Friday, December 05, 2003

Carl Be Smokin' Some Crack!

Nathaniel Jones apparently wasn't the only one on PCP and coke. It would seem like Carl Parrott, the Hamilton County coroner, is too. Here's what he had to say about the death of a morbidly obese black man on coke and PCP (according to a CBS news report):

Hamilton County Coroner Carl Parrott said his autopsy showed that Jones suffered from an enlarged heart, obesity and had intoxicating levels of cocaine, PCP and methanol in his blood.

Parrott said the death will be ruled a homicide, but that such a ruling "should not be interpreted as implying inappropriate behavior or the use of excessive force by police." (Just what the hell is this bit of illogic supposed to mean? Either someone caused his death intentionally (a homicide) or they didn't. Isn't this an admission that this was NOT a homicide?)

Jones' body had bruising on the lower half, but did not show signs of blows to the head or organ damage, Parrott said.

The coroner said he had to rule the death a homicide because it didn't fall under other categories of a death in Ohio: accident, suicide or natural. (So we're supposed to believe that the death of a grotesquely obese man with a bad heart and high levels of three dangerous drugs in his system after super-human exertion isn't a natural or expected outcome?)

Jones' death certificate will list a cause of death as an irregular heart beat because of a stress reaction from the violent struggle, Parrott said.

Who was responsible for the violent struggle???? Anyone who sees the WHOLE tape and hears the WHOLE transcript knows that the racist bigot black man on PCP and coke was responsible for the violent struggle. Better call it suicide, Carl. All the cops were trying to do was subdue an angry 350-pound black man on PCP in the most professional manner possible. This guy killed himself. What are you on Carl????????

And yet here's what the purposely-deluded race baiters have to say about it according to the same CBS news report:

"Another black man has been killed at the hands of the Cincinnati police, but it's nothing new," said one man. "The city is divided, black and white, but the blacks always die."

If we continue to have people in our society who are consumed by the type of colossal ignorance demonstrated by this statement, we won’t survive as a society for a whole lot longer.

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