Wednesday, August 05, 2009

News That Will Come and Go Quickly

You know how the liberals hate it when one of those hateful, hating, hate-mongering anti-gay meanspirited conservatives gets to say "I told you so?"

Well, in Florida, there's a case of police corruption that isn't going to be the genesis of a movement to protect anyone. But let's go back a few years to when the primary actor in the drama, Jonathan Bleiweiss, a Sherrif's deputy in Broward County, made himself a hero to the gay commuminty.

Let's go to the end of the Sun-Sentinel article:

In January, Sgt. John Nash nominated Bleiweiss for Employee of the Year in the Oakland Park district. In his nomination letter, Nash included a long list of Bleisweiss' heroics, including making well over 100 arrests in the city.

Bleiweiss was also lauded for organizing a 30-person Broward Sheriff's Office AIDS Walk team for two years in a row.

A story in the South Florida Blade, a gay weekly, detailed the deputy's accomplishments as an officer and a gay community leader. Bleiweiss told the weekly that early in his career he worked with a sergeant who routinely made jokes about him and his sexuality, and once referred to him as a "sex offender."

A sex offender! Imagine that? How incredibly insulting and hateful...and perceptive.

Because, you see, as it turns out, the deputy [allegedly] has been using his color of authority to force illegal immigrant men (and boys) to have sex with him.


Here is the arrest affidavit. As you read this (if you can stomach it), ask yourself what would be happening in the Florida media--and the national media--had this been a straight sheriff's deputy [allegedly] harassing, molesting, and raping female illegal aliens.

There would be a national "conversation" about police misconduct and the dangers of placing too much power in the hands of men with guns. There would be a "re-visioning" of police procedure already in play. There would be a sudden cascade of reports of similar behavior all over the nation.

Hilda Solis, our Secretary of Labor, would be demanding an investigation of the treatment of illegal workers by Florida police. Attorney General Eric Holder would be opening one. President Obama would be talking about his long history of protecting the undocumented.

But that's not going to happen

Instead, this example of where deviance inevitably eventually leads is going to be dealt with quickly and quietly, and confined to the lower Southern tip of the U.S.

And only those who follow the obscure news will have the chance to say "we told you so."

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