Thursday, February 03, 2011

Wind Energy: Not Ready for Prime Time

You see literally dozens of these lined up all across Wyoming and Utah. They are popping up like mushrooms in Iowa and other places in the Midwest. The Once and Fallen Messiah touts them as the way he's going to bring the economy "back from the brink". One would presume that they would play a big part in his goal to generate 80% of our power from "green" sources. Given all this, it's too bad these things collapse in the face of a little cold weather:

The guy who posted this on his blog explains the phenonmenon: The fact that extreme cold stresses steel is scientific fact. And apparently 164 tons of stressed steel occasionally doesn't support itself very well. Additionally, the stresses of high winds can cause these monsters to blow apart. Some of the other hazards of wind turbines are detailed here in an article explaining that energy conservation efforts could actually save more energy than wind power generates. To top it all off, none of the multitude of articles detailing the problems with wind energy even talk about the cost of transporting these moronic devices. As someone who lives on Interstate 80 15 miles from a plant where these monsters are built, I can tell you that it takes a fleet of trucks and an armada of pilot vehicles to move just ONE of these eyesores to its final resting place.

Facts are facts and the facts are that "green" technology doesn't work. As Terry Brome pointed out in his blog post, when have you seen a coal or gas-fired power plant collapse under high wind speeds? And how many of these 1.5 megawatt turbines that sweeps two acres of vertical air space does it take to equal the output of ONE power plant? Why I'm glad you asked. It takes 750 1.5 megawatt wind turbines each sitting on a minimum one acre of space to produce the same amount of power as ONE modern coal-fired power plant.

When you actually examine the facts surrounding "green energy" sources, it becomes clear that the goal of the lefties (Barack Obama chief among them) is not to provide for our future energy needs with "green technology". It is to render our power grid a shell of it's former self and reduce our power-generating capacity to cut us down to size. Obama may be a dyed in the wool socialist brought up worshipping the communist Frank Marshall Davis and he may be a total buffoon as president but one thing he ain't is stupid. He has access to the same facts (even more) about the total impracticality of "green energy" as the average American does. To paraphrase the Once and Fallen Messiah, the plan is to cripple our ability to generate enough power to meet our needs causing the cost of generating power to "necessarily skyrocket", thereby knocking America down a couple notches on the world stage because it just isn't fair that we "have five percent of the world's population and consume 25% of the world's resources". "Spreading the wealth around" on a global scale is what it's all about here. But the average Joe would never believe that a president of the United States would actually set out to cripple our ability to produce enough power. Couple this fact with the righteous indignation hurled in the direction of anyone who voices the undeniable truth that this Marxist has a stated policy of contempt for America's status as the most prosperous nation on earth and what do you have? You have 75% of the American public blind to the fact that we are purposely diminishing our ability to produce enough power because the leftists want it that way.

Consider these facts:
  • We are sitting on THE LARGEST reserves of oil and natural gas in the world, yet Democrats consistently block every attempt to access our natural resources. China is furiously buying up oil leases while we are shutting down our oil exploration.  
  • Democrats also block every attempt to revive the nuclear power industry in this country even though nuclear power is one of the safest forms of power generation in the world. (Despite what the lefties will tell you, Three Mile Island was proof that nuclear safeguards on nuke power plants work, not the opposite.)
  •  Democrats consistently tout failed and failing "green" technologies as the way "to achieve energy independence" when the reverse is true: Tapping our tried, true and plentiful sources of energy is the way to achieve energy independence. Other forms of power generation will take shape when they are viable in the free market. Until then, we'll continue to have dangerous absurdities like collapsing wind turbine towers or simply absurd absurdities like the Government Motors "electric" car that runs on an electric motor powered by a battery charged by a four-cylinder gas motor.

What does this all mean? It means that Barack Obama and his merry band of leftists aren't just a gaggle of utter buffoons: They bave as their stated goal to diminish of America's status as a world power. After all (to paraphrase the ex-Messiah again) the people of Botswana and Namibia probably believe in Botswanan and Namibian exceptionalism as well. In other words, Barack doesn't believe that there is anything more exceptional about the United States than there is about any other country. Why should our power-generating capacity be any better than anyone else's? And why should we use more than the five percent of the world's resources our population deserves?

Want to end the decline in this country's power-generating capacity? End Barack Obama's (and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's and the multitude of other leftists) ability to have any influence on our energy policy: Boot them out of office!

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