Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Outstanding Video About the Lies Behind Obamacare

Yes, one of Obama's favorite phrases is that there isn't a bill yet. But whether he likes it or not, there is a bill.It's called HR3200 and he owns it. It's the bill he wanted passed way back in July and it's the closest thing to what's going to be on the table when the House gets back. In fact, if they could pass it the hour they came back in session Pelosi and Hoyer would do it and Obama would be behind it 100%. This being the case, here is an outstanding video presentation from 912projectdesmoines.com that breaks down HR3200 and flushes out the lies being told by Obama and the Democrats about the only bill on the table at this point. Watch, learn and pass it on:

Truth about Health Care Reform Bills Accurate and Ugly

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