Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Stamp Out the Weasels: Vote Bush

The Democrats are on their way to nominating another weaselly loser – John Kerry.

Don’t take my word for it, read the weaselly lies from his own web site:

George W Bush has chosen tax cuts for the wealthy and special favors for the special interests over our economic future. John Kerry’s priority will be middle class families who are working hard to cover the mortgage, pay the high cost of health care, child care and tuition, or just trying to get ahead.

I’m not wealthy, (at least not by my definition) and you’re probably not wealthy either. Apparently, John Forbes Heinz Kerry, who married $500 million, thinks we're wealthy because he thinks only the wealthy got tax cuts.

Also, does Kerry not realize that the reason why all of us middle class (oh, sorry, I forgot -- I'm rich) people he’s supposedly committed to fighting for have to work so hard to get ahead is that our effective tax rate, when every, federal, state and local tax is figured in is better than 40%.

As for the special interests, read this report from Political Money Line Website, www.tray.com which was posted on the Maryland Republican Party website;

As detailed in the AP report, Kerry blocked an effort to rein in the $15 billion Big Dig highway project in Massachusetts and interceded on behalf of insurer American International Group (AIG) so that they could funnel $130 million in excess government payments into private investments. Despite Kerry's claims that special interests haven't influenced him, AIG subsequently paid some of his travel expenses, and AIG executives maxed out donations to his campaign fund. In 2002, AIG gave $30,000 to Kerry's unlimited soft money fund for his presidential run. In addition, other "Big Dig" contractors contributed at least $60,000 in soft money to Kerry's 527 Citizen Soldier PAC.

As Charles Lewis of The Center for Public Integrity said, "The idea that Kerry has not helped or benefited from a specific special interest, which he has said, is utterly absurd." (John Solomon, "Kerry Blocked Law, Drew Cash," The Associated Press, 2/4/04)

And from an AP story in the Modesto Bee on 2/2/04:

Sen. Kerry, who says he hasn't taken a dime of political action committee money for his presidential campaign, in fact ran a tax-exempt political committee that collected nearly a half million dollars directly from companies and labor unions just before those types of donations were outlawed in late 2002, tax records show.

And in the same story, posted on the Modesto Bee web site, Charles Lewis weighs in again on the issue of Kerry and special interests:

They are both in up to their necks with special interest money," said Charles Lewis, head of the Center for Public Integrity, a Washington watchdog group that recently published "The Buying of the President 2004," which tracks the sources of political money for the presidential hopefuls.

"This rhetoric has a rather hollow ring to it. It is hypocritical. They are splitting hairs when they say either, 'I don't take lobbyists' money' or 'I don't take from PACs' when both have received millions from special interests anyway," Lewis said.

The first thing John Kerry will do is fight his heart out to bring back the three million jobs that have been lost under George W. Bush. He will fight to restore the jobs lost under Bush in the first 500 days of his administration. Kerry has proposed creating jobs through a new manufacturing jobs credit, by investing in new energy industries, restoring technology, and stopping layoffs in education.

Kerry’s too busy lying his heart out to fight his heart out. Recent statistics on the economy show that there has been a net gain of jobs under Bush – not a loss – and the economy is roaring back a rate not seen for 20 years.

The Democrats mascot used to be a jackass. It ought to be a weasel. We elected one weasel to two terms in the 1990s. We prevented another one from being elected in 2000. We’re just now beginning to reverse the ill effects of being asleep at the wheel in national affairs, national defense and foreign policy while we were mired in the spectacle of the president of the United States soiling an intern’s blue dress (and apparently, the Oval Office bathroom sink) and musing about what the meaning of the word "is" is. Again, the Democrats will nominate a weasel. But its too dangerous a world out there to install a weasel at the helm of this great nation. Help me bring about the extinction of the weasel. Vote Bush in November 2004.

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