Monday, August 31, 2009

Teddy's Legacy? Treasonous Soviet Informant

And we all just thought the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate merely wanted to destroy the country from the inside. Little did we know, that he actually volunteered to give the Soviets information about how best to ensure Ronald Reagan lost his re-election bid in 1984.

This link, to Rick Moran's piece on the American Thinker blog, is just one of hundreds that are out there now, just a couple of days after Teddy is in the ground, that tell about Kennedy's subversive, treasonous plot to work with a brutal communist regime to undermine one of the most successful presidencies in American history. Of course we know how well this worked: Reagan wiped the floor with "Fritz" Mondale in one of the worst election losses of the 20th Century.

What does this tell us? It tells us that to be a liberal Democrat icon, you need only be a drunk, a philanderer, a lousy driver, a non-convicted man (woman?) slaughterer, wrong about everything from war and peace to the economy to health care to education to global warming and a traitor to boot. And in Kennedy's case, it just so happened that he was all of the above.

Although this is par for the course for any liberal Democrat hero, it does raise more than a few questions. First of all, where was the press on this when it first came out in 1992? Secondly, was there no one in the Democrat Party or on Kennedy's staff that realized the gravity of what Kennedy did here? Third, if this were indeed untrue, why wouldn't Kennedy's staff deny it and produce proof of the facts rather than claiming the memo was "misinterpreted"? Finally, why did this lie dormant for nearly 18 years only to come out when the treasonous scumbag was already dead? That last question is a silly one. We know exactly why this was swept under the rug until the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate died: Because he was the Liberal Lyin' of the Senate. And liberals can do no wrong.

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