Saturday, September 05, 2009

Just Who Are the Astroturf Protesters?

It appears that the lefties are the "Astroturf" protesters. Check out this video from Fox News that has been circulating for the last couple of days. Apparently, this guy is from HealthcareNow!, and is quite obviously training the drone mob to mindlessly shout out his pet slogan whenever a rational person attempting to exercise their free speech rights tries to speak up.

Does this surprise anyone? It certainly doesn't surprise those of us who have been turning up at health care town halls completely on our own with our own signs and our own questions about turning 1/7 of the entire economy over to a bunch of bureaucrats who can't even run the smaller health care programs they are in charge of now.

When I went to my first town hall last month -- Tom Harkin's town hall in "the hood", supposedly friendly territory for Harkin -- there were four of us out on the sidewalk with signs and 90% of the people inside were as opposed to government-run health care as we were. At Chuck Grassley's town hall a week or so later, a good 80% of us had assembled, through grassroots networking and entirely on our own, to oppose government-run health care. By the time the last Friday of the Iowa State Fair rolled around, the Astroturf support of Obamacare had begun to surface. Despite a widely-circulated email encouraging hundreds of people to show up in support of government-run health care and even buses to bring them from better than a hundred miles away, they got 30 drones with pre-printed MoveOn signs to our dozen opponents assembled entirely on our own with out own signs. By the time Leonard Boswell had his town hall a week or so later, MoveOn, SEIU, AFL-CIO, HealthcareNOW! and Obama's propaganda outfit Organizing for America, managed to bus in hundreds of Astroturfers and outnumber the citizen opponents 3 to one. The evidence of this is in the fact that although there were 500 people, the parking lot was barely full. I would imagine that most of the cars came from the hundred or so os us rational opponents who opposed Obamacare.

This isn't all. Every one of the Obamacare opponents who show up are passionate about their cause. They all come ready to ask questions and challenge the bureaurcrats that want to "transform" the best health care system in the world into the worst. They come armed with binders filled with HR3200, they've read it and they know what's in it better than the politician they came to challenge. They know when they are being lied to which is why you hear boos when lefty politicians like Leonard Bsowell mumble under their breath that he thinks Obamacare is Constitutional. The drones on the other hand don't have much to say. They show up, an organizer hands them a pre-printed sign and they sit. Occasionally, they get up and whine and cry about their individual health care situation. But there is no passion from most of them. Typical of someone who is stupid enough to believe the lies of a liberal politician, they are passionless drones: "Mine is not to question why, mine is just to blindly do as the HealthcareNOW! Astroturf organizer tells me." Just like a good little commie drone.

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