Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What The Other Hand Is Doing

While the nation is busy fighting about whether the President really wants or really, really wants a public option on health care, whether he said "essential" or he didn't, and whether the message from the White House is "consistent," President Obama is fulfilling another campaign promise to some of his biggest fans--the gay rights lobby.

The Justice Department has filed a brief arguing for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act--yes, the same DOMA that the Administration fought to preserve in federal court recently in order to preserve the power of the presidency.

This is something the President has been waiting for the right moment to do. This, while all the world is focused like a laser on something else, is apparently the right moment. Since the first shot has not been heard round the world, by the time the case is decided it will come as a complete surprise to the people who should have been working to prevent its inevitable effects.

Get out there and protect marriage in your state Constitution, and press your national legislators to take a position on a Marriage Amendment. Before this case defeats DOMA and the liberal Congress moves to make Same-Sex Unions the equivalent of marriage on a federal level.

It's coming, and you know it. Before you go out to your local town hall meeting to protest health care, send an email or make a phone call to your state legislators.

Find your representatives at this site.

Keep track of federal legislation here.

Sign up here to be sent emails to find out when your reps are voting on new bills and how they voted on the old ones.

If the Senate had voted on the Health Care Bill before the recess, the President would have signed it. As is, and as awful as we now know it to have been. The ONLY thing that prevents this Administration from getting everything it wants is an informed populace pressuring their representatives. It may not always work (and it may well not work on health care), but it can always slow them down.

Stay on top of things. Let us know what's out there to be worried about. Facebook and Twitter and blog everything you find out about no matter how seemingly innocuous. Because they aren't going to put the important things on the front page unless they don't have a choice. And the things you don't know CAN hurt you--and your country.

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