (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one} stuttering and stammering when faced with the fact that Obamacare actually CUTS damn near $800 billion from Medicare. Over the last few days, other leftists have been left similarly speechless when conservatives have pointed out that Medicare actuaries say that if something isn't done to fix it, Medicare is gone in 11 years. Furthermore the notion that Ryan's plan is actually a REAL plan to save Medicare and keeps the current plan for anyone age 55 and over while offering those under 55 viable options that help preserve Medicare for the future leaves leftist pundits sputtering.  They become utterly apoplectic when this explanation is followed by the truth about the Obama plan to gut Medicare to fund Obamacare. But leftists everywhere don't have to take MY word for the fact that their messiah Barack Obama intends to slash Medicare. They can take HIS word for it:

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