Sunday, August 23, 2009

There Once was a Man On Nantucket

Whose health care plan was so bad you could .....

Okay, he's not really on Nantucket, but Martha's Vineyard is close enough. And his health care plan really does suck.

Conservatives like to call commie lib leaders like The Messiah liberal elitists and with good reason. Good ole' Barry Obama who used to "organize" the disaffected malcontents out of the back of his 1983 Honda Civic and still claims to be looking out for the downtrodden -- you know, those "47 million Americans without health care, the folks who are recruited to stand up at his spontaneous "town hall meetings" and whine about how horrible the American health care system is or how an insurance company screwed them.Yet when he goes on vacation he, like the last commie lib president before him -- William Jefferson Blythe "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" Clinton -- tries to get as far away as he can from the disaffected malcontents he claims so much affection for. In this case to a 28-acre estate on Martha's Vineyard rented for $35,000 a week.

Here's a thought for Barry: Since you're so darned concerned about giving the poor health care, why don't you take that $35,000 a week for a couple of weeks and go find a dozen or so poor families that need health care and set up a trust to buy them health insurance. Then you could just head back to the $1.6 million house in Chicago and hang out there for your vaca. Furthermore, every time you're tempted to jet off to NYC for a night on the town, or fly in a pizza chef from Saint Louis or ship a bunch of $100-per-pound beef in from Japan or get your staff started on planning one of those famous Wednesday night parties, why don't you just toss that money in the kitty in the name of "health care for all"? I don't begrudge you a vacation, Barry. Doing more to advance the cause of American socialism in seven months than any president before you managed to do in 4, 8 or even 16 years (not to mention garnering the hearty endorsement of the leader of the Communist Party USA) is hard work. But in an era where you are asking us middle class folks to tighten OUR belts and make sacrifices for the least among us, don't you think a little sacrifice is in order on your part?

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