Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Letter to Senator Sellout

Don't ever let any of these "moderate" Democrat senators get away with the BS that they are actually "moderate". They are all political whores just like every other Democrat and a big chunk of the Republicans. Here's my open letter to the whore (or is that gigillo) from Nebraska:

Senator Nelson:

How does it feel, sir, to cave to the Obama/Reid machine? How does it feel to have sacrificed your senate career for the sake of giving the peasants (read, average, middle-class American citizens) the crappiest of crappy health care? How does it feel to pledge your support for a bill you haven’t even seen in the name of politics? How does it feel to know that the “sausage” they are grinding out behind a locked door in the U.S. Capital will end up with some type of publicly-funded abortion option AND a public insurance option. Finally sir, how does it feel to be a sellout: The political patsy of the radical left?

The reason the radical leftists had to lean on you to get your vote, Senator Nelson, is because this is a bad bill and the vast majority of Americans recognize that it will steal their liberty, cause their health care costs to skyrocket, break the back of the taxpayer, drive the federal government deeper into debt and give us inferior health care to boot. Now it looks like we’ll have all of this thanks to you.

We don’t know much about this bill except that:

1.     Sixty one percent of the American people oppose this 2000+ page health care fiasco.

2.    Dick Durbin, the number-two senate leader in the United States Senate, admits he hasn’t even seen this bill, yet now we apparently have all the Democrats signing on to a bill they haven’t even read. These folks lie about everything – in fact whenever Obama or Reid open their mouths they are lying – and yet you believe they will make good on their concessions to you?

3.    Non partisan studies show that one-fifth of all hospitals and medical providers would become insolvent by 2019 if the Obama Reid Pelosi health care fiasco becomes law.

4.    CBO analysis shows that middle class families can expect to pay nearly ONE-FIFTH of their GROSS INCOME for this crappy, inferior care despite the fact that 85% of Americans already have health insurance and most have health insurance that is far superior to the crap you caved for.

5.    It is estimated that 100+million people will end up with this crap because, with the outrageous taxes on the GOOD health insurance most of us already have, employers will quickly dump it in favor of paying the much lower penalty for NOT carrying health insurance on their employees. You can’t blame them. When you are looking at a 35% tax on the GOOD insurance benefits you provide VS an 8% penalty for NOT providing health insurance, what would you do, Senator Nelson?

6.    Leaving aside the utter unconstitutionality of this whole mess, the federal government has NEVER proven itself able to operate any entitlement program efficiently. Witness the rampant Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Witness the $37 trillion unfounded liability accruing to Medicare in the next 30 years. Witness the ponzi scheme that is “Social Security” – another $40 trillion unfounded liability.


You may not be my senator, sir – in fact I don’t even live in your state. But your betrayal of the American people will affect my liberty and property and that of my children and grandchildren for years – decades to come. We have the best health care system in the world, we asked that you help keep it that way and you pledged your vote to destroy it. Were I you, I wouldn’t waste the money on a re-election bid, sir, because there are literally tens of thousands of Iowans who will cross our western border to help the tens of thousands of Nebraskans you betrayed defeat you soundly the next time you’re up for re-election.

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