Saturday, August 22, 2009

Confronting the Drones

I spent a short time Friday afternoon confronting the drones. Drones is not my name for them – it’s a word Mark Levin has coined for the folks who possess a blind, sycophantic adoration for The Messiah and think that all their problems will magically melt away as long as The Messiah, Pelosi and Reid keep us on the non-stop express to Marxism. Drones are the ones that you saw in a trance chanting “yes we can, yes we can, yes we can” during The Messiah’s immaculate campaign. You might remember the female drone that was practically orgasmic the day after The Messiah was elected president because “I won’t have to worry about making my house payment, I won’t have to worry about putting gas in the car.” I wondering how that not worrying about your house payment is going for you now, chicky-poo, seven months after The Messiah assumed the throne? I would imagine that if you’ve been sitting around waiting for The Messiah to make your house payment for the last seven months that you’re probably living in a cardboard box under a bridge right now but I digress.

As you might have guessed, these drones were out protesting for their share of the American welfare pot. Yes, they were agitating for “Health Insurance Reform NOW!” Some of them weren’t up to speed on the change in their Dear Leader’s lingo, because their signs still read “Health Care Reform NOW!” ICAN – the Iowa Citizen’s Action Network (and apparently according to our local fish wrap vendor the Des Moines Register) who supplied the signs for the drones didn’t understand that the message dujour is supposed to be “health insurance reform”. Health care reform is the old message. It didn’t focus-group well because 85% of Americans are happy with their health care. You’ll recall that previous messages in this campaign to wreck the best health care system in the world have included “we have a health care crisis” which didn’t fly because it’s obvious that we don’t have a health care crisis. Then there was “Americans want health care reform.” This was dumped when it became an indisputable fact that Americans don’t want health care reform. Now it’s "Americans need health care reform" (whether they want it or not.) Then there was the one about the “47 million uninsured” which was toned down when the message got out that the vast majority of these people are either illegal aliens or uninsured by choice. So the prevailing message the drones are told to repeat now is that those evil health insurance companies – you know, those rabid profiteers that make 3% on their dollar – have to be stopped. These particular drones weren’t actually repeating any messages -- they had dutifully accepted the message on the signs their handlers gave them. As such, they spent most of their time staring across at the intelligent people on the east side of the street while they held their signs bought and paid for by with mostly vacant stares.

There were about ten of us intelligent people carrying our own homemade signs that expressed our own opinions – opinions that have been carefully and thoughtfully developed through extensive research on our own. Kind of funny how when people research and develop their own opinion about this health care plan rather than getting their marching orders from the Dear Leader or one of his front groups they end up opposing a massive government takeover of the health care system. We also were more animated than the other folks. We actually want to engage the opposition in debate on this topic because our great health care and the future prosperity of our kids and grandkids is on the line. We tried to goad the opposition in to debating us like when I told the farmer who shook his “farmers for a public option” sign at me (one of about two homemade signs on the left side of the street) that his farm animals would get better health care than he would if we have a “public option”. But the drones just stared back at us vacantly, holding their signs given to them by their leaders, completely unaware that they were voluntarily surrendering their liberties to an acolyte of the Marxist agitator Saul Alinsky. Just like a bunch of union laborers when the lunch whistle sounds, these drones vanished almost on cue just before 3 PM.

How do I know these drones were part of the type of organized mob they accuse us liberty-loving citizens of being a part of? It’s in the email. Here are some excerpts:
Here are plans for the August 21 Day of Action demonstration against Senator Grassley at the State Fair in Des Moines.

An hour long telephone conference took place this afternoon (Friday, Aug. 14) with ICAN and several partner agencies including PCCI to hash out details.

> 1. Protest rally from 2 to 3 p.m. across the street from the Grand Avenue entrance to the Fair grounds. HCAN (program of ICAN) will provide signage including "Healthcare Can't Wait" and "Insurance Profits Are Bad for My Health." Participating groups may also bring their own signage. (NOTE: for example Catholic Workers has a similar motto: "Insurance Profits Make Me Sick.") MEDIA WILL BE PRESENT, and there will be opportunity to speak with reporters.

> Volunteers to participate in the rally will be bussed in from the Quad Cities and maybe also from other cities such as Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo. We need a big turn-out of people from the Des Moines area as well. Parking space will be arranged for volunteer demonstrators, but it is also being recommended to park at the Capitol and take a shuttle bus to the Fair Ground. People should be at the site well before 2:00 p.m.

Either this email didn’t get “disseminated far and wide right away” or there simply weren’t enough drones because, despite bussing them in from 150 miles away, there were only about 30 drones holding their ready-made signs. I would assume that if a loosely-organized group of liberty-loving Iowans could get a hold of it, it must have been pretty well distributed. The only thing I can figure is that there just aren’t that many drones out there who want to see their health care system wrecked and the liberty stolen from them.

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