Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Unvarnished Truth About the Life and Death of the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate

As I sit watching Fox News with my laptop at the kitchen table this morning, I know it won't be long before I'll have to switch over to the only other channel I ever watch for anything other than news -- HGTV. No, Geraldo Rivera isn’t going to be showing his weaselly face on Fox and Friends this morning. But as they've been saying all morning, they will soon be cutting away from regular programming -- my favorite Saturday business shows -- to cover the funeral of Edward M. Kennedy. Let the liberals and the Washington elite have their nauseating tributes to the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate. I won't be participating, even as a passive observer on the telly.

Ted Kennedy's death is truly a tragedy for a family that has a legacy of tragedy. All of us will have the survivors of the Kennedy clan in our prayers as they deal with the death of their patriarch. But it doesn't honor Ted Kennedy's memory and, more importantly, the truth of the impact of his decades in the Senate on all of us, to do as the media and all the lefties have been and will be doing for weeks after the funeral tributes are over: Build up his character and legacy with utter BS and make him the martyr for the cause of reviving the failing attempt to foist government-run and controlled health care on all of us.

We all know that liberalism -- the cause to which Ted Kennedy allegedly dedicated his career -- is a lie. And because it is a lie, so will be the liberal eulogies of the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate. So let's begin by setting the record straight about Ted Kennedy's life.

All men have their failings, but in my humble opinion the God's honest truth about Teddy was that he was an unexceptional man in a family of exceptional men who distinguished himself only by being the last man standing in the Kennedy clan -- and one of the longest-standing men in the U.S. Senate. In addition to sharing the penchant for being a philanderer with the other Kennedy men, Ted had an affection for bathing his liver in alcohol for the better part of 50 years. As such, his family's wealth and station was the only thing that stood between Ted and a cardboard box under a freeway overpass. As a Kennedy in Massachusetts, winning your brother's senate seat after he was elected president and garnering a reputation as the most liberal senator in one of the most liberal states is hardly difficult. Because as sad a fact as it may be, it doesn't take a whole lot of ambition or talent to be a rich liberal in Massachusetts and warm a seat in the U.S. Senate for 47 years as long as the rest of the rich liberals in Massachusetts support you. 

It's not really fair to say that Ted Kennedy merely warmed a seat in the senate for nearly as long as I've been alive. It's more accurate to say that he did more damage to the cause of freedom and liberty than any senator who came before him and, because Barack Obama was elected president, probably for more than at least a couple decades into the future. Why is this? Because Ted Kennedy was the driving force behind nearly every social program since he was elected to the Senate and these programs have systematically created a culture of entitlement, dependence and helplessness in nearly three generations of Americans while bankrupting the U.S. Treasury and unconstitutionally enslaving the rest of us as servants to the dependent class. All of this while doing absolutely nothing to reduce the number of dependent Americans or alleviate the root cause of this dependence.

The first great welfare program, Social Security, which pre-dated Kennedy's tenure in the Senate, will be bankrupt with tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities by the middle of this century. To build on this success, Kennedy was a driving force behind Johnson's War on Poverty, which we lost by any objective measure: Housing projects constructed as "compassionate" low income housing became festering war zones of crime, drugs and gangs within a decade of their construction and many were subsequently razed: Housing subsidies and food stamps, given freely with nothing required in return bred generations of young single parent, low-income American families that are completely disconnected from the American dream and can see no investment in their future and therefore no hope of improving their station in life: Medicaid, like Social Security, encumbered with unsustainable liabilities far into the future, has created a dishonest "contract" with seniors whereby Americans who have paid into these programs expecting a return on their "investment" find that they must nearly bankrupt themselves and give up everything they worked for in life in order to receive a cramped room in a nursing home which they share with another similarly-situated senior. These and other programs pushed aggressively by Ted Kennedy in his 47-year career, are what liberals tout as "compassion" for the least among us when what they are is a monumental lie -- a lie that is a monument to the life's work of the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate.

Meanwhile back in moderate to conservative middle-class America for the last 47 years, folks have been busting their asses under the ever-increasing weight of the taxes "great" liberal elder statesmen such as Kennedy deem necessary to support the bloated welfare state they created. Kennedy's own brother knew this welfare-statist mentality was unsustainable. Jack Kennedy's tax cuts along with Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush's tax cuts were the only relief from Ted Kennedy's unrelenting assault on the middle-class taxpayer. This unconstitutional assault on the taxpayer has rendered many of the folks paying the bills incapable of escaping government dependence in their old age because it has stolen from them the capital they needed to provide for their own self-sufficiency.

To the legacy of debt and dependence which was the life's work of Teddy Kennedy, Barack Obama, with the hearty approval of the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate, has added another $9+ trillion in debt -- a legacy of enslavement to the government that will be passed on to our kids and grand kids. To top it all off, Obama and the rest of the liberals in the House and Senate have begun the process of turning Ted Kennedy's death into an all-out orgy in support of another multi-trillion dollar plan to give us the type of health care Canada and Great Britain are infamous for. In life and in death, Ted Kennedy got the absolutely best health care the world has to offer -- health care that is renowned throughout the world, health care that any one of us can get right now, regardless of our race, sex, income, social status, insurance or ability to pay. This outstanding health care gave him and his family another full year of life he might not have had. In its place and in the name of their vaunted Liberal Lyin', they want to give us a bloated government-controlled health care plan complete with a "Health Care Choices Commissioner", a "public plan" that virtually guarantees the elimination of all private plans, waiting lists, rationing, denial of treatment for elderly Americans with brain tumors or other terminal ailments and mandatory end of life care counseling for everyone over the age of 65.

If this assessment of the career and legacy of the Liberal Lyin’ of the Senate seems a little harsh to you, consider the ever-increasing tax burden you pay to support a bloated welfare state that contributes little or nothing to your family’s well-being while making it more difficult for you to provide for that family. Think of the fight of our lives that we are engaging in right now to keep politicians like Kennedy from destroying the best health care system in the world and piling even more tax debt on us, our kids and grandkids. Pray for the Kennedy family as they deal with their loss. And thank God that there is one less liberal in the Senate to help perpetuate the downward spiral of debt and dependence we find ourselves in. While Ted Kennedy's death is a tragic event for a family marked with a long history of tragedy, the loss of his presence in the U.S. Senate is nothing to mourn.

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