Friday, June 01, 2012

A Murdered Baby By Any Other Name is ...

A "non-consentually terminated pregnancy" at least that's what it is out here in flyover country. Dirtbag Seth Techel's arrest for his pregnant wife's murder presents us with a perfect example of how liberalism forces us to play semantic games to mask the truth. 

Techel was charged with first-degree murder in the shotgun death of his wife. For murdering her unborn child he was charged with "nonconsensual (nearly rhymes with nonsensical except that nonsensical is an actual WORD) termination of a human pregnancy" . Techel's wife was 17 weeks pregnant, apparently not with an actual baby. No, she was apparently pregnant with a "human pregnancy". And thus you have the absurdity of liberal-speak. 

Everyone knows that the vast majority of "human pregnancies" at 17 weeks turn into full term babies. Everyone knows that a 17-week "human pregnancy" is in fact an unborn baby that will through the natural course of events be able to live outside its mother within another 20 or so weeks and in fact have been viable in some cases at 21 weeks. And if you want to talk about "viability" everyone knows that if we were to apply a strict "viability" test, most kids under the age of 10 or so would be incapable of fending for themselves and therefore not "viable". But liberals and the courts have had such great success in highjacking the lexicon that we are no longer allowed to admit the truth: That Seth Techel in fact should have been charged with two murders -- one for his wife and one for his unborn child. 

Lying, twisting the facts and playing semantic games are all a major part of liberalism and nothing demonstrates this better than all of the lying, fact-twisting and semantics surrounding government-sanctioned baby-killing otherwise known as abortion. They are in fact "offended" not at the act of baby killing itself but whenever someone in their right mind confronts them with the naked truth by showing pictures of the severed body parts of a baby sucked out of a womb. Liberals don't even like the word abortion. Instead, they substitute phrases such as "women's reproductive health decisions" or as I heard Tamara Holder put it on Sean Hannity's radio show today, us evil conservatives want to rob women of "the right to make their own medical decisions". 

All of this arises from the Big Lie perpetrated by a liberal court damn near 40 years ago dictating that an unborn child in not an unborn child but a "women's right to privacy". In other words, if Techel and his wife had made a "reproductive health decision" to kill the baby, the baby would be just as dead as it is today but no one would have been charged with anything. But to charge Techel with murdering his unborn child would expose this lie for what it is. So we label the child a "human pregnancy" and the murder a "termination" of said "human pregnancy". 

As I eluded to earlier, the semantic games liberals play to mask the truth aren't confined to this issue. Choose the topic and you have some liberal weasel speak to obfuscate the facts: Revenue enhancements = tax increases; "paying your fair share" or "having some skin in the game" means middle and upper income taxpayers shoulder an even bigger tax burden. When the globe started cooling again, "global warming" became "climate change". Illegal immigrants aren't illegal as they are in other countries, they are "undocumented". And asking every voter to do something no one in their right mind would object to -- proving they are actually eligible to vote by showing an ID at the polls -- is "disenfranchising voters" even though EVERYONE is required to have a picture ID to drive a car, get on a plane, buy alcohol and cigarettes, cash a check etc. 

These are just a very few examples of liberal weasel speak. Following The Great and Powerful Obama (or any other liberal leader) around all day and you will find that nearly every other phrase that comes out of his mouth is liberal weasel speak.

In the end however, we all know the truth, even liberals: Taxes are taxes, man-made global warming is a myth, anyone who is unwilling or unable to prove their eligibility to vote probably isn't eligible to vote and a murdered baby by any other name is still a murdered baby.

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