Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where Is Jacob Marley When We Need Him?

The American people don’t want nationalized health care.

The Democratic Congress and the President don’t care. They tell us that we will love it when they let us see it. But they won’t let us see it until they have it passed (and set in stone, according to some parts of the bill—as Senator Demint has shown us, there are clauses claiming to make the legislation unalterable and unrepealable.)

Democracy much, guys?

The American people don’t believe in global warming.

The Democratic Congress and the President don’t care. They are willing to hand over our national sovereignty on the issue to a global authority (which they’ve already done with the economy, via the Financial Stability Board.)

The American people think it’s wrong to make pro-life taxpayers pay for abortions. Diane Feinsten says it’s their moral duty. Just as Joe Biden says it’s our moral duty to pay higher taxes when the Congress sees fit.

The American people have voted more than thirty different times to preserve marriage as an institution between a man and a woman only. The wise old owls of the courts, the Democratic Congress, and the President don’t care. They think we are troglodytes and hate-mongers.

And yet we are the majority.

The American people are sorry they elected this President, and 46 percent of them strongly disapprove of how he is doing his job, while another ten percent merely disapprove.

He doesn’t care.

And yet we are the majority.

When the people who hold these truths to be self-evident come out into the streets, email their alleged representatives, and complain loudly that they object to the government appropriating unto itself so many things that used to be only our business (including business itself), they are derided by the media as “teabaggers,” “racists,” and fools.

And yet we are the majority.

The Founding Fathers (and, yes, Virginia, they were, to a man, men) did not envision a government like this. They did not anticipate that there would be an American Congress that would have such contempt for the people they were elected to serve. They believed in citizen statesmen, who took the responsibility of office seriously, devoted their full time to it for a short service, and then went home to continue their lives as ordinary citizens.

They did not envision a land in which tobacco-smoking would be counted as tantamount to sin, while the murder of the unborn and buggery would not only be considered “rights,” but would be advocated by people from the White House itself.

We have fallen a long way, baby.

But perhaps the most egregious and disgusting official act in the history of this country will come tomorrow morning. For then, two-thousand fortyish years after a baby was born that brought the world true hope, the United States Senate will vote for a bill that will kill unborn babies and proclaim a false hope.

The president has decreed that he will put his family’s vacation on hold until the Senate finishes this business, thus adding to the injury being done to the taxpayers the insult of blaming any Senator brave enough to stand against this travesty for ruining his children’s Christmas. Excuse me, “holiday.”

America no longer has “Christmas" (though it remains on the federal calendar.) We have a “holiday”—though how the day is holy is a matter not to be publicly discussed, unless it serves a political purpose, as when Hillary Clinton a few years ago claimed that Mary and Jesus were a homeless mother and child.

But if we accept the bill that the Senate will pass tomorrow, we don’t deserve a holiday of any kind. We don’t deserve a country, if we don’t do something to stop this massive federal power grab.

There are things in this bill that are totally unconstitutional. There are invasions into our economic, medical, and family privacy we have never seen before. There are “death panels,” and there is abortion. This bill decrees taxes that will destroy the tanning industry, and a structure that will make quick work of the private insurance industry. Within the next five years, we will not recognize what the finest health care in the world has become, and we may not even be able to remember what once was.

After they take this vote tomorrow, the Senators will skitter out of town like the rats that they are. The Republicans standing against this mess will go home to their constituents and hang their heads in sorrow that they could not stop the train. The Democrats will hide among their SEIU pals and celebrate the first step on the road to Marxism.

And what will we do? What can the American people do to resist this unconstitutional taking of their liberties and property? Is there a Declaration to be written in the coming year? Is there a new party to arise? Have we any hope of re-establishing a government of common sense and uncommon courage?

Only time will tell. For now, let us pray for one Democrat to be visited this night by the Spirits of Christmases Past, Present, and Future, to show him or her the liberties we are about to lose, the bribery that is taking place, and the misery that beckons ahead. Then, may that fearful dream lead to the one vote we need to stop this bill from passing on Christmas Eve morning.

And if there is not one Democrat of conscience, let us look forward to a year of summoning up our own courage, living out our principles, and doing what we must to reclaim the liberties God gave us.

Merry Christmas to all, and may God have mercy on the United States of America.

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