Saturday, August 25, 2012

Consider This About Todd Akin

Todd Akin made a really stupid comment and apologized immediately. It is my personal opinion that anyone who shows such poor judgement doesn't have the judgement it takes to be a U.S. Senator (although, judgement is something that seems to be sorely lacking in the U.S. Senate these days).

Poor judgement, sexual misconduct and abuse of women (and male pages) are apparently a resume-builders for Democrat politicians. Remember just last week when the dumbest Vice President in American history told an audience of Blacks that Romney/Ryan wanted to put them in back in chains? This kind of stuff comes out of Joe Biden's mouth about every five minutes and no one says a peep. 

Then consider this: Bill Clinton, third worst president in modern history. Considered the "elder statesman" of the Democratic Party, liked by everyone, keynote speaker at Barack's 2012 "just give me another chance, the Republicans are evil" convention:

  •  Impeached, perjurer: Lost his law license for five years for admitting to lying to a federal judge during the Paula Jones case about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. 
  • Cheated on his wife in the Oval Office with an intern half his age (but Hillary Clinton isn't one of those Loretta Lynn "stand by your man" wives unless of course it is politically expedient to do so). 
  • Was credibly accused by Kathleen Willey of groping her while she was an enthusiastic supporter and volunteer in the White House. 
  • Admitted to having an affair with Gennifer Flowers during the time he was governor of Arkansas and was also caught on tape promising her a position in Arkansas government.
  • Paid Paula Jones $850,000 rather than fight allegations that he asked her to "kiss it" in a hotel room when he was Arkansas governor. 
  • Was credibly accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick. 

Consider Ted Kennedy, the lyin' (oops that's supposed to be "lion") of the Senate who  got drunk and drove off a bridge in Chappaquiddick, saving himself but killing Mary Jo Kopechne. 

Kennedy stumbled into his hotel room and didn't go to the police until hours later, after he heard that Kopechne's body had been discovered. Probably the most respected Democrat in the Senate upon his death in 2009 -- again an "elder statesman" and standard-bearer that every Democrat looks up to .... And a philandering drunk.

Let's talk about Gerry Studs, widely lauded upon his death five years ago for being a respected member of the U.S. House for decades, despite nailing a 17-year-old male page in the 80's. Remember Mark Foley, Republican and still a respected House member after being caught exchanging "inappropriate" instant messages with a male page? Didn't think so because he resigned almost immediately and was dispatched to the land where disgraced Republicans go to be nobodies.

Speaking of "gay' congressmen, let's talk about the recently married Barney Frank, still a respected member of Congress despite having a boyfriend -- a prostitute he hired for sex -- who ran a brothel out of his D.C. townhouse in the 80s.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Barack Hussein Obama comes out of hiding to do his first press conference in months. About what???? About Todd Akin's dumb ass comment. And of course, the first question is a softball that invites the once and fallen messiah to paint every Republican with a broad brush and hold them personally responsible for Akin's bonehead comment about rape and abortion. He responds by saying that there is something wrong when a majority of men are making "health decisions" for women. What you mean like the way a majority of men made ALL the health decisions for all of us -- including every woman -- via "The Affordable Care Act"? No questions about Biden and his "put ya'll back in chains" comment. No questions about Iran's accelerated uranium enriching schedule and Israel's preparations for an airstrike against Iran.  No questions about China's military build-up in the South China Sea that threatens Japan. Just a dumb ass reporter with a dumb ass question for a dumb ass president about a dumb ass comment made by a someone who is by all accounts a decent guy and certainly more articulate than Joe Biden but simply had the misfortune of letting his mouth run ahead of his brain.

In the final analysis what has Todd Akin done? Did he perjure himself in a hearing about his extra-marital sexual exploits? Did he get a "Lewinsky" in the Oval Office by a woman not his wife? Did he rape anyone? Did he have sex with a minor male page? Did he have a boyfriend run a brothel out of his house? Is he responsible for Iran's uranium enrichment and China's military build-up? No. He made an offensive comment about abortion and rape. Are there other more important things we can talk about? Yes. would we even be worrying about this if something similar was said by a Democrat? Hell no. That's just the way the media rolls.

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