Sunday, April 07, 2013

"Evita" Obama's Central Plan for Veggies

Head nutrition Nazi Michele Obama is studying plans for getting veggies to the masses. Yes, this is the much-ballyhooed interview in which she called herself a "single mother", but we all know that the marriages of most leftist politicians are marriages of political expedience. The fact that her and Barack's marriage isn't a "storybook" marriage isn't much more of a surprise than the fact that Slick Willie and Hillary's marriage is a sham. The quote from this interview that should really concern all of us is this one:

"We're looking at new models of getting farmer's markets you know to create buses and drive-ins to communities that are under-served. So, we have to deal with the question of access"
I can't believe I'm the only person who thinks that having a first lady conniving a plan to deliver vegetables to the "under-served" masses is more troubling than the Freudian slip she made about being a "single mother". Yet you'll have a hard time finding this whole quote in a news search. The front end of this salient quote is cut off at the beginning of the video clip amidst the breathless reporting about Michele's "single" motherhood. The fact that the woman feels isolated from her husband the president who seems to have no time for work or family and all the time in the world for recreation with his rich and famous buddies ain't news. The fact that the first lady of the United States has tasked herself with central planning the quantity, availability, nutritional value and content of our food is a lot bigger deal.

Of course this doesn't come as a surprise to those of us who are actually paying attention, but the rest of us had better start paying attention if we want to continue to enjoy our Constitutional right to put whatever we want to in our mouths because Evita Obama would is on the process of changing that. How many of us with school-age kids have heard about how new rules governing "school nutrition" have turned their school lunches to crap -- crap that gets thrown away. The stranglehold that various federal bureaucracies have on the food supply has been increasing over decades but has greatly accelerated under Barack the messiah's regime with the full-blown support of Evita's actions and rhetoric. Now she's looking at various central plans for to busing the masses to the veggies .... or is it busing the veggies to the masses? I'm confused. And that's even before I try to think about what a drive-in farmer's market will look like.

The bottom line is this: There is nothing in our Constitution that gives Evita Obama the right to look at "new models" for getting any type of food anywhere. It's none of her damn business where veggies are sold or whether I even eat veggies or not. If people in "under-served communities" want veggies bad enough, they can figure out a way to get to the veggies themselves. Out here in flyover country between May and October, you can't go a block and a half without running into a veggie stand. That's the free market at work. And the actual farmer's markets are a whole hell of a lot closer to what Evita Obama would consider "under-served communities" than they are to my house in the country. And when Evita talks about the "under-served community" just what in the hell is she talking about? The rent-subsidized apartments or the high-rise condos and lofts that are a couple blocks away ? They are both in the same "community". But the leftist who sees everything through the prism of class division and class envy gerrymanders that "community" to exclude people whose incomes arbitrarily fall above their preconceived notion of what "under-served" is.

A little message to Evita and Barry (and the rest of the leftist cabal running the administrative branch of the federal government): Keep your central plans off my food supply. 

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