Friday, December 03, 2010

White House: Failure to Extended Unemployment Benefits will Cost Jobs

Six hundred thousand of them to be exact.

How is this for convoluted logic? Not paying people to stay out of the workforce longer will cause MORE people to be unemployed?

How many liberals does it take to come up with a coherent economic policy? None, because no matter how many leftists you have they can't come up with a coherent economic policy and nothing proves it better than this idiocy brought to you by Austan Goolsbee (How's that for a great name for a leftist economic adviser?) and the rest of Obama's council of economic advisers.

I have the utmost sympathy for folks who are unemployed in this economy. But the simple fact of the matter is that many just aren't doing everything they can to find a job -- any job. Case in point, one poor woman -- a guest on a Fox Business program last night -- who was one of the 99ers -- she ran through 99 weeks of benefits. She said she had been to several temp agencies looking for work and had sent out dozens of resumes. As one of the regulars pointed out, this isn't good enough and proves the point that the longer you extend unemployment benefits, the easier it is to prolong a job search. You have to be ready to do ANYTHING you have to do to get a job -- any job. Not sit around looking for the perfect job while whining that even the temp services don't have anything for you. There are very few places in this country where you are going to find your "perfect" job. The Obama economy has seen to that. You have to get out there and take anything available -- and there are SOME jobs out there in most markets -- while looking for the job you want.

This is easy to say for someone who has a job, right? Get out there and try to find one and you'll see how hard it is. I'm not saying looking for a job is easy. In fact it's downright impossible in some areas of the country (mostly ones like Michigan or New York where liberals are exclusively in charge). But if I found myself out of a job, I'd take anything available while conducting a search. Work at night and search during the day. Work during the day and search at night. Do everything in your power to get SOME money coming in. Sitting around and moping about your lack of work becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Make your own job. Do something! You have to search for a job from day one as if it's the last day of your last week of your unemployment benefit period. Extending unemployment benefits makes it less likely -- not more likely -- people are going to be hungry enough to REALLY search for a job. To say that not extending unemployment benefits will create more unemployment is utterly moronic. But in this day and age, we just have to get used to having the morons in charge be the norm. And to say that Austan Goolsbee and his boss are morons is a vast understatement.

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