Saturday, August 01, 2009

Crooked Chris Has Prostate Cancer

I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone -- even a crook like Angelo's "friend" Chris Dodd, but apparently Crooked Chris has the big C:

HARTFORD, Conn. - The state's senior U.S. senator, Christopher Dodd, has been heavily criticized for months, suffering from poor poll numbers and questions about discount mortgages he received.

The criticisms stopped Friday, when the 65-year-old Democrat announced he's been diagnosed with an early stage of prostate cancer and will have surgery soon.

Two of Dodd's potential Republican rivals in the 2010 election issued get well wishes, saying he was in their families' prayers. And Chris Healy, chairman of the state Republicans and a vocal critic, was one of the first to e-mail reporters a statement wishing Dodd "the very best in his treatment and rehabilitation."

"There's certain things that are political, and there are certain things that are personal," Healy said when asked about his statement. "I think the more we respect that line, maybe people's image of the political class might improve."

"There's certain things that are political" for sure Mr. Healy -- like the sweetheart deals on home loans for Connecticut Democrat politicians named Dodd .... or moving to Iowa to run for president -- THEN -- scurrying back to Connecticut to your senate seat after you get your ass kicked in the primary. And one might even go so far as to say prostate cancer is political. You see, Mr. Healy, as I said before, I don't wish cancer on crooked politicians but we're not the ones making an issue out of cancer and every other health care event that might befall an American citizen (or apparently even an illegal alien for that matter).

I think that in the spirit of the health care nightmare Crooked Chris Dodd is trying to foist upon us, Crooked Chris ought to immediately enroll himself in the VA plan, the Tribal health system or perhaps maybe just Medicare and run all of his treatments through one of those programs instead of the Cadillac program Crooked Chris will have regardless of the plan he comes up with to shove all of us peasants into. Better yet, maybe Crooked Chris could go north to Canada where he could be among the 57% of Canadians to wait more than two months to see an overworked, underpaid specialist despite the fact that the government in 2004 spent $40 billion to develop a reporting process to find out exactly how bad waiting times for health care are in Canada. Canada -- the place where 3.4 million people, better than 10% of the population, don't have a primary care doctor. And this is exactly the type of system that Crooked Chris wants us to have here except ours would be 10 times larger.

Seriously though, in the spirit of "bipartisanship" and in the interest of finding out just how well some of the provisions in the House health care bill work considering this seems to be the one The Messiah favors, let's make Crooked Chris and Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy the Guinea pigs for the death counseling.

Despite my distaste for crooked politicians, I sincerely wish Crooked Chris well in his battle with prostate cancer and hope that his illness produces some epiphany in him that causes Crooked Chris to do a complete 180 on all of his political beliefs. Fat chance!

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