Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White House Snitches Email Address Pulled

The White House's snitches email address, flag@whitehouse.gov, has been pulled as has the page that encourages people to snitch on neighbors that might disagree with the notion that having the government in total command of the one-seventh of the nation's economy is a good thing. Instead of the snitch page, you are instead directed to a page chock full of propaganda videos from supposed "experts" trying to convince the drones that are presently perched on the fence, that socialized medicine is a good thing. Ironically, they call this propaganda a "reality check". After watching the first one, I decided I didn't need to watch any more.

The arguments for government health care from Kavina Patel, who "works with" Valerie Jarrett, one of the 13 unbiased journalists who is now a senior adviser to The Messiah, consisted of regurgitating The Messiah's talking points verbatim with no apparent regard for the fact that Obama talking points do not reality make. But we're apparently just supposed to accept the assertion that you get to keep your insurance and your doctor without question despite the fact that it specifically says on page 16 of HR3200 -- the only game in town at this point -- that you will lose your private insurance and perhaps your doctor as well if there is one iota of change in your plan after the "public option" kicks in. And it also says that most of us will lose our private coverage five years after year one of the "public option". Facts are stubborn things. And reality isn't on the side of these weasels.

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Dr. Mom said...

Kavita Patel?

Doing my due diligence, corruption-wise, I discover that there is also someone in the Administration named "Eboo Patel," who is a member of the President's Faith Advisory Council. He is an Ameriican Muslim with a degree in religion from Oxford University and founded a non-profit in (surprise!) Chicago, called Interfaith Youth Core.

I am unable to determine whether he is related to Kavita Patel. Any help?