Tuesday, November 04, 2003

This blog is dedicated to exposing with facts the rampant idiocy of the leftist ideology and showing how the intelectual bankruptcy of the left. which at this point has seeped into nearly every pore of of our culture in some way or another, will end up destroying this great country as we know it if right minded folks who are paying attention (conservative, libertarian, even Democrat) don't expose this liberal disease for what it is. The disease of liberalism is a slow-growing cancer that feeds on ignorance, apathy and moral relativism. Examples of this abound:

Ignorance of the Constitution leads people to buy the liberal dogma (perpetrated by the liberal media) that there really is an ammendment stating that you can't say prayers at a high school graduation or shouldn't say "under God" when reciting the pledge of Alleigance when what it actually says is that "the government shall make no laws with respect to the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

Ignorance of the facts leads people to believe that Bush and Reagan's tax cuts only benefit the wealthy and that we need to give tax "cuts" to "working people" who don't even pay taxes.

Ignorance of basic economics leads people to believe that tax cuts take revenue away from the government when the opposite is the case.

Ignorance of the political process leads people to believe that courts are supposed to make law instead of interpret it which gave us the ludicrous notion the killing a fetus out of convenience is "a woman's right to choose" and outlawing the killing of a viable baby by delivering the head and sucking the brains out is robbing a woman of her "right to choose". (As if her and her partner didn't "choose" to do the deed that got her pregnant.)

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is dangerous -- particularly when it's ignorance bred of apathy for the precious rights and freedoms we take for granted in this country that are slowly being eroded away.

If I had a buck for every time a heard someone say "I don't like politics" I'd be a rich man. My answer to these people is that politics is the process of electing the people who make the decisions that all of us in this country live or die by. Politics is literally everything because if the leaders we elect make stupid decisions (like pacifying tin pan dictators who would like to see all of us dead and make it their quest in life to develop weapons to destroy us and not going after them because it may cost American lives and we haven't found a lot of evidence to support one of th dozen or so stated reasons for removing them from power) -- and we do all the time -- nothing else will matter because we'll leave our children and grandchildren with a legacy of morally and financially bankrupt country destroyed and/or run by whatever evil despot we didn't have gonads enough to go after (or worse yet, run by the Communist Party USA who grew to prominence in the Democratic party in 2004 after deciding not to run their own candidate so they could align themselves with the Democrats to take the White House away from George W. Bush. ) More later.

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