Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Lame Duck Messiah Campaigns Against His Own Sequester Plan

Will someone tell this dumb ass that he can stop campaigning? He's a lame duck, he doesn't have to campaign any more.Yes, I'm talking about the liberal's president of the United States. But apparently Barry figures that campaigning beats the hell out of actually governing because he doesn't do a hell of a lot of governing. 

Why doesn't he govern? Because he doesn't know how to. He's a "community organizer" whatever the hell that is and that's all he's ever known (other than being a malcontent teenage druggie punk). And a community organizer's job is to is to whip up anti-establishment sentiment in a quest for "change", never mind that Barry is the establishment and has been for the last four years. He pretends like he isn't and reinforces that notion by spending his time, golfing with Tiger Woods vacationing by himself, and playing pick-up basketball with Jay Z.

Which brings us to the looming sequester -- automatic spending cuts that were his idea -- and the campaign stops Barry made (flanked by first responders as props)  today to warn about how dangerous these cuts, which were his idea and agreed to by a bunch of panty waist Republican lawmakers, will be to damn near everything liberals hold near and dear:

 This so-called sequester “won’t help the economy,” Obama said. “It won’t create jobs.”
The “meat cleaver approach” will lead to such things as the layoffs of teachers, cutbacks in the air traffic control system, furloughs of FBI agents and a compromised military, Obama said as he again called for heading off sequestration with a “balanced” debt reduction plan — and laid the groundwork for blaming the Republicans if the automatic cuts come to pass.
“These cuts are not smart, these cuts are not fair,” Obama said. “People will lose their jobs.”
A balanced plan means both spending cuts as well as new tax revenue to be derived from closing loopholes and deductions that benefit the wealthy, Obama said.
Wow, all this from $85 billion in cuts in a four thousand billion dollar budget. Rather than slash all these programs Barry, we could just cut food stamp card benefits to all those folks I see in line ahead of me at the grocery store who are buying $400 worth of groceries on my dime, including every name brand food you can imagine.

Let the sequester happen. We need to call the bluff of the punk community organizer who holds the highest elective office in the land.

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