Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christie Wins New Jersey Governor's Race

Yes, Bob McDonnell won Virginia's governorship as well but that was widely regarded to become the royal ass beating that it was several days ago -- The Messiah threw McDonnell's opponent Creigh Deeds under the bus long ago. But The Messiah was counting on the sheer force of his magnetic personality and the help of the team he personally installed to revive Corzine's campaign. It didn't work. Moderate Republican Chris Christie is currently beating Corzine by five to six points despite the fact that Corzine outspent him better than five to one.

In the next few days you'll hear a lot of talk from the commie pinkos in the administration that these races don't count for much -- it's started already.  Excuse the hell out of me, but New Jersey is such a dark blue state that it's practically navy and in the last few days Obama did everything to get Corzine elected besides install himself as the candidate. He even took the unpresidential and unseemly step of recording a robocall in support of Corzine. Can you imagine getting up from your plate of spaghetti to answer the phone only to hear the president of the United States apologizing for interrupting your meal to stump for the little bald rich guy from New Jersey? For Corzine's part, he not only spent tens of millions of that little bald rich guy money, he sold his soul to the Obama Administration in exchange for their support. This is a HUGE loss for Obama and both of these governor's races are a HUGE reflection of the fact that Americans overwhelmingly reject the socialist agenda of the administration of the liberal's exalted Messiah. I can't wait for 2010. And 2012. Can we run the 2008 presidential election over again next month with Sarah Palin on the top of the ticket instead of McCain?  Heck, I'd even let the Democrats put Biden the Boob on the top of their ticket.

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