Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Does "Choice" Look Like?

It looks like this:

Does this offend you. pro-"choicers"? I hope so and so does Operation Rescue, the group paying for these trucks. They rolled them out again this election year to remind everyone to vote pro-life. I last saw these truck out on Iowa streets during the last presidential election. Back, then Jill June, Planned Parenthood of Central Iowa's director, told the Des Moines Register she was extremely offended by the images on these trucks. Apparently she wasn't offended by this by-product of "a woman's right to choose" that her clinics tossed in the garbage on a daily basis which just so happens look just like the pictures on this truck.

There are a number of ridiculous euphemisms liberals like to use for what Planned Parenthood does: "women's reproductive health services", "maternal and child health services", and "women being able to make their own decisions about their reproductive health". Whenever conservatives attempt to de-fund this organization you always hear leftist twits like Nancy Pelosi shriek that conservatives are trying to rob women of their right to make "reproductive health choices". Let's be real folks: Is killing a baby a "reproductive health choice"? And aren't there other places women can (and do) go for pap smears and breast exams? Finally, does a "non-profit" organization that actually turns a profit on it's nearly $1 billion in revenues need to get one-third of its revenue from the taxpayers?

 Planned Parenthood claims they don't make the majority of their revenues from abortions. But regardless of whether they do or not, they still provide darned near 10% of the abortions performed in this country every year which is around 300,000 abortions too many as a direct result of Planned Parenthood's existence. And you, the taxpayer, are supporting this slaughter through the $300+ million the federal government gives Planned Parenthood every year -- a practice that has the overwhelming support of Barack Obama. In fact, the Great and Powerful Obama is an enthusiastic supporter of all abortion, even late term abortions, and introduced a measure in the Illinois senate to prohibit the use of life-saving measures on the tiny victims of botched late-term abortions. Yes, Barry wanted to require doctors to take these babies into a room and let them die rather than trying to save them.

There are a lot of important issues to be decided in the 2012 presidential election and this one ranks right up there. On the one hand you have Mitt Romney, who claims to be pro-life and on the other you have an enthusiastic supporter of abortion -- Barry Obama.  Barry has a name for ripping a human life limb from limb: He calls it a "women's reproductive health choice". Take a look at the result of that choice above. If it offends you, then you ought to be equally offended by a president who tries to defend it by calling it something it's not. It's a child, not a "choice".

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