Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Will McChrystal Quit if His Boss Continues to Vacillate of Afghanistan?

I have to admire good military men (not ones who will lie for their boss like James Jones) like General Stanley McChrystal who stay on during a provable idiot's presidential administration to attempt to salvage something from the fool's errand that is The Idiot's military and foreign policy. But how long can he keep hanging on as The Messiah (aka The Idiot) walks a tightrope between appeasing his anti-defense buddies on the far left  and understanding that after nearly nine months in office he's going to have to make a tough decision that might piss off his buddies on the left?

Like it or not, The Idiot owns this policy and he's going to have to shake off his leftist bent and realize that the presidency of the United States is the Big Job, not "community organizing" out of the back of an old Honda, the pursuit of which is, in the final analysis, of little consequence to anyone. I've got news for The Idiot: The job he's in now DOES count -- big time -- and when you're the president of the United States, you've got to make tough decisions regardless of whether you're capable of it or not. And it's obvious this moron is utterly incapable of making a decision that is any tougher than where to fly his wife off to for an uber expensive date on the taxpayer dollar.

What's the right decision in this case? Since The Idiot has absolutely no idea what he is doing in any aspect of a job that is way above his head (I mean watch him for a couple of days: He still thinks he's running for president), take the advice of the guy who does know about waging war: The general you put in charge of running the war. If The Idiot doesn't, he may well be abandoned by any real military leaders and find himself surrounded by yes-men like Gates and Jones.

Is anyone besides me struck by the utter absurdity of the talk that the world's Superpower might lose a war against a bunch of rag-tag terrorists worn down by eight years of fighting? It's not because our military isn't the best in the world.Our fighting men and women are second to none. It's not because we don't think our country is the best in the world and worth fighting for against the threat of another terror attack. It's because the president of the United States doesn't think there is anything exceptional about our military or our country: We're just one of a couple hundred other countries around the world to him: No better and no worse. In fact we're dismissive and derisive.

There ought to be a test -- similar to the test we need for voters to ensure we don't end up with an idiot for president -- about the history of American exceptionalism. If you can't write in 500 words or less why this country is exceptional in the world, you shouldn't be able to qualify to run for president and this "president" can't. It would take him more than 500 words to introduce the topic by apologizing for all of our "misdeeds" and by that time he would have forgotten the topic if he ever knew it in the first place.

PS: I don't like the fact that I have to call the president The Idiot, but it increasingly seems that this is the only apt way to describe this man and his ignorant, foolish and dangerous presidency.

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