Thursday, December 17, 2009

Iran Fires Off a Long-Range Missile

Tell me Messiah: How's that unclenched fist/outstretched hand thing working our for us? Wait, don't answer, I'll tell you: It ain't workin' worth diddly squat. In fact, President Nutjob (as opposed to you, President Gutless Wonder) and his Ayatollah handlers have just successfully tested a long-range missile that could hit Israel or Eastern Europe. Beautiful!:

Iranian state media reported Wednesday that Tehran successfully test-fired an enhanced version of a solid-fuel medium-range missile, as U.S. and Western powers prepare to push for new economic sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.
Iran said it fired an "optimized" version of its Sajjil-2, a medium-range missile capable of hitting Israel, according to Iranian media.

Tehran first tested the weapon in May, claiming it marked a significant milestone in its missile-technology efforts. In May, Iran said the Sajjil-2 had a range of 2,000 kilometers, or about 1,200 miles. That would make it capable of reaching Israel and the Black Sea coast of European Union members Romania and Bulgaria, though that isn't different than range capabilities claimed in previous missile launches.

So nice that with President Nutjob slapping The Messiah's outstretched hand until he breaks it off by simultaneously ramping up his missile systems and developing nukes that The Messiah, in his infinite wisdom decided that our Eastern European allies didn't really need that missile defense system we committed to building for the sake of their security and the security of the world for that matter. Former Bush United Nations Ambassador John Bolton -- the man who should be Secretary of State if we had any brains -- said on Fox News tonight that our only hope to stop the Iranian nuke program now is for Israel to take out their nuclear capability. The world's "superpower" under the leadership of Super Pansy-Ass Messiah won't take any action to make the world a safer place so we have to rely on a tiny country like Israel to defend itself and the world by doing our job. Meanwhile Pansy Fly TNT is sending clandestine love notes to the little pot-bellied dictator of North Korea.

Can anyone tell me with a straight face that The Messiah doesn't hate America?

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