Friday, August 14, 2009

News The Mainstream Media Can't Use: "White Supremacist" Really Black

You won't hear much about it, because it violates the narrative. In the heat of a summer that's featured the term "racism" applied to everything from disliking the current president to wondering where his birth certificate is to asking any member of Congress, white or black, to read a bill before signing it, the Southern Poverty Law Center the other day breathlessly reported that white supremacism is on the rise.

But, in the case reported here, it's more like off its rocker.

An African-American man in Mississippi has pled guilty and will be sentenced November 18 for making threats on Facebook while posing as a white supremacist and claiming he planned to kill blacks because Barack Obama had been elected president.

The SPLC has made front page news lately with its hysterical claims that Obama is increasingly under threat from white supremacists,, with mainstream media outlets irresponsibly linking such threats to the restive citizenry appearing in town hall meetings. Yet this disturbing [information, according to the Administration, is not reflected in the President's security arrangements. In other words, the Secret Service thinks it's nonsense.

Gee, I wonder if the statistical trackers at SPLC will scrub this particular datapoint.

Or--in this new world in which the Secretary of Homeland Security thinks that "Constitutionalist" is a code word for "racist"--can a white supremacist threat still be a valid white supremacist threat, even if it's not made by a white supremacist--or even a white person of any kind?

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