Saturday, September 12, 2009

Census Bureau Drops ACORN

Apparently advising "clients" on how to set up a prostitution business that will fly under the IRS's radar while claiming the illegal minor sex slaves as "dependents" was just a little too much for even the Obama Census Bureau. They've fired ACORN as a contractor for the 2010 census:

The Census Bureau on Friday severed its ties with ACORN, a community organization that has been hit with Republican accusations of voter-registration fraud.

"We do not come to this decision lightly," Census Director Robert Groves wrote in a letter to ACORN, which was obtained by the Associated Press.
I'm sure you don't Mr. Groves. I mean, how are you going to break this to the ACORN Corporate Lawyer In Chief Barack Obama? I wonder if the community organizer come president of the frickin' United States of America will have any more to say about the blatantly illegal and perverted actions of his ACORN colleagues than he did about the resignation of his buddy the Communist Van Jones who thinks Republicans are assholes and presumably thinks rational conservatives are something more than assholes. Don't bet on it. And don't bet that the leftist Obama sycophants at NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN will ask their Messiah about it either. 

In splitting with ACORN, Mr. Groves sought to tamp down Republican concerns and negative publicity that the partnership would taint the 2010 head count.
Taint the headcount, Mr. Groves? Whatever gave you that idea? Couldn't be that it's a good bet that the group that was responsible for 90% of the documented cases of voter fraud in the 2008 election might also be planning to tamper with the census? 
 "It is clear that ACORN's affiliation with the 2010 census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 census efforts," Mr. Groves wrote.
I wasn't encouraged to cooperate with the Obama census bureau in the first place Mr. Groves but even less encouraged when I knew ACORN was going to be involved. So I guess that puts me back at just generally not likely to cooperate with the census takers and not vehemently opposed to cooperating. After all, until they are caught aiding and abetting child prostitution rings Americorps will still be involved in the census. 

Thank God for two young conservative activists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles -- 25 and 20 years old respectively -- for their courageous journalism. You won't hear about this on the mainstream media -- HELLO 60 Minutes or John Quinones -- because it doesn't fit their agenda. 60 minutes will continue to do ridiculous "exposes" on things like Darth Vader Cheney's ties to the "torture" of terrorists and Quinones will continue to do actual entrapment stories that attempt to trick people to see how they react to ridiculous scenarios like whether or not white people will render aid to a half-Black, half-Hispanic lesbo feminazi hermaphrodite that appears to be lying in a pool of blood on the sidewalk.

Now that this corruption has been laid bare for all the world to see, it's time to investigate the crime syndicate that is ACORN -- and its ties to its most famous alumnus. I'll bet there's a tale of corruption there that could bring down the communist thug who sits in the Oval Office. I'll also bet that absolutely nothing will be done about this because nobody in the halls of power or in the leftist media cares to find out.

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