Friday, October 09, 2009

The Messiah Wins Nobel Peace Prize !!!!????

Last week, I heard The Messiah described as a beta male dog:

The alpha male dog is the one that will protect it's territory at all costs. The beta male rolls over, exposing his belly and throat to the alpha male to show him he means him no harm and as a way of begging for the other dog's mercy. The liberal's president is our beta male dog. An apologist for the "sins" of America, appeaser of terror states, friend of dictators, apologist for America's overwhelming power and strength that has made the world a safer and freer place. And worse, he's determined to diminish our status as a world military power in the face of tremendous threats to our security and that of our allies. Hence the reason the panty-wastes at the Nobel committee conferred upon our beta male dog their worthless prize.

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