Friday, October 16, 2009

White House Communications Director is a Mao Groupie

What is it with commie-lovers in this administration? Mark Lloyd worships Hugo Chavez and admires his control over the media in Venezuela. Carol Browner is a Socialist. Van Jones was a Socialist. The Messiah worships communists which is probably why there are so many in his administration. And now we have Anita Dunn, the White House communications director, an avowed admirer of Mao Zedong. Here's video from Glenn Beck's show in which Dunn names genocidal maniac and communist Mao Zedong as one of her top two favorite political philosophers then proceeds to expound on her admiration of his political history and spunk.

Dunn is the one who has declared war on Fox News claiming that they get their talking points from the Republican Party.   

Nearly every host on Fox News, especially Glenn Beck who has installed a "red phone" from Fox News studios to the White House, would love to talk to Mao Ze Dunn about these allegations, but Dunn has been strangely non-communicative with the people at Fox who just want to set the record straight. Perhaps it's just that Dunn isn't interested in airing out the facts about her affection for Mao and the affinity The Messiah has for choosing socialists and communists for the important cabinet positions. Sounds to me like she's more interested in taking the same position news media the Obama Administration objects to here in the United States of America land of the free, home of the brave, as Hugo Chavez has in Venezuela -- just shut them down. You know, the same type of strategy her colleague Mark Lloyd, the FCC "diversity czar" praised Chavez for.

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