Sunday, January 11, 2004

2004 – Make it a Good Year by Voting Republican

I meant to post this a long time ago but didn't get it done. Here it is:

What’s the best thing you could do this year to improve your life and the lives of all Americans? Vote Republican. It doesn’t take a whole lot of rational thought to determine that re-electing George Bush is the best course for the country. One look at what the Democratic candidates have as the main plank of all of their platforms and you know backwards and empty their agenda is: Stopping George Bush.

Take a minute and consider why we would want George Bush to stop what he’s doing:

Do we really want to stop him from creating unprecedented economic growth with his anemic (but better than nothing) tax cut that sunsets in ten years?

Do we want him to stop winning the War on Terror?

Do we want him to stop bringing decency and respect to the presidency?

In fact, the things that he should stop doing are things that ALL the Democratic candidates want to take further:

They don’t think Bush’s $400 billion-dollar drug giveaway to the seniors goes far enough. In fact most of them would "rollback" (weaselspeak for eliminate) the badly-needed tax cuts that, although they don’t go far enough, have sparked the economy and will eventually lower the deficit to give us the same socialized medicine mess they have in countries like Canada and Great Britain.

They don’t think that Bush’s ridiculous illegal immigrant boondoggle goes far enough either. In fact, in a pre-caucus debate in Iowa tonight, they all agreed that we need to do a better job of kissing the asses of people who want to attain citizenship. Not only that, they all agreed that instead of deporting illegal immigrants (Joe Lieberperson called them "immigrants" in an apparent attempt to obfuscate the fact that they were talking about ILLEGAL immigrants), we should give them all driver licenses.

Is George Bush perfect? No. In fact some of his programs are downright Clintonian. But in the areas that mater most in today’s world – fighting the War on Terror and restoring the economy through tax cuts – he’s right on the money. He’s running for re-election and the best thing you can do for yourself and your family in 2004 is vote for him. Hopefully, he’ll be less afraid to be a real conservative in his second term when he won’t be running for re-election. The alternative is to regress into anger, hatred, despair, over-taxation and circle jerk appeasement foreign policy that puts the interests of everyone else in the world above our national security because this is all the Democrats have to offer. It’s any easy choice. Maintain the status quo while making some positive advances in economic and foreign policy or head off in a direction that will lead to the end of our country, as we know it. Which do you choose?

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