Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Where's Algore When You Need Him?

As I write this, it's ten degrees outside with snow and 50 mile an hour winds. By morning we'll have upwards of a foot of snow on the ground that will be blowing around at 40-50 mph until midday. This winter has been the most brutal for the east coast with record snowfalls in New York City and FEET of snow in places like North Carolina and Georgia. Oklahoma's winter weather is nearly as brutal as it is in Iowa this winter and Oklahoma is 500 miles south of here. And this winter isn't nearly as bad out here in flyover country as LAST winter was.

Through all of this and everything we went through LAST winter, I can't help but wonder where Algore is. He's been strangely silent for the last couple of years and no one in the media -- not even Fox News -- has been able to get him to comment on this strange manifestation of "global warming". (Oh, excuse me, that's "global climate change" these days.)

Of course you have the lefty sycophants who echo the socialist party line that this extreme weather is proof positive that "climate change" is real. But anyone with a brain knows what a happy load of crap this is. Despite the lefty propaganda, there is actual scientific evidence that proves that the weather we are experiencing this winter is caused by events that are the exact OPPPOSITE of what the "global warming" lefties would have us believe. As difficult as this may be to understand, the sun -- which warms the earth -- is less active now and has been for the last few years. And -- SURPRISE -- an absence of activity on the surface of the sun manifests itself in cooler temperatures on earth.

Kind of funny how 35 years ago these same leftist nut cases were whining about the coming ice age. Their assertion back then was just the opposite -- that the dreaded gasses humans were generating as a result of their prosperity were going to shield us from the sun's rays and COOL the planet. Don't believe me: Look up Newsweek's 1975 cover about "The Coming Ice Age". Today the environazis are arguing the reverse of what they were arguing back when Algore was a pothead (who knows, maybe he still is). Which is it? I'd be eager to hear the former VP give a coherent answer to this one. But we all know how the lefty weasels are: These jackasses are entirely devoid of principle and will argue anything they think will help promote their anti-prosperity agenda.

The actual truth is this: These cycles have been happening since the dawn of time. It's just been in the last 50 years or so that folks like Algore have been trying to exploit them to advance their socialist agenda. It's time someone took the opportunity of winter of 2011 to find where he's hiding (probably in the palatial California mansion he purchased that will be underwater if his predictions about "climate change" come true), drag him out and ask him what he attributes Tulsa's unusual 18 inches of snow to.

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