Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Two Stooges

Actually there are four stooges. But we already knew John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake were stooges. But wait, you say, that leaves only one stooge -- Marco Rubio. I didn't say BOTH stooges were in the amnesty "gang of eight". If you haven't guessed yet, the other stooge is Paul Ryan.

What a waste. Two bright, young up and coming conservative politicians co-opted by the Washington political class and turned into a couple of mealy-mouthed stooges. If you listen to Marco debating Charlie Crist on immigration less than three years ago and listen to his schtick today, he sounds downright Obama-esque; that is to say hypocritical.

Note to Marco and Paul: Your first clue that supporting this bill was political suicide was that you have to jump into bed with a completely reprehensible greaseball like Chuckie Schumer to support it. If Chuck Schumer is for something, that's the best reason I can think of to be against it. Put it this way: If Chuck Schumer came out in favor of the sun coming up in the morning, I'd have to re-evaluate my thoughts about sunrise.

The second clue that supporting amnesty 2013 is a bad thing would be that commie pig bastards from hell start a PAC with the word "conservative" in it and misappropriate your names for the radio commercials that are playing on conservative talk radio every five seconds. Fortunately most conservatives pay attention to what's going on and aren't stupid enough to fall for a commercial full of outright BS that drops the names of two purported conservative politicians who once had bright futures.Did you ever ask yourselves, Marco and Paul, why they don't drop Chuckie the Schmuck's name in these commercials? While you're thinking about that dudes, answer this one: How does it feel to be willing, active and enthusiastic participants in your political demise? Because this is exactly what these commercials are intended to do: Neuter your political futures.

If either of you aspire to higher political office you'll end up being like John McCain and your former running mate, Paul: Wishy-washy politicians conservatives have to settle for rather than principled conservative leaders. Because if the Washington political class can sway your principles on this issue what other important issues will you roll over and play dead on if God forbid we were to elect you to higher office? Controlling entitlements? The budget deficit? Obamacare? Personally, I'm done "settling for" mealy mouthed politicians that call themselves "conservative". I'm afraid I couldn't even hold my nose and vote for either one of you if you were nominated for national office even if this putrid bill doesn't pass. Any trust I had in your adherence to conservative principles is gone.

You might remember Marco and Paul: We tried this same thing when you were just a couple of punk kids too young to vote. Back in 1986, liberals managed to get one of the best presidents this country has ever seen to support a bullshit immigration bill that made all of the same promises this bill makes: Controlling the borders, amnesty for current illegals in return for a crackdown on future illegals -- the same kind of empty promises both of you are making today. Twenty seven years and 12+million MORE illegals later, we are seeing just what a pile of crap the 1986 amnesty bill was. Your are admitting that the same thing we tried in 1986 doesn't work while pushing the 2013 version of the same old crap.

The point has been made that our immigration system isn't broken: We already have an orderly process for allowing up to one million immigrants into our country legally every year. These people that you and the other "gang of eight" idiots claim are "in the shadows" are here of their own choosing -- they are interlopers here illegally.We don't have to accommodate them: We need to send them back. I'll tell you the real system that's broken, Marco and Paul: It's the Washington political system that swallowed you up and made you a part of the problem.

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