Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Anti-Gun Idiocy From Obama's Court Jester

Mere hours after he advised women to unleash both barrels of a 12-gague uselessly into the air, Shiftless Joe Biden emerged from the woodshed to toe Barry's anti-gun line. The Washington Post called this idiocy a "point by point rebuttal" to the National Rifle Association's arguments that the Second Amendment means what it says: That "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed":

Vowing that there is “a moral price to be paid for inaction,” Biden sought to publicly shame lawmakers who are hesitant about voting for President Obama’s gun-control agenda.
“I can’t imagine how we will be judged as a society if we do nothing,” he said. “If you’re concerned about your political survival, you should be concerned about the survival of our children. And guess what? I believe the price to be paid politically should go to those who refuse to act. . . . The American people are with us.”
Biden, his voice growing louder and louder, delivered a point-by-point rebuttal of arguments made by the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights activists. He argued that people do not need AR-15s and other military-style assault rifles for self protection.
“They say, ‘Well, it’s about our culture,’ ” Biden said. “The facts are, our culture’s not killing 25 people a day. It’s weapons and high-capacity magazines. It’s criminals who get guns without going through a background check.”
Biden accused some questioners participating in his online chats of planting questions designed to place roadblocks to his gun-control agenda.
“They say, ‘All you’re going to do, Biden, you and the president, you’re going to deny law-abiding citizens their rights under the Second Amendment,’ ” Biden said. “Not true.
An actual point by point rebuttal to this nonsense isn't difficult to muster.

First of all, trying to "publicly shame" lawmakers with a moral compass who are on the right side of this issue is going to be difficult.Better than 10,000 Americans are killed each and every year by drunk drivers. Do we ban cars for law-abiding drivers because of this carnage? Then why does Bozo Biden insist that there is "a moral price to be paid" for not depriving law abiding citizens of their right to keep and bear arms?

If Biden were truly "concerned for the survival of our children" he would be campaigning to replace every motorized vehicle on the road with pedal cars that achieve a top speed of five miles an hour because a hell of a lot more kids are killed at the hands of drunk drivers than at the hands of crazed psychos with guns. And can we once and for all dispense with this idiocy that criminals and psychos will obtain their guns legally by going through background checks? Just how stupid do you think we are Bozo Joe?

Biden is right on one point: Our culture is NOT killing 25 people a day ( obviously one of those "statistics" Joe pulled out of his ass). This is an argument for the Second Amendment Joe, you moron. But weapons and high capacity magazines aren't killing people anymore than a Ford Explorer kills people. It takes psychos with weapons (not necessarily guns) and drunk drivers behind the wheel to kill people with guns and cars.

As far as denying "law abiding citizens their rights under the Second Amendment" who the hell are you, Moron Joe,  to tell a law-abiding citizen that they "do not need an AR-15". By the way, for you ObamaBot Zombies out there, you can read up on what an AR-15 actually is right here. Or better yet, I'll just explain it to you in simple terms: An AR-15 is essentially a scary-looking .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle. It isn't difficult to use, as Shiftless Joe would have you believe, and is commonly used for target practice and hunting.

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