Monday, December 21, 2009

Climate Change Crapola

I'm sitting at my dining room table this morning looking out on three feet of snow drifted on my deck by 60 mph wind gusts which, at the current temp of 9 degrees, puts the wind chill at somewhere around 20 below. The little dogs get lost in the 6-foot drifts in the yard when they go out to do their business. The big dog has a little bit better time of it but that's just because she's a little smarter about where she chooses to go. By choosing her steps carefully, she was able to make it all the way out to the fence about 60 feet north of the house. Any any rate, letting them in blows snow into the door track which quickly turns to ice and has to be chipped away to get the door closed.

This was two weeks ago. We have the same thing predicted for mid-week this week. Can you say nine inches of snow and 40 mph winds for Christmas. Kind of puts a damper on the whole "over the river and through the woods" thing unless your intent is to get lost in a raging blizzard and die of exposure.

Against this Midwest blizzard back drop and the recent revelations that man-made "global climate change" is bogus with the purveyors of the theory engaging in a conspiracy to cover it up, we have the EPA administrator doing a Hugo Chavez on us and imposing on us administrative rules that would double the price of home energy bills and kill large and small businesses alike with taxes and regulations. Just what we need in the Obama Jobless Recovery Economy: More government regulations to stifle economic growth. Meanwhile, my family is anticipating being trapped in our rural small-town home by a blizzard on Christmas Eve much as we were two weeks ago and are in fear of our very lives for all of the EPA-declared poisonous gas we will be exhaling and filling the house with.

The enviro-Nazis in the Obama Administration would call my little story anecdotal evidence -- an anomaly that has nothing whatsoever to do with the "climate change" problem. I would agree, because the notion of man-made "climate change" is bogus. They are saying that our Midwest blizzard that impacted 75% of the country and is the biggest since the early to mid 90s AND the one that beat the East Coast to hell this past weekend and was the biggest in decades AND the one predicted for Christmas AND every other blizzard in what is shaping up to be a rough winter are evidence of "climate change" -- the phrase they now use to cover up the fact that they were wrong about the planet warming dangerously and killing the Polar Bears.  Those of us that are old enough to remember the weather patterns in the 60s and 70s remember that out here in flyover country, we could count on one of these storms at least once a year. Now it looks like we'll get at least two this season, possibly more. You might recall that back then, the same people who are telling us we are killing the Polar Bears and melting the ice caps were telling us we were in for an ice age. In the 30s and 40s and most of the 50s, these storms were rare. What does this add up to? It adds up to the normal changing cycles of weather on planet Earth.

So as The Messiah got off the plane in Copenhagen in a raging blizzard to pledge $100 billion dollars we don't have to developing nations to assist them (read, squander any way they wish) in assisting us in halting the warming of the planet. and returned to yet another raging blizzard in Washington D.C. most people are, thankfully, beginning to realize what this "global warming" or "global climate change" or whatever they decide to call it next is all about: Control. If these Nazis can use irrational fear tactics and bogus "evidence" to "prove" that man is screwing up the weather on the planet, they can then use strong-arm tactics to stifle production of the gasses they say "cause" the "problem". Obama didn't get anything done on his snowy trip to Copenhagen, but his EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson intends to pick up where he left off. And she doesn't need congressional approval either: She declared that the gas all of us breath out and plants breath in is hazardous to humans and with that administrative order comes the ability of the Obama enviro-nazis to "spread the wealth around" by doubling our energy prices, and killing industry and more jobs in the process while the world's biggest polluter -- China -- surges ahead.

To the 52% of you who voted for this enviro-Nazi: Thanks for the change and may you live to regret your choice as much as those of us with functioning brains capable of rational though did 13 months ago and continue to to this day.

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IndependentRallyVoice said...

Did you notice that during President Obama's State of the Union address, when the president mentioned, "overwhelming evidence" for global climate change, a not-so-subtle laugh permeated the crowd?

I laughed too, surprised that he actually thinks Americans are that stupid. How can he expect anyone to take him seriously, when he strings together such ridiculous propaganda-laden statements?

And after the blatant laughter after his comment, "that's how you budget...", does he have any hope for ever convincing America that he has any financial sense? Or for that matter, competence to govern? I trow not.