Monday, August 10, 2009

Speaking of Organized Mobs

Apparently, there is so little passion for Obamacare they are having to troll Craig's List for paid supporters.

Yes folks: $400 to $600 a week and all you have to do is feign support for Obamacare. These folks are way on the losing end of this debate and they know it. With majorities in both Houses, the power of the presidential bully pulpit, the lapdog liberal media refusing to report incidents of violence by Obama supporters against patriotic citizens a White House web site that ask for people to report those of us who are exercising our rights to free speech and a DNC web site that draws the drones a Technicolor picture of point by point liberal activism, they still have to try to gin up support for their socialist health care manifesto by paying people to support their cause. How utterly pathetic.

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