Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yawn ....... Houston Elects a Gay Mayor

Hooray! He says sarcastically: Houston's new mayor wants everyone to know that she prefers having a woman touch her genitalia in a sexual way:

HOUSTON—The day after Houston voters chose Annise Parker to become the city's first openly gay mayor, she did as she had throughout a contentious, hard-fought campaign: focused on the brick-and-mortar realities of running the country's fourth largest city.

Parker told a Sunday press conference about her transition team, her plans to change the running of the Houston Police Department and the financial constraints faced by the city.
Perhaps someone would care to explain to me exactly HOW these deviants are discriminated against. Yes, deviants. Deviant sexual behavior is that which is out of the norm of all sexual behavior -- the norm being, of course, sexual behavior engaged in by two consenting adults of the opposite sex, preferably within the bonds of Holy Matrimony -- sex where the parts function in the in the manner and location in which they were intended to function.  Deviant sexual behavior is any other sex that doesn't conform to the norm. And this apparently includes the type of sex Asinine Parker (Or is that Annise?) prefers.

Oh yes, this story attempts to portray this as a woman bent on getting down to business and ignoring the fact that she is a sexual deviant. But those of us who have been watching the news all day know that this is the exact opposite of what is actually happening. In actuality, the liberal media have been in full swoon mode today over the fact that the fourth-largest city in the country will be run by a sexual deviant. In fact, the main focus of Parker's speech was to crow about how this is something sexual deviants such as herself thought they could never attain. And yet she did.

Fact is that the demographics on deviants such as Parker indicate that they have higher household incomes than the vast majority of American households, many hold advanced degrees and high-paying administrative jobs and aren't hurting at all from any perceived "discrimination". What is unique about these deviants is that they choose to define themselves first and foremost by their deviant sexual behavior. Hence the orgy over a woman who prefers unnatural deviant sex with other women becoming mayor of the fourth largest U.S. city.

The fact that the type of sex Parker wants to make sure everyone knows she prefers is deviant isn't some kind of obscure, right wing Christian, conservative cultist theory. It's a fact borne out by common sense. Aside from the fact that it has been the way families have been organized and men have been civilized for thousands of years, there's also the common sense biological fact of it all. I challenge anyone to show me where on a women it was intended that the female genitalia be placed in order to achieve the natural result of sex. Likewise I challenge anyone to show me where on a man another man's genitalia was intended to be inserted in order to achieve the natural result of sex.

Right now, anyone that happens to be reading this who shares Parker's affinity for the same sex is labeling me the most vile type of homophobe. In fact, most would like to label the opinion I just laid out hate speech -- hate speech that would easily be subject to censor under The Messiah's "net neutrality" plans. The fact is that I don't hate anyone and the notion that I am a homophobe -- that I fear homosexuals -- is patently absurd. I just think that there's something wrong with someone who chooses to define themselves by their deviant sexual behavior -- behavior that I could frankly care less about as long as it is done behind closed doors by two consenting adults -- receiving special rights or notoriety for the fact that they are sexual deviants.   I pray for these folks and hope that someday they will see the error of their ways. And in the meantime I wish they would just shut up about their deviant sexual behavior and certainly don't consider it any type of milestone that a sexual deviant has achieved high political office.

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