Thursday, November 20, 2003

Saint Hillary, Savior of the Democratic Party!!??

As I mentioned in my last post, six losers showed up in Iowa last week to be upstaged by Hillary. The Democratic faithful were lined up for hours outside the Borders Bookstore in West Des Moines, Iowa to see Her Highness. The members of the lobotomized left seem to think this woman walks on water. It's time for them to put away their joints and their bongs and their purple microdot once and for all and come back down to earth for a little dose of reality. Maybe when you're high on drugs or giddy from that rush liberals get from contemplating a life under nanny-state socialism, you lose sight of what Hillary actually is: an unqualified, self-centered, corrupt, opportunistic political hack.

Although they love her, she's the antithesis of everything the gals at NOW claim to stand for. A woman who got her MRS in college, latched firmly onto the coattails of a man who she thought was going somewhere and used his political influence to land herself a job she didn't deserve. She stood by her man through numerous sexual dalliances (and possibly even a rape) so she could emerge from her husband's failure of a presidency and her marriage of convenience and embark upon as worthless a political career as his had been ... At least for us that is. His political career was worth millions to both of them. And with their millions, (garnered in part by an $8 million book deal of the same type that she and other libs badgered Newt Gingrich into abandoning, although his was only a lousy $400,000) they were able to move away from that backwards, third-world hole-in-the-wall, Arkansas, (they’d exploited it for political gain just about as much as they could by this time) to a place that really deserved them -- the liberal Mecca of New York.

So as unqualified, opportunistic, self-centered and corrupt as she is, many Democrats are just slobbering at the prospect of Hillary for president. If she does (God help us!) become president, it would be hard for her to improve upon her record as co-president from 1993-2001. Let's review:

1. There's Hillary's Health Care Plan, nearly forced down our throats early in the Clinton Administration -- a plan that makes the current $400 billion Medicare prescription drug boondoggle look like chump change.

2. Then there's Travelgate, a scandal produced and directed by none other than the former first lady as a favor to her buds Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth Thomason.

3. Let's not forget Vince Foster's mysterious death and the evidence tampering by Hillary's chief of staff apparently at her direction. (Not to mention the deaths of 60 or so other people from Arkansas and other places who were associates of or crossed paths with the Clintons. Copy and paste this into your browser and check it out:

4. Then there's Filegate. You know that Hillary's bar bouncer buddy who magically became director of security for the White House wasn't smart enough to come up with the idea of digging through to top-secret files of prominent conservatives on his own.

5. Then there's Whitewater and the case of the evasive billing records. How could the most intelligent woman in the world be such a ditz when it came to remembering what she did with old billing records she apparently thought were important enough to her to tote all the way from Arkansas to Washington D.C.?

All this and I haven't even gotten started.

Yes, this little darling of the Democrats has quite a record of opportunism and corruption. She certainly belongs somewhere, but not in the White House for God's sake. Try behind bars!

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